Sunday Scripture: Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope your week has been full of family, laughter, peace and turkey!  We have had an unbelievably busy few weeks {and they will continue into December!}, including traveling to the Gulf Coast of Florida for Thanksgiving with my in-laws.  And although it was a process getting there {both physically and logistically}, the few days of rest were just what we needed.

We are so blessed with our life, sometimes we just need to have a few days of *nothing* to really appreciate it!  Here’s to you and yours!

Sunday Scripture: Thankful

This week’s Sunday Scripture is originally from Moms by Heart.  Head over there to see what today’s free printable is!

Have a blessed week!

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Holiday Planning Guide with Free Printables

Hard to believe it’s time to plan for the holidays already!  With Thanksgiving just about here and only a few weeks left until Christmas, I decided to share my Holiday Planning Guide with free Printables with you early this year.  Not to stress you out about the impending holiday season, but to help you get organized early!!

Entertaining is so, so stressful.  But you know, in a good way.  As in, I-wouldn’t-have-it-any-other-way.  I LOVE entertaining.  I love that we made the executive decision that {since we made the grandkids} everyone can come to us for the holidays.  Not to mention our Christmas Eve Brunch that we do for the neighbors each year.  But, the joy of entertaining also means the stress of cleaning, cooking and planning.

Holiday tradition of footy pajamas on Christmas Eve! Palmettos and Pigtails

Last year, I finally got smart and wrote everything down.  I basically make the same food every year, but I always struggle to remember what I make, and fumble to find the recipes.  So last year I got organized.  And I made a bunch of documents that will go straight into our House Manager Binder.  Although, with the amount of entertaining we do, it may need it’s own binder soon!

Holiday Planning Guide with Free Printables to Keep Your Holiday Organized! Palmettos and Pigtails


Because I’m making this for my own personal use, I’m gonna give you access to the files.  However, you won’t be able to edit them.  But feel free to print them out and use them for yourself!  I got all the little buttons as free downloads from the digital scrapbooking site, Shabby Princess.  And I got the fonts (Pea Carol) from Kevin & Amanda…also free.  So technically, you can make your own version of these as well!  And if you decide to pin any of these images, please remember link them back to this page!! Thanks!

I’m telling you, there are a lot of printables in this file, but it’s really everything you need for planning your whole Christmas week.  Here’s a sneak peek of the Table of Contents.  See below for the links to each document.

Holiday Planning Guide from Palmettos and Pigtails: Free printables to keep you organized!

Click on each link to get to the Google Drive Document.  You’ll be able to download, but not edit.  You’ll see some items have two pages…they are the same document, but with different graphics in case you want to print two different sets!

Holiday Planning Guide Cover Page

Holiday Planning Guide Cover Page AND Table of Contents

December Calendar

Gift Planner

Christmas Card List

Party Planner 1

Party Planner 2

Holiday Baking Recipes, Page 1

Holiday Baking Recipes, Page 2

Event Planner

Christmas Eve Meal Planning

Christmas Day Meal Planning

Christmas Eve Shopping List

Christmas Day Shopping List

Meal Recipe Cards, Page 1

Meal Recipe Cards, Page 2

Thank You Note List

I’d love your feedback on this guide…did I miss anything?  What was the most helpful page for you?  Happy Planning!

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Pamper Holiday Guests with a DIY Welcome Basket

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #HostingHacks #CollectiveBias

One of my favorite things about the holidays is a full house.  With both sets of grandparents, a great-grandma, and a couple of aunts and uncles coming into town to join our family circus, a “full house” is an understatement.  But I love every second of the chaos!

Although over the holidays we stash people on any free surface we can find, we do have one “official” guest room.  It’s ideal, really, because it’s in our F.R.O.G. {Finished Room Over Garage}, which means it’s completely separate from the rest of the house, with its own staircase and bathroom.  It’s the perfect amount of privacy for our guests.

But once they arrive in our guest room, I want them to be able to make themselves at home.  There is nothing more awkward than settling into your guest room just to realize that you’ve forgotten some essential packing item….especially when your host family has already retired to their quarters on the other side of the house!  So I like to make sure there are a few essential items in our guest room ready for our VIPs.

