Just kidding.  Nothing terrible about it (yet!).  But then again, the day is young!…. My little Buggy is now officially two.  Here are some things she feels quite strongly about.

1. Elly (a stuffed elephant beanie baby).

2. Her new boots.

3. Wearing her new boots.  As much as possible. 

4. NOT wearing pants.

5. Cake. Singing. Parties.  All things Birthday.

6.  “Talking” to Loo Loo on Skype.

7.  Being a biker chick.

8.  Practicing to become a BIG SISTER!

That’s right folks! Come August of this year, JaynaBug will be a Big Sister!  She is very excited, and calls it Baby Burrito.  We pray for it every night, and sing to it through my belly button!  I can’t wait until it becomes more concrete for her as I begin to show!  Stay tuned….



  1. Martha Jack says:

    In the journalism world…we call that burying the lead 🙂 Cannot even wait until August!
    p.s. Jayna has mad style

    • Is that a good thing? Just trying to keep you on your toes Marth! You never know what I am going to throw in there!


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