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Amelia’s Day at the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry

Did I tell you that Loo Loo is a certified children’s yoga instructor now?  We are super proud of her, and Jayna loves being her guinea pig for new poses!  The non-profit that Loo works with is called Yoga Benefits Kids, which is working to increase awareness of healthy bodies in schools and other children’s programs.  Last week, they had a camp in downtown Charleston that Loo helped work, and so Jayna got to go!  She LOVED it! Not only did she learn new yoga poses, they also played games, did crafts and had a snack.  All during three hours every day for a week!  It was fabulous!  And Millie loved getting some one-on-one time with Mama.

Most of the mornings, Loo took Jayna to camp, while Millie and I went to the gym and ran errands.  But on Friday, Loo had to work, so I took Jayna downtown and then had three hours to kill while we waited for her.  So, since we once again have a Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry membership (thanks to an awesome sponsor opportunity!), Millie and I decided to spend the morning there.

Usually, when we go there, we focus on Jayna.  She loves to play in the grocery store, pirate ship and castle.  Buuuuut, those are all a little advanced for Ms. Millie, who isn’t even walking yet….let alone wearing pirate costumes!  So Friday was all about Amelia.  We started out in the Water Play room.  I set her up in a little smock, with a paintbrush and water.  I attempted to help her draw lines on a wall, while taking pictures, while balancing myself at her level, and trying to prevent her from falling down too!  Who says I can’t multi-task?

After tasting the paintbrush and Oh-So-Clean painting water, we decided to move over to the water table.  Amelia was mesmerized by the “storm clouds” demonstrating the water cycle by “raining” down the mountain.  And she loved running her little yellow car on the road.  The problem was, she wasn’t quite tall enough to hold herself up AND play too!

Finally, we gave up and headed to the baby/toddler space.  Ahhhhh!  Much better!  Once we arrived, Millie was a little skeptical of all the kids (and Mommies) in there. It was so crowded!  But obviously a playground or something, as they all seemed to know each other.

 But…..then Millie saw someone familiar…..

Hey! I know you…..

And from then on, Millie didn’t need me!  She was off…crawling up ramps…

through tunnels….

and up walls!

I tried to get her to play with some of the other babies there, but she was much more interested in these guys.

Peek A Boo!

We had a wonderful time playing!  And when it was time to go pick up Jayna (and walk a mile in the heat to get there!), we both kind of felt like this!

 What a great day!

New Partnership with The Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry!

Great news y’all!  I recently was written about in Charleston’s main newspaper, The Post and Courier, and I am tickled pink that so many people have found me because of it!  Welcome to all of my newbies! I’m so glad you are here!

And because of that article, I have formed a new partnership with The Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry!  Now, our family had a personal membership there last year, so you might remember seeing pictures of our pirate adventures on our last day as a family of three.  We love it there, but had decided to let our membership lapse this year so we could try out a zoo membership….so this comes at a perfect time!  In exchange for a family membership, I’ll be blogging about our trips there and various events that they hold throughout the year.  Even though I am getting a membership in exchange for my thoughts, I promise (as always) to give my honest opinion.  So please bear with my periodic plugs, and be sure to go check it out if you are ever in downtown Charleston!

Some upcoming events are:

Eat at Moe’s Southwest Grill  (King Street and  Houston Northcutt locations) & receive a Free Family Admission to the Museum! Wednesday, August 15th 5:00pm – 8:00pm

CML Night at the Charleston Battery! Saturday, August 18th Includes a Free Soccer Clinic for Members!

50% OFF A MUSEUM MEMBERSHIP Tuesday, August 21st ONLY!

Please visit CML’s events website for more details on these three events.


Let the fun begin!

Stay-at-Home Mom: A How-To Guide

I am so very blessed to be able to stay at home with my three kiddos.  And although I loved my job before having kiddos, and completely respect those hard working moms who work outside of the home….I wouldn’t trade my life now for anything.  I have a couple of friends who are, for the first time, now able to stay at home with their kids too, and so I thought I’d give a few tips on how to gracefully make the transition.

Be A Stay-at-Home Mom: A How-To Guide {Tips and Tricks for transitioning from the workplace to staying at home with your kids} - Palmettos and Pigtails

My husband’s advice: stock up on BonBons and Soap Operas.  He jokes around about me sitting on my butt all day, but he knows perfectly well how hard of a job it is to be a stay-at home mom.  And I love to remind him of it on the weekends, by leaving him with all three kids for a couple of hours!

