Sunday Scripture: Precious

This weekend I am in Atlanta celebrating my firstborn’s seventh birthday.  It’s been four and a half years since she has been the only child {and had my undivided attention!}, so I thought I’d take her to visit my sister, Loo, for the weekend and get a little face time without the other Littles hanging all over me.  Sometime in the past 7 years, Jayna has become a bonafide kid.  Not a toddler or even a little kid anymore, but a kid that has opinions, dreams {and a touch of sass!} of her own.  And it’s not very often I get to just enjoy her.

Sunday Scripture: Precious....celebrating my oldest daughter's birthday

Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed week!

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Sunday Scripture: ScriptureDoodle Giveaway!

Happy Sunday!  It’s my favorite day of the week….so I thought I’d do a giveaway!  April from #ScriptureDoodle was kind enough to send over some awesome new products for me to try and give to you.  Jayna was thrilled to have some new supplies and inspiration.  And Millie was jealous that Jayna was getting a bunch of stuff to try out.  So, April sent their brand new ScriptureDoodle Coloring Book over for Millie to try out!#ScriptureDoodle #Giveaway for a coloring book, and #Bible doodling #art supplies!#ScriptureDoodle #Giveaway for a coloring book, and #Bible doodling #art supplies!#ScriptureDoodle #Giveaway for a coloring book, and #Bible doodling #art supplies!They both ended up sharing all the materials, and miraculously took turns with everything without a fight.  And it’s turned into a thing.  Almost every day I catch the girls sitting quietly at the kitchen table, with their ScriptureDoodle supplies spread out, coloring and doodling.  It’s given them some awesome opportunities to reflect on The Word on their own.#ScriptureDoodle #Giveaway for a coloring book, and #Bible doodling #art supplies!So, there are a bunch of #ScriptureDoodle packs to choose from….for ALL ages.  If you go to this link, you can compare all the packs and see what is right for you or your kids.  We have the Littles Pack, which comes with all of this:#ScriptureDoodle #Giveaway for a coloring book, and #Bible doodling #art supplies!I love the pack of Truth Cards that comes in the Littles Pack.  They are nice sturdy cards with a verse on one side, and an inspirational photograph on the other side.  I was able to show Jayna, using the cards, how she could pull an image or idea from any Bible verse to begin to create her doodle.  For example, “I call on the Lord in my distress and he answers me.  -Psalm 120:1”  has a picture of a telephone on the back…but then I had to explain what a “telephone” was….#ScriptureDoodle #Giveaway for a coloring book, and #Bible doodling #art supplies!Once she understood how to pull keywords up, she wanted to try it on her own.  Also included in all of the packs are the How To ScriptureDoodle Study Cards.  A huge list of Bible verses is on the back, and now Jayna uses them to look up verses in her Bible to doodle about.#ScriptureDoodle #Giveaway for a coloring book, and #Bible doodling #art supplies!I just love how the doodling has gotten my kids deeper into the Word, while still expressing themselves creatively.  And since she still gets frustrating writing letters and drawing pictures, the coloring book has been perfect for Millie…she’s so proud of her creations in there!#ScriptureDoodle #Giveaway for a coloring book, and #Bible doodling #art supplies!So, obviously, we are in LOVE with the ScriptureDoodle products…..the pencil pouches are hand painted, and all of the illustrations in the coloring book are hand drawn by April.#ScriptureDoodle #Giveaway for a coloring book, and #Bible doodling #art supplies!So I’m so excited to do not one, but TWO giveaways this week.  You’ll automatically be entered into both drawings… winner will receive a #ScriptureDoodle Coloring Book and pack of 12 colored pencils.  The other winner will win a complete Littles Pack {which includes a notebook, pencils, colored pencils, an eraser, a sharpener and Truth Cards…all in an adorable drawstring pouch}!#ScriptureDoodle #Giveaway for a coloring book, and #Bible doodling #art supplies!And I’m making it super simple to enter the giveaway….you’ll want to definitely subscribe to the Instagram feeds {both ScriptureDoodle and April’s}, so you can not only have beautiful Scripture illustrations coming through your feed, but stay up to date on the newest stuff from #ScriptureDoodle.