Pamper your Guests this Holiday Season with these Secret Tips! #HostingHacks #ad #CollectiveBias #HolidayHosting #ad @CostcoTowels and Pillows.  We have extra towels stocked in the bathroom, and more pillows in a spare drawer in the dresser.  I also make sure there are lots of pillows on the bed, and the pillows are all different types {soft and firm}, to cater to even the most discerning sleeper.  And my secret trick with keeping my towels and linens smelling extra good is washing them with Downy Unstopables.  Pamper your Guests this Holiday Season with these Secret Tips! #HostingHacks #ad #CollectiveBias #HolidayHosting #ad @CostcoI get the best deal by buying it in bulk at Costco, and I use it on all of my linens.  And since the scent lasts for 12 weeks, it’s perfect for a guest room…your sheets and towels will automatically smell fresh for the next visitor who shows up! Pamper your Guests this Holiday Season with these Secret Tips! #HostingHacks #ad #CollectiveBias #HolidayHosting #ad @CostcoToiletries.  Since my guests have decided to take their vacation in my home, I want to pamper them as much as possible.  And, the difference is in the details!  I splurge on the bulk packs of Charmin’ at Costco for extra soft toilet paper.  I love that although they arrive in bulk, I can split up the packs of toilet paper for storage in all of the bathrooms in the house.Pamper your Guests this Holiday Season with these Secret Tips! #HostingHacks #ad #CollectiveBias #HolidayHosting #ad @CostcoI also keep tissues in the bedroom as well as the bathroom.  I make sure there is shampoo, conditioner and soap in the shower.  I stock up for all of my household and guest needs in one complete trip to Costco.  And since I’m buying everything in bulk, it’s cheaper AND I don’t have to worry about running out of anything while I’m entertaining guests!Pamper your Guests this Holiday Season with these Secret Tips! #HostingHacks #ad #CollectiveBias #HolidayHosting #ad @CostcoWater.  Bottles of water, at least 2 per person.  I’ve found that the small 8oz. Kirkland brand bottles from Costco are the perfect size for a guest room stash.

Snacks.  My favorite thing to leave for my guests is a little jarred mix of chocolate, peanuts, raisins, M&M’s, peanut butter chips and Heaven.  And I found that if I used the left over small jelly mason jars from Lincoln’s Cowboy birthday party, it’s just the right amount for a midnight snack!Pamper your Guests this Holiday Season with these Secret Tips! #HostingHacks #ad #CollectiveBias #HolidayHosting #ad @CostcoSpace.  I make sure that our spare dresser has an empty drawer for our guests to use, and there are hangers and space in the closet for any hanging garments.  I also make sure the physical space is comfortable for everyone: by keeping the dog out {in case someone is sensitive to animal hair}, having the temperature set at 72, and having flowers and house plants decorating the room.  I also check that the alarm clock is NOT set {no surprise wake ups!}, but the time IS accurate.Pamper your Guests this Holiday Season with these Secret Tips! #HostingHacks #ad #CollectiveBias #HolidayHosting #ad @CostcoEntertainment.  I stock a variety of magazines and books in our guest room {everything from Southern Living to Parents, to tourist pamphlets}.  It’s also nice to leave a house key, or at least the code for your garage so your guests can come and go as they please.Free printables and tutorials on how to go above and beyond for Holiday Guests #HostingHacks #ad #CollectiveBias #HolidayHosting #ad @CostcoWe have a television for them to use too, but we don’t have traditional cable, so a little cheat sheet on how to work our Netflix and the remote is nice to include, as well.   
I also have our Wi-Fi information framed so our guests can use the internet easily.  If you like this idea, feel free to download a blank copy of it for yourself {save it to your computer and then upload it in PicMonkey to add your own info in a fancy print!}#DIY Welcome Basket with tutorial, free printables and a list of essentials! #HostingHacks #ad #CollectiveBias #HolidayHosting #ad @CostcoDIY Welcome Basket of Personal Items.  These items kind of depend on the guests that are staying with us.  For example, I add diapers, creme, baby shampoo and wipes to the basket when our visitors include little ones.  But some of my staples are: toothbrush, toothpaste, flossing sticks, makeup remover, Q tips, cotton balls, nail file, band-aids, razor, deodorant, feminine products, hairbrush, etc.  I buy all of these one-time use items in travel-size so I can easily replace them, and my guests can feel comfortable about taking {and keeping!} what they need.