I recently ran across this article on Babble about how being a stay-at-home mom is actually a luxury for your spouse.  I saved it because I find that it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you aren’t doing enough.  As a working mom, you stayed busy with non-household related tasks for 8-10 hours a day before coming home to your family…and now, your primary job is family and household.  And now, in the days of Facebook, Pinterest, oversharing and helicopter parenting…it’s easy to feel guilty about not having a pristine house, themed lunches, and crafty playdates.  Not to mention, a healthy homemade dinner on the table every night.  Sorry, but that’s just not realistic!

Be A Stay-at-Home Mom: A How-To Guide

You may be a Super Mom, but you are still human, and dealing with some very unstable little people who will throw a kink in any plans you make.  So underestimate the amount of “stuff” you’ll get done in a day, and you won’t disappoint yourself.

Be A Stay-at-Home Mom: A How-To Guide

Talk to your spouse about your changing roles in the household.  Establish what “jobs” you will take over, and what he’ll be in charge of.  Dave and I have kind of figured it out by trial and error, but I really wish we had done this.  A specific sit-down chat to determine each other’s expectations of the other will put everything on the table, and hopefully prevent misunderstandings and resentment in the future.

Next, establish a daily/weekly routine.  If you don’t create some sort of organization to your time, you’ll go crazy.  Start simple, day by day.  Personally, I do one major chore a day.  Monday is laundry day, Tuesday is vacuuming, Wednesday is grocery shopping, Thursday is decluttering, and Friday is bathrooms.  So, if I am able to get everybody up, dressed and fed, and do that one chore….I feel like my day has been a success!  I also try to do as many of the Cleaning Calendar chores that I can…not always in order, and some days I am able to do more than one, other days I can’t do any.  My schedule often loosely looks something like this:

5:00 – change and feed the baby
5:30 – shower and get dressed {even if it is just yoga pants!}
6:00 – get Jayna ready for school and Millie ready for the day
6:30 – put Jayna on the bus and eat breakfast with Millie
7:00 – while Millie plays, change and feed the baby, put him back down for morning nap
7:30 – check email and clean up kitchen
8:00 – do daily chore somewhere in here, while Millie is playing and baby is sleeping
8:30 – play or do some sort of project/cooking with Millie
9:30 – change baby, play on the floor with him
10:00 feed Millie a snack
10:30 take the kids out for a bike ride/walk
11:00 while Millie plays, change and feed baby, put him down for lunch nap
12:00 feed Millie lunch
12:30 put Millie down for a nap, change the baby, grab a bite to eat, clean up the kitchen
1:00 blog or sew while baby plays in exersaucer
2:00 finish daily chore if needed and do a cleaning calendar chore
2:45 get Jayna off the bus and get her unpacked and settled in for quiet reading
3:00 change and feed the baby, put him down for afternoon nap, Millie wakes…play with girls
4:00 while girls play together, start prepping dinner, check email
5:30 dinner on the table

It’s funny, as I write this, it seems like there is so much time in the day.  Up until now, I’ve never written down my “schedule.”  In fact, it took me quite a while to think about what I actually do on a daily basis.  So when I wrote down the minimum things in my day, there seems like so many gaps.  But then fill those gaps with potty breaks, tantrums, tying shoes, tears, hugs, time-outs, fussiness, tea parties, lap sitting, boo boos, reading books, etc.  No wonder I don’t get more done!

Be A Stay-at-Home Mom: A How-To Guide

Some of the ways I keep organized, are by planning out my meals.  I do this in a variety of ways, from preparing freezer meals ahead of time, to participating in the eMeals program {and letting them do all the meal planning for me!}.  Either way, I use a Weekly Meal Planner worksheet to get a visual of what I’ve planned for the week, which also helps Dave on the nights that I need him to start dinner for me.

