September 2015 Cleaning Calendar

I don’t know about you, but this month is looking pretty clean for me.  We traveled for much of August, and now that the kids are in school full time, there’s no one home to make messes!!  Ok, ok, so maybe it’s still a little messy….a girl can dream, can’t she?

We got a little tease of fall this week with temperatures only in the mid 80’s and a breeze.  It would have been lovely, but it was also rainy and muggy.  But I’m looking forward to the seasons changing and being able to open up the windows for some fresh air!  Maybe I’ll add cleaning windows to the calendar in October!

September 2015 Cleaning Calendar


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Happy Cleaning!

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Sunday Scripture: Fearless

Today’s Sunday Scripture is in honor of my Small Group Sisters.  My village, my confidants, my rock.  We started a new Bible Study this week called Restless by Jennie Allen.  And the discussion we had revolved around the fear we have in our lives regarding hopes and dreams.

So, regarding the woman that we all strive to be….this one’s for you, girls!

Sunday Scripture: Fearless

The source for this Sunday Scripture image is from Shastabell.

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For more information or to buy Jennie Allen’s book, Restless:

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{From the Archives} Disney Vacation Printables

Funny how this seems to be the season of Disney.  Here I thought I was being smart by planning our trip during the school year…better weather, less crowds.  But it seems as though I’m not the only one doing Disney this Fall!  I’ve gotten numerous download requests the past couple of weeks for my Disney Vacation Printables that I created last time we went.

Disney Vacation Printables-Everything you need to plan your trip!

Source for the Mickey Dollars {to be earned by the kids before the trip}

So today I thought I’d do a little Throwback Thursday and share all of my Disney Vacation Printables with you, all in one place.  Feel free to download and use them for your family, or pin them for a later trip!  Please show me some love by sharing this post so others might benefit too.  All of the sharing buttons are at the end of the post.

Disney Packing List

Free Printable Packing List for Disney!

The file has both a sample list {like the one on the left}, and a blank list.  I’ve updated the Excel document for a more printer friendly version, so be sure to click on the link and download the file to print.

Disney Itinerary

Free Editable Disney Itinerary, Day by Day

I’ve made this into an editable Excel file, so you can enter your schedule in, and manipulate times as needed.  Above was our itinerary back in 2013 when we went, I’m still tweaking for this year!

Mickey Tickets

Give out Mickey Tickets every 30 minutes that the kids can trade for make the drive to Disney AWESOME!

This year we’ll be breaking out the Mickey Tickets during the 6 hour drive again.  We have a DVD player in the car, but I really hate using it.  So the kids read, play with their “car” toys and sing along with the radio, and then every hour and half hour, they get a ticket.  They can trade tickets in for treats: 1 ticket for a new book {they love Where’s Waldo!}, 2 tickets for a snack, 3 tickets for a new toy/activity, 4 tickets for a movie.  To print and use these tickets, save the photo above and print from your computer.

I’m working on our meal plans for the week now.  Although I love my usual meal planning worksheet, I’m hoping to get together a Disney inspired one in the next day or too…don’t worry, I’ll share!

Hope these free Disney Vacation Printables help your planning process!  Please share!

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{Walt Disney World} DIY Minnie Mouse Flip Flops

Now that our Countdown to Disney is in full swing, and the kids are in school full time, I’ve turned my attention to our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World.  This week’s #GetPumpedforDisney activity was making our own Minnie Mouse Flip Flops.

Super Easy.  Super Cute!

Minnie Mouse Flip Flops Tutorial to get the kids pumped for Disney!

I used the same technique that I used to make my Spider Corkscrew Bows that the girls wear at Halloween.  Click on the above link to see in more detail how I make the corkscrews.

For this tutorial {and one pair of flip flops} you’ll need:

  • a pair of plain plastic flip flops {I got mine at Walmart for 50 cents at the end of the summer!}
  • at least 5 different grosgrain ribbon spools, 1/4 inch wide works the best
  • several skinny dowel rods, each cut to 12″
  • two wooden clothespins per dowel rod that you have
  • jelly roll pan
  • glue gun
  • two pieces of elastic string cut to about 3″
  • two extra pieces of coordinating grosgrain ribbon {thinner than 1/4″ if possible}, cut to 4″
  • lighter
  • scissors
  • oven preheated to 325

Minnie Mouse Flip Flops Tutorial to get the kids pumped for Disney!

Wrap your ribbon at a slight angle around the length of each dowel rod.  One dowel rod for each color {I have two of each color in the picture above because I was making two pairs of flip flops}.  Secure the ends of the ribbon to the dowel rods with the wooden clothes pins and place on a jelly roll pan.  Bake for 30 minutes at 325.  Let cool completely.