And don’t you just love my little basket?  It was the perfect size, but kind of plain, originally.  So I used some scrap fabric and some rope to make a super simple DIY Welcome Basket.

#DIY Welcome Basket with tutorial, free printables and a list of essentials! #HostingHacks #ad #CollectiveBias #HolidayHosting #ad @Costco

First, you want to make sure your fabric is big enough to cover the bottom and the sides of your basket all the way around, plus about 2 inches extra on each side {to account for seams and the drawstring}.  Your drawstring can be made out of anything that is long enough to fit snugly around the outside of the basket, with enough left over to tie in a knot.

Then, you want to round your corners for easier sewing.  Fold over your raw edge with wrong sides together and sew about a half-inch seam {or big enough to pull your drawstring through}.  It does not have to be a pretty, straight sewn line, as it will be gathered and on the inside of the basket!  Make sure you leave a small opening to pull your drawstring through.

Pull your drawstring through the seam.  I do this by tying my string to a large closed safety-pin and slowly working it through the “tube” that was created when you sewed the seam.

When you have both ends sticking out of the opening, place the fabric in your basket with the pattern side up, and pull the edges of the fabric over the sides of the basket.  Your drawstring {inside the fabric} should fit snuggly around the outside of the basket.  Pull your drawstring ends tight toward each other and tie together.  Arrange the fabric so that all of the gathers are spread evenly over the basket, and then tuck the drawstring and the knot under the fabric so it’s all hidden.

And stock your basket!
#DIY Welcome Basket with tutorial, free printables and a list of essentials! #HostingHacks #ad #CollectiveBias #HolidayHosting #ad @Costco

Your guests should have everything that they need for a relaxing vacation in your home!

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What do you stock up on from Costco to make your guests feel special?

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DIY Nativity Blocks

Last year I got a Silhouette for Mother’s Day.  It was one of those big ticket items that I thought I just HAD to have as a crafter.  I mean, just look at Pinterest and you’ll see all of the different things you can use this machine to make.  One of the cutest project’s I’d seen was the DIY Nativity Blocks from Ginger Snap Crafts.  So I decided to use her project as an inspiration for my own.  I know it’s not Christmas season quite yet, but in case you want a jump on some new decor for next month, and and you can use the Thanksgiving time time off to do it!

DIY Nativity Blocks using the Silhouette Machine - Palmettos and Pigtails

Although the painting and drying did take some time, it was a super easy project to do, especially since I’m a Silhouette novice!  I bought the Nativity Silhouette package {Design #52103}, and moved the figures around on my sheets of vinyl until I was able to fit them all onto two sheets total.  After using the Silhouette to cut them out, I peeled the surrounding vinyl away from each figure and trimmed for size.

DIY Nativity Blocks using the Silhouette Machine - Palmettos and Pigtails

DIY Nativity Blocks using the Silhouette Machine - Palmettos and Pigtails

By doing this, I was able to see what size blocks I needed for each piece.  Dave used 1.5″ thick blocks of scrap wood and cut {and labeled} each one to size.  I painted the front of each block white and let them dry overnight.

DIY Nativity Blocks using the Silhouette Machine - Palmettos and Pigtails

Then I peeled off each piece of vinyl and placed it firmly on the wood.  Make sure you sand the wood down before painting and applying vinyl…I had some unwanted bumps because I didn’t do this.

DIY Nativity Blocks using the Silhouette Machine - Palmettos and Pigtails

Then, making sure your vinyl is sealed around the edges, paint over the white part with the color that you choose.  When you paint next to the vinyl, feel free to paint over the edges, but always use an outward motion…starting on the vinyl and painting out over the edge, to minimize bleeding under the vinyl.  Peel off the vinyl carefully while the paint is still wet.

DIY Nativity Blocks using the Silhouette Machine - Palmettos and Pigtails

As you can see above, there are imperfections in my wood, where I didn’t sand, and some bleeding on the lamb’s head.  Hey, this whole project was trial and error!  Learn from my mistakes!

DIY Nativity Blocks using the Silhouette Machine - Palmettos and Pigtails

I ended up having to do several coats of paint on the yellow pieces…I think I’d stick with the darker colors if possible.  Especially since the contrast isn’t even quite as good on the yellow.