Another important thing to remember is that although it’s important {and your job now!} to spend more time with your kids, don’t feel like it all has to be structured.  As a former teacher and a mommy-blogger, it’s second nature to me to want to have a project, craft or game ready for the kids at all times.  But you have to remember that by having structured activities or even excursions {think zoo, children’s museum, etc.} all the time will create expectations and dependency from your kids.  It’s good for them to play alone or with each other.  It’s beneficial for them to learn to leave you alone sometimes.  And it’s a valuable skill that you may need to teach them, since they will be SO EXCITED to have you at home with them.  All. of. the. time.  I try to balance structured activities {from simple painting to complex slime recipes and scavenger hunts} with free play, and adding the occasional “field trip” excursion about twice a month.  {And the grocery store counts as an excursion, right?!?!}

Be A Stay-at-Home Mom: A How-To Guide

And my final thought is, don’t feel guilty about taking some “me” time.  Whether it’s in the evenings or weekends, when your spouse can take over for a bit, or during nap time, make sure it happens.  It’s easy to get so wrapped up in daily duties and childcare that you forget to take care of yourself.  And if you are stressed out, tired or burned out, you can’t be a good mom or wife.  So don’t feel guilty about that hour on Facebook or Pinterest…I guarantee your working friends and spouses spend at least an hour during the day surfing the internet!

Be A Stay-at-Home Mom: A How-To Guide

And last but not least, enjoy!  Your kids will grow up.  That temper tantrum will only last about three minutes.  That snuggle on the couch will be fleeting.  Soak these kiddie moments up, because there will always be dishes!

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{Guest Post} A Very Little Bookstore

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Shara in person, and I connected with her instantly. I think partly I was a little star struck by her. She seemed to so easily manage her three children, and I’m honestly as terrified at the idea of baby number three as I am excited. I think I spent that first encounter begging her for tips and taking super detailed notes. 🙂  I’m so happy she asked me to join her today on the blog. I enjoy reading Palmettos and Pigtails, checking out her amazing craft ideas, and pinning her meal planning posts (don’t miss the recent freezer meals). And, I especially love her posts on where to go with children, whether it’s Disney World or closer to home at the Children’s Museum.

Lately, I’ve written a few posts about loving the place we live, which, to be fair, is not hard to do when you live in Charleston. So today, I thought we’d venture a little farther out of town, to quaint, downtown Summerville. On picturesque Main Street sits one of my own favorite places to go with my boys, and I’d love to share it with you.

But first, indulge me in a little reminiscing. I’m the sappy, sentimental type.

My mom read to my brother and me when we were younger, and she really encouraged us to read too. She would let me check out piles of books at the library, and she took me to the bookstore, no matter how tight our budget must have been, especially back then. I can even remember visiting a bookstore as early as 3, maybe 4. We lived in Turkey at the time, and were only there for a couple of years, so I can be confident that I was that young. I remember that this bookstore carried the Mr. Men & Little Miss books, a personal favorite. And, I loved Dr. Seuss at this age.

Naturally, reading is one of my most favorite things to do with my own boys. I want them to remember reading with me, just as I remember doing with my own mother.

So, just as my mother did with my brother and me, I take my boys to the library and let them check out the 25 book maximum. I try to select a few books while we’re here, but for the most part, I let Harrison pick the books that he wants. Sometimes, that means that I have to settle for a series of character books I’d rather pass on, but lately, it’s meant that I’m learning new things about dinosaurs. Did you know that the Brontosaurus is now called Apatosaurus? Or, that there is no such thing as a Pterodactyl? There is a Pterodactylus, but technically, it’s a Pterosaur and not a Dinosaur.

And, again as my mom did with us, we go to the bookstore. Here, I do make an effort to guide their selections, but I always let Harrison make the final decision. I’ve enjoyed slowly curating the boys’ library. Right now, we’re in a wonderful stage of picture story books, of books I loved from Reading Rainbow and books I remember my own librarian reading to us from her rocking chair each week in the school library. In the past, and out of convenience, I’ve picked up books at Barnes & Noble or on Amazon. More recently, though, I’ve discovered a little gem in an independent children’s bookshop.

Last week, Harrison and I made a trip to A Very Little Bookstore. We’ve been several times before, but always with baby Whitt, who has more fun pulling books off the shelf and making a general ruckus than he enjoys reading. I think it’s important to take my little one, but I wanted some one on one time with my oldest.