Minnie Mouse Flip Flops Tutorial to get the kids pumped for Disney!

When they are completely cool, gently slide the ribbon off of the dowel rods.  Cut each 12″ length of ribbon into 4 equal pieces {about 3″ each}.  Two pieces of each color ribbon for each flip flop.  Use your lighter to gently melt the ends of each piece of ribbon to prevent fraying.

Minnie Mouse Flip Flops Tutorial to get the kids pumped for Disney!

Line up your ribbon pieces {two of each color} on top of one of your elastic strings.  Make sure the string is in the middle of each ribbon and tie a tight double knot around the entire bundle of ribbon corkscrews. Trim the ends of the elastic.

Minnie Mouse Flip Flops Tutorial to get the kids pumped for Disney!

You should be able to maneuver the ribbons around a bit to get the arrangement and level of “fluff” you desire!

Minnie Mouse Flip Flops Tutorial to get the kids pumped for Disney!

Hot glue your bunch of ribbons to the center of the top of your flip flop.  **The hot glue will NOT adhere the ribbons to the plastic, this is just to help hold the bunch in place while you secure it!  Use your scraps of ribbon {about 4″ long} to secure.

Hot glue one end of the scrap ribbon to the top of the ribbon bundle, right on top of the elastic knot.  Wrap the ribbon around one side of the flip flop thong {the part that goes between your toes}.  As you bring it back up to the top of the ribbon bundle, hot glue it to the top {the end of the ribbon that you already secured} and then tightly wrap it down around the other side of the thong.  Secure the end with hot glue.  Fluff your ribbon bundle around the scrap ribbon as much as possible.

Minnie Mouse Flip Flops Tutorial to get the kids pumped for Disney!

My girls {and their sensitive feet} did not like the way the ends of the ribbons {particularly the long skinny pink ones} tickled their toes.  So I ended up hot glueing the ends of some of the ribbons to the middle of the bundle to create loops.  But by doing that, I actually covered up a lot of the scrap ribbon from the top, creating a more cohesive look.

Minnie Mouse Flip Flops Tutorial to get the kids pumped for Disney!

You can still see the scrap ribbon in the above picture, since I took it front the front of the flip flops.

Minnie Mouse Flip Flops Tutorial to get the kids pumped for Disney!

But from the tops, you could barely see it!

Minnie Mouse Flip Flops Tutorial to get the kids pumped for Disney!

The girls love their new Minnie Mouse flip flops, and after the ribbon baked for 30 minutes, they only took about 15 minutes to make!  They can’t wait to wear them to the pool at Disney!

Minnie Mouse Flip Flops Tutorial to get the kids pumped for Disney!

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Amelia is Four!

Happy, happy birthday to my middle little, Millie!  She has been waiting for years…and is now finally four!  We have been celebrating all week with visits from grandparents, presents, cupcakes and friends.

Amelia was born at 2:10 on August 20, 2011.  She was just over 8 lbs…not a tiny baby, but stayed bitty up until her third birthday or so when she first got on the charts in weight and height.  She’s now finally over 30 lbs and is 40 inches tall!

She has always been our little silly joy.  As a baby, she was fussy and wanted to be held a lot….but was smiley and calm if she was getting what she wanted!  She learned very quickly that facial expressions got her a lot of attention!

Millie loves swimming, animals and baby dolls.  She likes playing with her big sister and neighborhood friends.  She is tolerating Lincoln more and more!  She will eat just about anything, but is picky about amounts…some days she picks and MOST days she is a bottomless pit!

Millie is very particular about the way her clothes feel….especially socks and tags.  But she loves dressing the same as Jayna, and playing dress up in Mommy’s clothes.

Sometimes, Millie is like Jekyll and Hyde….she is silly and all smiles one second, and a hot, miserable mess the next.  She has been known to pout occasionally…

But never, ever throws any temper tantrums….

But despite her temper, Millie is so fun to be around!  She is very brave and will try new things like hanging on the monkey bars and horseback riding.

Millie is kind to others, and is quick to get an ice pack or a hug to a friend who is crying.  Her favorite colors are pink and purple, and her favorite song is “Wild Thing” {fitting, huh?}  She needs to continue working on her Knock Knock Jokes!

She got a dentist/doctor/vet office for her Calico Critters, so now she wants to be a vet…or a ballerina.

I just can’t believe she is already four.  My little Bitty is starting her LAST year of preschool and will be headed to Kindergarten next year.  Here’s to another wonderful year!

Happy Birthday Millsie!

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Sunday Scripture: Knowledge

As we head back to school this week, please know that I am praying for all of our little ones, the teachers, and the parents!  Have a wonderful start to the school year!