DIY Nativity Blocks using the Silhouette Machine - Palmettos and Pigtails

I made the pieces various sizes, and the girls have enjoyed playing with them, and Lincoln especially loves stacking them.   I’m planning on adding a stable for a backdrop and sanding down my edges a bit to make the blocks a little more “worn” looking.

DIY Nativity Blocks using the Silhouette Machine - Palmettos and Pigtails

This Nativity Block Scene is the perfect addition to what has become the “holiday” console table!

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Sunday Scripture: A Mother’s Mantra

This week has been a bit of a hot mess with the girls.  Not only this week, just….lately.  If they were teenagers, I’d swear they were hormonal.  Lord help us all when they actually get hormonal.  It’s been a blur of tattle-taleing, meltdowns, overreactions, and pouting.

But my new goal has been to be the Mom they need me to be.  To push aside my annoyance, frustration, anger and be a role model for the kind of person I want them to be.  After all, I don’t want them to turn into angry and annoyed adults!  I’m trying to be better about understanding the situation before reacting.  I’m trying to have patience and sympathy for their many, many moods.  I’m trying to put into words {quiet, even-toned words, not yells}, how frustrated I am with them and why.  I’m trying to be more intentional.

And I’m praying.  A lot.  My small group knows that this is my secret weapon to sanity with three kids, including two irrational little girls.  I pray.  Especially in front of them.  During a particularly difficult moment I stop, bow my head and say a prayer.  Sometimes, it’s silent.  And in the middle of a screaming match, a suddenly silent mother can be really powerful for them.  Most of the time they also stop and get quiet.  Either out of respect for my sudden prayer time, or fear of the unknown once I open my eyes….it doesn’t matter.  It gives me a chance to calm down {and ask for some help}, and interrupts the drama enough to diffuse it a bit.

Sometimes, I pray out loud.  Usually in a quiet voice to get the same effect as above.  But I pray with purpose.  Don’t get me wrong, I am really praying for all of these things….but with the added benefit of the girls actually hearing everything!

“Dear God, help me breathe.  Please help me calm down.  Please help me be a good mommy.  Please help me have patience with my girls.  Please help them understand that I love them even though I am frustrated.  Please help them calm down.  Please help them talk to each other with respect.  Please help them follow directions.  Please help them learn how to act appropriately and with maturity to situations.  Amen.”

Something like that.  But.  Even though I use excruciatingly simple words in my prayers, because I also want to convey to the girls what I pray for them, I know God knows my heart.  And He is helping me deal.  With everything…and so we get through it.

Sunday Scripture: A Mother's Mantra

Today’s Sunday Scripture was originally found on Dream Something Up.

Such a simple to do list….but it’s one I’m still working on.

Have a blessed week!

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Two Veterans and an Airplane

This week we were honored to be able to go visit the Charleston Air Force base with some good friends.  And although Dave is a Navy Veteran, he was as excited as the kiddos to get togo inside of one of these huge planes!

Chelsea and Kyle are some friends of ours from church that we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the past year.  And they are just one example of the amazing military families that we know.  While Kyle serves our country, Chelsea stays at home and home-schools their three children.

Celebrating our Veterans from a C17 at the Charleston Air Force BaseGetting to actually board and tour one of these planes was just incredible.  I had NO IDEA how huge they were.  Celebrating our Veterans from a C17 at the Charleston Air Force BaseAnd being inside and realizing that this one plane carries hundreds of heroes, was amazing enough…but to see numerous planes lined up on the tarmac, at this one base…put things into perspective a little bit.Celebrating our Veterans from a C17 at the Charleston Air Force BaseThe sheer number of soldiers and military personnel protecting our freedom currently, not to mention the countless veterans who have made our country what it is today.Celebrating our Veterans from a C17 at the Charleston Air Force BaseThe kids are too young to understand the magnitude of service these brave men and women provide, but hopefully this experience will foster a great appreciation for everyone in uniform.Celebrating our Veterans from a C17 at the Charleston Air Force Base

So, from this very proud and appreciative family….Happy Veteran’s Day!