The Maypop Guest Posts about A Very Little Bookstore over at Palmettos and Pigtails

The owner, Natalie, is  passionate about children’s literature and about children, and her enthusiasm is apparent in every aspect of her shop. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about the various authors and illustrators. So, her recommendations are always exactly what we need. She doesn’t recommend books in a “one size fits all” manner either, meaning she doesn’t simply recommend her own favorites and assume your child will love them too. She gets to know you and your child, and then she suggests books you’ll like. For example, her suggestions for my little boy are always very different than her recommendations for his bestie, Farris, even though they are both four. The more often you venture in, the better her recommendations. And, she hosts a children’s book club for older children. So cool, right?

The Maypop Guest Posts about A Very Little Bookstore over at Palmettos and Pigtails

Not only is Natalie wonderful, but the shop itself is a special, magical place too. The walls are lined with individual and unique book shelves that look collected, rather than matching book cases you typically see in chain stores or libraries. And, her own children are often at the shop, which I love. It feels cozy and homey and very family-friendly. It’s the kind of place one can comfortably grab a book of the shelf and read on the carpet or at one of the low kids tables. It’s truly a place a mom can feel comfortable letting her kids be kids and dive into books (sometimes literally). And, that’s what makes this store so unique. It is truly a children’s bookstore – designed for children.

The Maypop Guest Posts about A Very Little Bookstore over at Palmettos and Pigtails

This store may be little, but it is the gateway to a big, wide world. If you’re local to Summerville and haven’t been, it’s a must. And, if you’re in Charleston or Mt. Pleasant, it’s worth the drive. I promise. While you’re downtown, I suggest you finish your bookish afternoon off with a root beer float from Guerin’s Pharmacy or a hot cocoa from Single Smile Cafe.

The Maypop Guest Posts about A Very Little Bookstore over at Palmettos and Pigtails

The Maypop Guest Posts about A Very Little Bookstore over at Palmettos and Pigtails

Photos by Gray Benko at the quaint A Very Little Bookstore (with the exception of the last two).

Thanks for having me, and come visit me over at The Maypop!

The Maypop Guest Posts about A Very Little Bookstore over at Palmettos and Pigtails

A Weekend at Lake Keowee

Growing up, we had multiple vacation homes.  Well, that’s what I told my friends, anyway.  Truth is, we just had some great friends and family who owned or rented houses at the beach, mountain and lake.  And those are great friends to have!  My grandparents lived in a beach house on the New Jersey shore, so we spent weekends in the summer at the beach.  Friends of ours had a little cabin in the woods in West Virginia, so we’d spend weekends in the Fall and Winter there.  And we’d also get together with friends and rent houses for a week at a time at the beach in the summer too.  And then my parents had a timeshare in the Virginia mountains, so we’d also get a week either skiing or tubing down the river.  Life was grand.

I remember each one of our “houses” and have some of my greatest memories from each one.  I loved the traditions that they carried. So Dave and I have dreamed, plotted and planned on how we can duplicate that for our children.  Obviously, we’d love to win the lottery and be the ones who owned the houses, but I guess we’d have to start playing then!  So for now, we’ve been incredibly blessed to have wonderful friends whose parents have lake/beach houses!

This Fall we took advantage of these last few weeks of warm weather and headed to Lake Keowee in the upstate of South Carolina.  Our very good friends, Jo and Ben and their kids, B and C are our neighbors,  and our kids are all besties.  You may remember my post about Millie’s crush on B.

We spent the weekend tubing, swimming, and playing.

Boating on Lake Keowee

I fell in love with the lake, because it’s warm, and clear….you can see your toes!  And NO alligators!!

Swimming in Lake Keowee

Tubing on Lake Keowee

Even Millie got to try tubing.  She LOVED it!  She keep yelling “Faster, Mr. Ben!!”

Tubing on Lake Keowee

Tubing on Lake Keowee

And even when we got rained out, we went into Greenville and spent the day at the Children’s Museum.  It was awesome…huge!  Lots of different places to play pretend.  And a whole dramatic play area that was like a farm.

Children's Museum in Greenville

And several play areas that involved construction work and building.  My favorite was the foam building area.  Very cool.

Children's Museum in Greenville

Children's Museum in Greenville

Children's Museum in Greenville

And there were several areas for just the big girls, where they had to use their muscles to pull themselves to the top of a tower, or climb through a spider web in the middle of the museum.Children's Museum In Greenville

Millie and B entertained themselves….

