A Night at the Fair

With the arrival of Fall in the Lowcountry comes cooler temperatures (as in 80’s instead of 90’s!) and the Coastal Carolina Fair!
  I’m not sure what it is that makes the Fair so anticipatory for me.  Maybe it’s the fact that growing up, I was never allowed to ride Fair rides. Maybe it’s because the Fair always comes the week of Halloween.  Maybe it’s the characters that come out of the woodwork to attend! 
 This was the first year that Jayna was really big enough to ride the rides.  And it’s a good thing we got her a handstamp for unlimited riding, because she wanted to try everything!
While we waited for Loo Loo to arrive from work, we walked around to the “big kid” rides.  Jayna was very intrigued (and a little concerned) about the rides that went upside down.  Usually it’s Daddy’s job to win the stuffed animals….but this year Jayna wanted to play.  She was ecstatic when she popped two balloons and won a stuffed bear!
Millie was pretty content to sit in the stroller and people watch.  But toward the end of the night, she wanted to ride too!
And the farm animals never cease to be a favorite.  We especially loved the rabbits (and their names!) this year…they had several out to pet, and a demonstration of how they make yarn.
And I so should have taken a picture (but didn’t of course) of the deep-fried Oreos that we had!  Delish.  And I kind of wish we hadn’t tried them because now I’m going to want one {or three} every year!


  1. Yes you were allowed to ride on rides – just not the “fly-by-night” fairs that set up and then are gone in 48 hours! Glad you had fun! Great pics.


  1. […] purchase wristbands for unlimited rides {the better deal as one ride costs between 3-6 tickets}.  Our favorite part of the Fair is the animals from the 4H club, and the music.  Check out the entertainment schedule […]

  2. […] were able to come for the weekend, so we also went to the Coastal Carolina Fair.  Busy weekend!The fair comes to town for about 10 days around Halloween every year.  It’s one of my favorite Fall traditions. […]