Sunday Scripture: Knowledge

 Today’s Sunday Scripture was found on Religion Quotes.

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DIY Wooden Disney Princesses

We are about a month away from our big Disney trip, and we are starting to really get excited.  We’ve been faithfully counting down the days and doing special Disney activities to get ready and even more excited for our trip.  You can follow along with our activities over on Instagram by following me {@palmsandpigs} and following our hashtag #GetPumpedforDisney.

This week’s activity was more for me and Betsy, than for the girls.  And no, Betsy can’t come with us this time…{insert sad face here}.  But she still loves Disney as much as I do, and loves painting too….so she was the perfect helper for my DIY Wooden Disney Princesses.  And it was a terrific late night project for us when we were in West Jefferson.

I found these adorable dolls and Wooden Disney Princesses tutorial over on Lil Blue Boo, and thought they would be the perfect addition to our collection of wooden blocks, as well as the wooden dollhouse that we borrowed from Wiggles & Whimsy.

DIY Wooden Disney Princesses

Aren’t they adorable?  I’m so pleased at the way they came out.  And they look so much more complicated than they really were.

Obviously, I had Betsy, who is an artist, helping me out, so some of my girls’ dresses are quite ornate.  But even without all of the ruffles on Belle’s dress, you can still tell who she is!

DIY Wooden Disney Princesses

I bought my wooden dolls from Casey’s Wood.  I needed a bunch of them since we were making a set for my kids, and a set for Betsy’s.  It was surprisingly difficult to find the larger wooden peg dolls wearing dresses….but in hindsight I wish I had just gotten regular peg figures.   I don’t think the the dress shape ended up mattering that much, and it would have been nice to be able to use extra ones to make some boy figures.  I mean, how cute are these?!?!

Boy Peg Figurines from Homemade by Jill

Anyway, back to my ladies.  I got 12 peg dolls, some acrylic paint and super small paintbrushes….you’ll need one wider one for painting the dresses on, and at least one teensy one for painting details and eyes and such.  I also used a pencil for sketching before painting.

DIY Wooden Disney Princesses

The dresses were pretty simple {they were my job, while Betsy did the detail work!}.  We used images on Google to look at each princess.  We did V-necks, Scoop necks or Heart-shaped necklines on the fronts, and painted straight across the back neckline {but left a little space under the head to make it more realistic}.  Here’s the back:

DIY Wooden Disney Princesses

And some of the princesses have long flowing hair that went down their backs.  Again, we just used simple shapes to create their hairstyles.  And don’t forget their headbands!

DIY Wooden Disney Princesses

To draw belts and bustles and ruffles {and midriffs!}, I used whatever I could find to make little marks all the way around the curved doll.  Here, I used a little plastic tube that I found…that way Aurora’s belt was straight all the way around.

DIY Wooden Disney Princesses

DIY Wooden Disney Princesses

I also found some glitter acrylic paint that I used for Elsa’s cape, Tinkerbell, Ariel’s scales, and Jasmine’s neckline and waist.  A little sparkle adds a lot of detail!!

DIY Wooden Disney Princesses

Some tips we found:

-A little wave to the hairline creates a whole different look for the princess {don’t you love Snow White’s hair?}.

-Smaller is better when it comes to the dots for eyes

-The glitter adds a nice dimension…I may go back and add some bedazzle jewels to Jasmine and Cinderella.  Later on, I also added pompoms with hot glue for the princesses with buns, and that also added some texture.

-Use a non-toxic sealant after painting….because little boys love kissing {or chewing on} Princesses

DIY Wooden Disney Princesses

My favorites ended up being Ana, Belle and Pocahontas.

DIY Wooden Disney Princesses

But the rest were lovely as well.

DIY Wooden Disney Princesses

So my advice:

keep it simple with colors and shapes….

use Google images for different adaptations of each Princess’ look….

little details can make all the difference {look at Rapunzel’s lacey trim and X stitches}…

really, really, really don’t worry about the finished product….{especially if there is wine involved in the process}, because your girls will be just thrilled at the end result!

DIY Wooden Disney Princesses

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Wiggles and Whimsy Toy Sharing Program Giveaway

We have an excess of toys.  And yet somehow, my children are always “bored.”  Especially this summer.  They had an extremely hard time cleaning up after themselves and taking care of their things.  So I took it ALL.  Luckily, we have a nice closet in our playroom that I was able to lock all of the toys in.  What did I leave out for them to play with?  Books, alphabet blocks, and a couple of matchbox cars.  I expected whining and complaining….but instead, they got creative!

They lined up the blocks on their table, letters facing out to look like a “keyboard.”  They propped up books in front of their keyboards to be “screens” and a matchbox car served as the computer mouse.  And bam…they had a computer station for their Library!  They played for a week, just with those items!  Sometimes less is more.