And when the sun came out again, we headed over to the Clemson Botanical Gardens.

What a wonderful weekend!  Can’t wait to do it again!

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4 Cats Studio {A Painting Lesson}

Do you remember back when I was featured in an article in The Post and Courier?  I still cannot believe how many opportunities have arisen because of that article!  I have gotten to take cooking classes, become a spokesperson for the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry, and have been invited to come sample a painting class with Jayna at 4 Cats Studio.

I’ll admit, I had no idea what I was signing up for.  A painting class?  Sure, we’ll wear some clothes that can get a little dirty.  I assumed we would be using paintbrushes….not water balloons and syringes!4 Cats Studio Painting Class

We started out the class by choosing some theme colors for the canvas we’d be working on.  We chose elements of red and purple, with a splash of turquoise and yellow.  And then we filled water balloons and syringes with those paint colors.4 Cats Studio Painting ClassAnd then they put us in this little room.  I can’t even describe the room to you, as my OCD kicks in and I start twitching just thinking about the mess!  It was when we walked into this closet o’ paint that I realized we should have worn clothes that I could just throw away!

{I’m just kidding about the clothes…we wore smocks.  But seriously, just wear Old Navy flip-flops that you can hose down later!!}4 Cats Studio Painting ClassThe room was small and every surface {floor, walls, ceilings} was covered in paint splatters.  The 4 Cats Studio instructors had our canvases hung on the walls, and handed the children paintbrushes….not to paint with, but to fling paint off of!  And then we moved the canvases to the floor and the children got their syringes.



Squirt!4 Cats Studio Painting ClassJayna missed the first shot, and the paint landed on my foot {narrowly missing my iphone!}. Fail.  Try again!4 Cats Studio Painting ClassNext up, the water balloons!  Jayna was leery since she saw how messy the syringes had been {is she my child, or what?!?!}.  But the other boys in the room whooped and hollered with excitement.  We held the balloons over the canvases, ready to drop the bombs at the say so.4 Cats Studio Painting Class4 Cats Studio Painting ClassNeedless to say, the balloons were a {big} hit. Literally!  Jayna opted to squeeze and pop, rather than do the traditional throwing of the balloon!  Our canvas was finished with a few quick flicks of actual paintbrushes.  We were a mess. But we had a blast!  It was a fantastic opportunity for Jayna to have some undivided Mama Attention, and we got to try out 4 Cats Studio….They have classes that also teach the kids about different artists and styles of painting, and I’m thinking it would be an awesome place for a birthday party!!!4 Cats Studio Painting ClassAnd I’ve always loved freckles….especially purple ones!

Palmettos and Pigtails

March Sponsor Spotlight

Good morning!  Today I just wanted to give a shout out to all of my March sponsors.  As you know, I haven’t really been blogging that long, and so one of my goals this year is to increase my traffic {that’s you!} and put myself out there a little more.  And there is no better way to do that than by networking!  So I thought I would do something a little different by offering completely free advertising for the month of March.  No hitches!  I just wanted to showcase some other blogs and small businesses that are out there, trying to make a name for themselves too!

So, do me a favor.  Stop on by any of their websites and say hello!  Don’t be a lurker…leave a comment and tell them you found them here!  Tell your friends about them too…share this on Facebook!  If we all work together we can really help all these mamas out!

Support Mommy Bloggers and Business Women

Not to mention the cool deals and giveaways!  Scroll down to see what some of them are offering P&P readers all month long, and stay tuned for a TON of giveaways this month!  And they are awesome prizes {tell your friends!}.

Without further ado….Southern Paisley Fabric Shop

Southern Paisley is a handmade shop that sells adorable, personalized gifts for babies, moms and kids!   And just for Palmettos and Pigtails readers, get FREE personalization on any item during the month of March!!  Here’s how:

    1) Select your items and make your fabric selections using the Standard Options (not the Embroidered/Personalized Options)
    2)Before you hit Pay Now, type PALMETTOS AND PIGTAILS in the Note to Seller option
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Stay tuned this month, as there will be an AWESOME giveaway from Southern Paisley!