If you don’t happen to win this giveaway, don’t worry!  April is offering 15% off for my readers with the code PIGTAILS on the Worship-Artist website, where you can get all of the #ScriptureDoodle stuff.  She also has a FREE coloring printable every week of one of her Scripture illustrations.  Here is the direct link to this week’s printable {see it below!}.#ScriptureDoodle #Giveaway for a coloring book, and #Bible doodling #art supplies!Finally, if you have always wanted to start doodling yourself, but don’t know how to begin, join April for her FREE #scripturedoodle workshop coming up on March 3rd live online.  The best way to stay informed about that is to follow #ScriptureDoodle online {and enter the giveaway!}.

Ok, less talking…more winning!  Contest ends on Friday night…Good luck!

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Invisible Zipper Tutorial on a Knockoff Anthropologie Pillowcase

I splurged at Christmas time and bought a couple of new pillows from Decor Steals.  I love them, but they are so fluffy, storing them is going to be annoying.  So I decided to make a couple of pillow cases for them instead.  After perusing the web and pinterest.  I found a couple of DIY pillowcases with hearts that are perfect for Valentine’s Day and spring.

So the first one I decided to try to make was a knockoff of this Anthropologie Heart Pillow.  Seemed simple!  And thanks to my friend Amelia, who gave me a ton of fabric last week, I had a couple of red cloth napkins that were perfect {and half finished!} for the project.  For the hearts, I cut out various sizes from a canvas drop cloth that I used for a couple of other projects.An invisible zipper tutorial on a Knockoff Anthropologie Heart PillowI used a fabric marker to draw a heart about a quarter inch from the edge to sew along.  I kept the edges raw, and with time they will get more raggy and unraveled.  Then I pinned them on one of the red cloth napkins, keeping them away from the edges {which would be sewn into seams}.An invisible zipper tutorial on a Knockoff Anthropologie Heart PillowThen I carefully sewed along the blue fabric marked line.  And just that quick, the front of the pillowcase was finished.  Now to add the back of the case and the zipper.An invisible zipper tutorial on a Knockoff Anthropologie Heart PillowI looked up an invisible zipper tutorial, and was completely shocked at how easy it was!  I found this fantastic tutorial on Stop Staring and Start Sewing, so check out that blog for even better pictures and another version of this step-by-step invisible zipper tutorial.

The stuff {other than fabric and thread and pins and such} that you’ll need are:

-an invisible zipper {labeled as such at the fabric store} that is about 6-8 inches longer than the length of fabric that you are going to put the zipper on
-an Elmer’s glue stick {the one that starts purple but dries clear}
-a zipper foot for your sewing machine.

You’ll start off by ironing the fabric right next to the zipper as close to the zipper as you can…this will let you sew right next to the zipper.  Here is an awesome before and after picture of the zipper from the site I mentioned above.

Once your zipper is all ironed out, center it on the fabric where you are going to put it, and mark off where the end of the fabric is, and then about an inch and a half from the end of the fabric.  Keep in mind that I was using finished cloth napkins, so my seams are nice and finished….if you are just using fabric, your seams will be raw.An invisible zipper tutorial on a Knockoff Anthropologie Heart PillowThen, you will use the glue stick to glue on the zipper {with the Right side of the fabric facing up, turn the zipper upside down to glue it to the fabric}. An invisible zipper tutorial on a Knockoff Anthropologie Heart Pillow Once you have the zipper “glued” on, set it with the hot iron {no steam}….amazing how that glue stick will stay!An invisible zipper tutorial on a Knockoff Anthropologie Heart PillowDo the same to the second piece of fabric, making sure that all of your edges and corners line up for easy sewing.  Set the glued on zipper on this side as well, and you are ready to sew your zipper on!This is one of the best tutorials I've seen for an invisible zipper tutorial. Lots of photos and links to others' sites for even more help. Made zipper installation a breeze! Plus the knockoff Anthropologie heart pillow was so cute!Put the zipper foot on your sewing machine, and shift the needle accordingly so that it will sew as close to the zipper coils as possible.  Start on the zipper fabric where you marked the first line {the one that was about an inch and a half from the edge}, and be sure the back stitch a bit {but not all the way to the end of the fabric}.This is one of the best tutorials I've seen for an invisible zipper tutorial. Lots of photos and links to others' sites for even more help. Made zipper installation a breeze! Plus the knockoff Anthropologie heart pillow was so cute!Stitch across the length of the zipper fabric until just past the next line, then backstitch.  Put your two pieces of fabric together, right sides together and zip up the zipper about 2/3 of the way.  Make sure your fabric corners line up.  Move the “tail” of the zipper out of the way and then glue or pin the corners of the fabric together.  Starting at the end of the fabric, sew the two pieces of fabric together, stopping just past the place that you originally backstitched on the zipper.  Backstitch.  Do the same on the other end of the zipper as well.  An invisible zipper tutorial on a Knockoff Anthropologie Heart PillowWith crappy scissors, cut the “tails” of your zipper off, and then close the zipper all the way.  Flip your fabric Right side up and iron over the zipper to make it “disappear.”  Open your zipper again about half way.  Then put the two pieces Right sides together again and pin/glue together.  Sew your pieces together all the way around, be sure to backstitch, and maybe even double stitch for durability.This is one of the best tutorials I've seen for an invisible zipper tutorial. Lots of photos and links to others' sites for even more help. Made zipper installation a breeze! Plus the knockoff Anthropologie heart pillow was so cute!Turn your pillowcase right sides out {aren’t you glad you opened your zipper on that last step!?!?}, and you are done!  Slide your case over your favorite seasonal and/or dingy pillow for an instant living room update!This is one of the best tutorials I've seen for an invisible zipper tutorial. Lots of photos and links to others' sites for even more help. Made zipper installation a breeze! Plus the knockoff Anthropologie heart pillow was so cute!