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How to Entertain a Toddler on an Airplane

Recently, my sister Loo and I took Lincoln on a plane trip up to New Jersey.   It was his first time on an airplane, and we lucked out that the ride was a quick, 2 hour non-stop flight.  But being the over-prepared, Type-A mom that I am, I was prepared for the worst.  I thought I’d share with you the items that I brought in my carry-on diaper bag to entertain a toddler on an airplane.

How to Entertain a Toddler on an Airplane

First of all, the basics:

I had 4 diapers, wipes, Wet Ones {for his/my hands}, Clorox Wipes {for the airplane tray and other surfaces}, a disposable changing pad, 2 changes of clothes, and an assortment of diaper cream, lotion and sunscreen, all in trial sizes.  I also had zip-lock bags with different little snacks in each….spreading out the snack process as long as possible!  {I used baby goldfish, Cheerios, Puffs, dried apples, dried blue berries and mini club crackers}

I also brought a couple of our favorite board books {I brought 3, the above picture is just some of my favorites}.  I try to choose books that  have multiple ways of engagement.  For example, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is a repetitive favorite, but can also be a time-killer.  On each page, I can cover animal names, noises, and colors.  And Lincoln loves the last page with all of the animals on it….he makes it into a “point and find” game.  And the book can end up taking 5-7 minutes to read one time.  Another of his favorites is Little Blue Truck, which has an actual story to read, as well as detailed pictures to talk about and find animals in.  I also brought Lincoln’s Farm Friends, which is an I See Me! Book that I reviewed last year.  It features a photograph of “Farmer” Lincoln on each page and has a story, as well as opportunities to talk animals, colors, numbers, letters, etc.  It’s an easy one to drag out too, and Lincoln loves seeing his face in it!

I made this little I Spy bag for Lincoln’s Cowboy themed first birthday, but he is now just getting interested in it.  He like squishing the beads and looking at the little horses and boots and such inside.  I’m hoping to make a few more of these to start selling on Etsy…what do you think?

But my secret weapon is my treasure box of goodies!  I made it to entertain a toddler on an airplane, but I’ve just kept in in my diaper bag and it’s come in quite handy in restaurants and in doctors’ offices!

I have a couple of small toy animals, four blocks {just enough to stack, and with the letters of his name on them}, a car, some stickers, some Washi Tape, pom pom balls , and empty thread spools.  I used the thread spools because he likes playing with them at home, but the blocks really serve the same purpose for stacking and knocking over {and the blocks don’t roll!}.

And everything fits compactly in a empty Cottonelle Flushable Wipes Tub!

That particular brand of tub is important, because the fun of the pom poms is putting them into the tub through the rubber flaps.  This seriously entertained Lincoln on the plane for over 20 minutes….dump, stuff, repeat!

The washi tape was also a good distractor because it’s a light weight tape, which means its really easy to pull off or reposition.  I ripped off pieces and stuck one end to the tray.  Lincoln would pull them off, try to get the sticky part off of his fingers, and then push down the tape on something {or someone!} else!  And repeat.  I also packed the Felt Busy Book that I made for him, and the stickers were great to use and reuse on the empty pages in the back.

DIY Easy Felt Busy Book for Toddlers on an Airplane

And just like that, we were landing!  And my little kit entertained him the rest of our trip in restaurants and while visiting family.  It’s nice to know I have some tricks up my sleeve for when he gets antsy!

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Sunday Scripture: Identity

With all of the comparisons out there, thanks to the over-sharing tendencies of social media, it’s hard to be content with myself.  I’m always striving to be the perfect mom, have a cleaner house, have pinterest worthy projects happening, cook healthier food, fit into my skinny jeans, read my Bible more, etc.  It’s a constant balancing act!  So today’s Sunday Scripture is to remind me to let it go a little.  To remind me that I was put on this earth for a reason, and God’s got a plan.  To remind me that I am a child of God and am loved no matter what!

Sunday Scripture: Identity


Have a blessed week!
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DIY Felt Busy Book

Recently I traveled by plane up to New Jersey for my grandfather’s funeral. I opted to bring Lincoln with me to provide some comic relief and distraction. You heard me right…I chose to bring my 16 month old son on an airplane. Crazy, I know. But I was feeling pretty confident since we were flying at bedtime, and I had my sister, Loo, flying with us.