Stella and Dot Jewelry

Tara is a part-time literacy interventionalist for an elementary school.  She was a full-time teacher until becoming a stylist with Stella & Dot in October 2012.  She was able to cut back her teaching hours and make back her Stella & Dot investment in a month and a half!  She loves the flexibility of the company, and enjoys the social aspects of selling the jewelry.  Girl time is a rare commodity these days, and she is happy that she is able to offer that to women in addition to making some extra cash for her family!

Tara is offering a pair of FREE Stella & Dot earrings to any Palmettos and Pigtails readers who host a trunk show!  Be sure to let her know you found her here when booking!

All About the Details Mom Blog

Lauree is a stay at home mom of twins {a boy and a girl}, who keep her busy!  When she can, she finds time to entertain, cook and craft.  She shares her tips and creations on her blog All About the Details, hoping to inspire and help others.

Loggerhead Apparel

Loggerhead Apparel, a 100% American-grown, American-made brand, offers coastal lifestyle apparel for a cause. The brand seeks to conserve two endangered South Carolina treasures: the local textile industry and the state reptile, the loggerhead sea turtle. Available for men, women and children, Loggerhead Apparel donates 10% of all sales to sea turtle conservation efforts, while the majority of its products are manufactured right here in the state of South Carolina.

Connecting the Dots Event PlannersConnecting the Dots Events is a premier event planning service in the Atlanta area.  Shannon and Paula have together put in 20 years in the industry and are ready to create and implement your custom day, without you stressing!  CTDE offers Day-Of, Partial, and Complete Wedding Planning Services, as well as help in any area you can think of for other events!  Contact them to help plan your next event!

Shannon and Paula are running an AWESOME giveaway in March.  FREE WEDDING PLANNING!  Check out the giveaway on their website if you would like to win!

Children's Museum of the Lowcountry

The Children’s Museum of the Lowcountryis a non-profit organization whose mission is to spark imagination, stimulate curiosity and encourage problem solving through the power of play in families from all backgrounds with young children.  Nine interactive exhibits, including a two-story Medieval Castle, a pirate ship and a dedicated Art Room, allow your children to explore the arts, sciences and humanities through  their own hands-on experiences. Weekly classes expose children to the  arts, movement and foreign languages.  And, when school’s out, CML camp is in  session!
Spring Break Camp and Summer Camp registration, as well as Session II Spring Classes schedules and registration are all available online at

Join CML for their 9th Annual Fam Jam  festival in Marion Square on Saturday, April 20 from 10am – 2pm! Fam Jam is a FREE family festival that celebrates homegrown family fun and the  power of play with no sugar added! The Children’s Museum of the  Lowcountry (CML) and Fam Jam prove that being active can be fun by  transforming Marion Square into a giant playground where families can  enjoy fun-filled physical challenges, relay races, outdoor play and  more!
Grace Hill MediaGrace Hill Media is a faith & family marketing agency in Hollywood, CA. Grace Hill Media constantly balances the needs of the faith and family market with the wants of the Hollywood industry. In recognizing the business demands of Hollywood while remaining sensitive to the values of their audience, Grace Hill Media stands alone in the entertainment industry.  Tune in tomorrow for the first of TWO giveaways from Grace Hill Media!

Thirty One BagsLauren is a full-time mom to {almost} three beautiful children.  She started selling for Thirty-One in September of 2010 and LOVES it!!!  Thirty-One is a faith-based company with a mission to celebrate, encourage & reward women. They offer unique & stylish products to simplify and organize your life, along with an incredible hostess plan to allow women to earn FREE products and an awesome business opportunity!  Stay tuned later this month for an AWESOME giveaway from Lauren!!

If you are interested in advertising on my sidebar, check out my advertising page, or email me for details!

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Baby Amelia is on her way!

Breaking News!  I got scheduled for an induction this morning, so Dave, Loo Loo and I are at the hospital right now!  Mom Mom and GP arrived last night and with Papaw and Sue Sue, they will entertain Buggy today until we give them a call that Amelia has officially made her debut! I’ll keep you posted this week (literally, with pictures!) and I’ve written a couple of How-To posts and gotten a guest poster to keep you entertained while I am concentrating on baby for a few days!  So, keep in touch, leave me some love and I’ll be back soon!

P.S. In the meantime, here’s how our family spent our last day as a family of three (four, really, with Loo Loo!)! We went to the Lowcountry Children’s Museum!