Welcome to my Advertiser Media Kit!

(modified February 2014)

About Me: My name is Shara and I’m the wife of one and mother to two little girls (2 and 5), and a little boy due in May!  Before my blogging days, I was a special education teacher and then a wedding planner.   And my passions in blogging draw from that….I love home design and party planning, and I do a ton of hands on activities with my kids.  I’m not much of a chef, but I can follow just about any recipe and love trying new foods and products with my family.  Although I don’t often blog about my faith as a Christian, my life is based around Jesus, so everything I do comes from Him.  Most of my posts are recipes, crafts and activities for my family, with some life posts scattered in between, so my readers can get to know me!  I started blogging as a way of sharing photos and family updates with extended family and friends, and got more into the craftiness and DIY as I went along.  Want to know more about me and see some pictures?

Past Collaborators:  I have been fortunate enough to partner with some terrific companies over the past two years.  I have had a variety of partnerships from paid advertisers, barter relationships, product reviews, and giveaways.  Some of the companies I’ve worked with are:

Palmettos and Pigtails Sponsors

Followers and Stats (via Google Analytics):

  • Facebook: 522
  • Twitter: 369
  • Pinterest: 779
  • Average Monthly Unique Visitors: 9,763
  • Average Monthly Page Views: 14,844

If you advertise with me:  Your 150X150 logo will be displayed under “Sponsors” on my sidebar.  I will also do a spotlight post, in which your logo and a little blurb about you and your business/blog will be listed.  During the month, I will be happy to tweet and post on my Facebook page about any contests and/or specials you have running.  And, as always, I’d be happy  to feature your $20+ product as a giveaway on my site.

To learn more about advertising, please email me (

  • a 250X250 jpg or pdf logo that you would like displayed on my sidebar, I will resize it appropriately {the same one will be used in the blog post}
  • the link that you would like your logo to be attached to
  • a brief synopsis about yourself or your business/blog {I will pull information from this to add to my spotlight post about you}.  Be sure to include any specials you have running for the month, and any discount codes you have for my readers
  • what kind of advertising you’d be interested in doing (sidebar logo, product review, giveaway, barter)
  • keep me posted about specials/events/contests you have running, and I’ll tweet/Facebook them to my followers
  • I’ll review your page and products and determine whether your advertisement would be a good fit for my readers, and I’ll get back to you with package options!

Thanks so much!  I look forward to working with you!


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