Wiggles & Whimsy Toy Sharing Site

 So when I was contacted by Wiggles & Whimsy to try out their toy sharing program for the summer, I thought it would be a perfect time to practice a little minimalism and creativity in our playroom.  And since all of our usual toys were locked up, the girls got very creative with the few toys that arrived with each shipment!

I went online and looked through Wiggles & Whimsy’s selection of toys.  Most of their toys cater to the 5 and under crowd, but even Jayna was super excited about the variety of toys.  And I was tickled to see that everything is made from high quality wood, and non-toxic paints.  The toys are brightly colored, but simple…inspiring creativity!

The way it works is that you pay $49 a month for 3 toys at a time, with unlimited exchanges and free shipping to your doorstep.  So your kids can play for as long as they want with the toys, and exchanges arrive within about 3 days or so of your new order.

Our first order was the croquet set {which all of the neighbor kids enjoyed too!}, a child-sized guitar, and a race car ramp and cars.  Something for everyone!

The girls played with the toys for about a week, and then I chose another 6 toys on the website.  Wiggles and Whimsy chose 3 out of the 6 that I picked out to send us {based on availability}.  The second shipment arrived just in time for our trip to West Jefferson, NC.  Since I was going to have to entertain 6 kids under the age of 7…I chose my toys wisely!

For the little ones, I got a three-layered puzzle.  And for the bigger girls, I got the ice cream playset and the doll house.  Endless hours of pretend play!

With this shipment, I realized what a great deal Wiggles and Whimsy is.  The 3 toys I got in this shipment alone retail for about $130 if I were to buy them {and you can, right on the Wiggles and Whimsy site}.  But knowing that my kiddos would get tired of playing with them, I’d much rather rent them for a week or so, then trade out for another set of toys.  This keeps the toy clutter to a minimum and keeps the girls engaged and interested.  The service would be perfect for families with young children who are keeping the toy situation to a minimum {which is super smart!} or who have limited toy storage.

And they love getting the big Wiggles and Whimsy box on the doorstep.  Filled with fun toys and bright tissue paper, and decorated with pretty tape and ribbon, they feel like they are getting a gift every time a shipment gets delivered!

I was super impressed with Wiggles and Whimsy’s customer service too…they were very helpful and sweet.  So sweet, in fact, that they’ve given me a two-month subscription to give away!!  Normally, that would be unlimited toys with free shipping for two months for $100…but for my winner-FREE!

Easy entries! Remember you can tweet every day for an additional entry.  Tell your friends!

The Giveaway ends on Sunday night!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

We can’t wait to see who wins!!! Good luck!

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Sunday Scripture: Remembrance

Today’s Sunday Scripture is a little different.  I try to keep it simple on Sundays with a passage that has been relevant in my life over the week.  This has been a rough week, and because of that, there have been many passages that have gotten me through.  You see, my beloved Popop passed away this week.


I was blessed to have a fantastic and close relationship with Popop…from weekends at the beach house growing up, to the annual reading of the “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” before bedtime on Christmas Eve, to learning how to fish and boogie board with him.

He and my Nana were married for over 65 years.  And I vividly remember watching them do dishes together one evening when I was about 17 or so…watching them complete the chore with effortless routine…teasing each other the entire time.  And I remember thinking that I hoped I married someone who would be silly with me after so many years too…I was flabbergasted that even after 50 years they would seem so happy and in love!

Popop’s favorite thing {when he wasn’t golfing…} was to be surrounded by his kids and grandkids and great-grandkids.  So.  That’s what we did!  Every weekend growing up, we’d make the 3ish hour trek to the New Jersey shore for some quality R & R with Nana and Popop….even if it meant bringing 12 or so of our closest friends with us!!  We ate them out of house and home, I’m sure, but they are some of my favorite memories!

We are so, so blessed to have had this wonderful man in our lives for so long!  And to be able to spend such good times together right up until the end.

It’s hard to imagine Popop not here with us anymore, but I found this poem online and it brought me so much comfort.

We’ll miss you Popop!

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August 2015 Cleaning Calendar

After three trips in five weeks…my brain is reeling.  I’m not sure where I am or what day it is! But apparently it’a already a full week into August, which means I am a full week behind in getting the August 2015 Cleaning Calendar to you.  I’m so sorry!  I don’t know about you, butI’m way behind in my chores and tasks….I’m just counting the days until school starts and we can get back on schedule!

So, a few days late…here is the August 2015 Cleaning Calendar!

August 2015 Cleaning Calendar: A Chore a Day will keep your House Clean!

Click on the picture or here to download the calendar for yourself!

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