But. Lincoln had other plans….and none of them included sleeping on a smelly, cramped airplane. And as the prepared and crafty momma that I am….I was ready!   In classic Shara form, I decided the night before we flew, that Lincoln not only needed a new pair of appliqued pajamas and a new long-sleeved monogrammed shirt, but that he also would benefit from a felt busy book. So while my embroidery machine sewed away at his new clothes, I got to work on his felt busy book.

And once I kind of had in mind what pages I wanted to make….it only took me about an hour. {Have I mentioned how much I love my new embroidery machine….I can multitask while sewing!!}. I decided to make the book super simple, with just five 9″x7″ felt pages. I didn’t sketch out anything-just winged it.

Page 1 was a counting page. I traced my hand on some tan felt, labled the fingers with numbers and hot glued the palm and wrist to a 9X7 “page” of felt. He can peel the fingers down to help learn how to count.

The back of Page 1 and front of Page 2 was a road. I did sketch that a little with white chalk, to make sure my road stayed a similar width throughout, and to make sure it was the right size for my pages. I also cut some bushes, a house and some little felt cars out of scraps. The cars keep getting lost though, so I may end up adding a couple of “carports” by gluing 3 edges of a rectangle down….to keep the cars from falling out of the book. I made sure to make my road thick enough for matchbox cars though, since I always have one of those in my diaper bag too.

The back of Page 2 and front of Page 3 were a tree and a basket. I cut out 5 apples and 5 leaves for the tree. This was probably Lincoln’s favorite page. He loved putting the apples on, and taking the leaves off of the tree and stuffing them in the basket. I also added numbers and “targets” {the dots} for practice in 1 to 1 correspondence in a few months…the teacher in me sneaks out every so often!

The back of Page 3 and front of Page 4 were for Mr. Potato Head.  Lincoln loves pointing out body parts {including the belly button of the closest victim}.

So I used similar technique to when I made the giant felt board Mr. Potato Head a couple of years ago, and just made it smaller {and a little less precise}.  I folded everything in half before cutting to make the body parts even.  Using a permanent marker to outline the eyes and feet is a great way to create definition without making so many individual felt pieces.  I messed up on the mouth by making teeth….I should have stuck to how I originally did it {and true to the plastic guy} with just a horizontal line for the teeth.  He ended up a little creepy, huh?

The back of page 4 and all of Page 5 I ended up leaving blank.  I simply ran out of time and ideas at 11:30 at night.  But it ended up working out to my advantage, as I had bought some stickers for Lincoln to play with on the plane, and the empty felt pages were the perfect place to “stick” them.  And because the felt stuck to the stickers, he was easily able to pull them off and on by himself.  And as you know, there is nothing more satisfying to a one year old than doing something by himself!

Once I had all the pages done, I made the cover.  Which ended up being the most time consuming item of the whole project.  I measured a 9″x7″ “cover” and then slide my template over a few inches {more than I needed so I can add pages later if I want}, and measured a second 9″x7″ back cover.  I also cut out a strip to hold my book closed, and attached a piece of adhesive rough velcro to it {so it stuck instantly to the cover of the book to keep it closed}.

Then I punched holes in the tops and bottoms of all of my pages and in the “spine” of my cover.  I folded the spine over once {use chalk to make sure all of your holes line up}, so make it a little sturdier and to store the extra spine fabric {for when I have more time to add more pages…}.  Then I used a long piece of yarn to “sew” the spine and the pages together.  I wove it through and then doubled back to make sure everything was supported.  Then I tied a knot.  If I add more pages, I’ll have to get a new piece of longer thread and do that process over again.

Now, I’ve seen the felt busy book pages on Pinterest.  And maybe someday I’ll get some free time to make some immaculate, creative pages for my book.  But for now, I’m happy knowing that my little book kept my toddler happy on a plane!

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Family Photos: Tips from the Pros

Hey there friends!  I’m posting over at Charleston Moms Blog today with some insider information from some of my photographer friends.  I wanted the scoop on taking awesome family photos.  What to wear, where to do them, how to pose, and what NOT to do!

The BEST Family Photos: What the Pros Want You To Know!

Photo Source: J.C. Photography

So click on this link to hop over to Charleston Moms Blog to find out  how to get the best family photos!

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Stay tuned later this week for pictures of our family’s Halloween weekend!