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An Open Letter to my Future Babysitter

Dear Future Babysitter of my Three Young Children,

I am a veteran rockstar babysitter. In other words, I was the most coveted babysitter in my entire neighborhood.  I was more interested in making money than hanging out with my friends.  I treated the kids I babysat for, as younger {and sometimes preferred!} siblings.   And it felt great to be fought over by numerous families on Friday and Saturday nights.  So I thought I would let you know how I was so successful, and what I {as a parent} now expect from you {my babysitter} when you care for my kids.

A humorous letter to a babysitter spelling out the mom's expectations for the evening. Great read for teenagers and moms alike. #parenting #babysitter #teenager #childcare                                                            Edited image courtesy of Prawny

First of all, please recognize that I am leaving my babies with you, a relative stranger.  I am literally trusting you with my little ones’ lives.  Please take this very seriously.  Pay attention to directions, and ask questions.  Make sure I write down both of our phone numbers {and maybe even a neighbor or two}, and where we are going to be.  I know you want to be the “fun one,” but please put safety before fun and discipline if you need to.

Actually follow the directions that I give you.  If I tell you I want the kids in bed by 8, I mean just that…they should be in their beds, going to sleep at 8:00.  Even if I don’t spell it out for you, just assume that my kids need to wear pajamas, brush their teeth, and go to the bathroom before getting into bed.  And no, they may not sleep in “dress up.”  If I don’t specifically ask you to give them a bath, then please don’t.  There may be several reasons for this, ranging between my comfort level with you {relative stranger} washing their bits and pieces, to me not wanting to have to pay you more when my toddler poops in the tub.  Trust me, you’ll thank me later for that.

After feeding the kids, it sure would be nice if you rinsed and loaded the dishwasher with their dishes.  Don’t worry about scrubbing pots or anything, just basic clean-up.  Wiping down counters, cleaning up any spills and refrigerating leftovers are also expected.  If the kids are already fed when you arrive, I don’t expect you to clean anything in the kitchen {but if you do, I promise you will have a babysitting job for life!}.

I may tell you to “make yourself at home.”  What I mean by this is feel free to look for something that you need {pertaining to my children} in the cabinets.  For example, if you run out of toilet paper, by all means search closets and under sinks to find more!  Please help yourself to a soda, some dinner, a cookie from the plate on the counter.  No, you may not “fix” yourself a “drink.” {I don’t care how old you are!}  And no, your friend/boyfriend may not come over to “help” you babysit.  I hired you because I thought you could handle my kids alone.  Hopefully, I’ll remember to show you how to work the remote, but please only watch TV after the kiddos are in bed…and obviously, keep it to the appropriate {and free!} channels.

My kids will beg you to let them watch TV/play on the iPad, etc.  But, I am not paying you for screen time.  I expect you to play with my children.  They are generally thrilled that you {cool teenager} are here just for them.  Get creative!  I’m positive that this was one of the determining factors of my babysitting success. I was famous for my games.  I came up with “House Olympics” involving different types of competitions and obstacle courses, many of which ended up requiring the children to clean up areas of the house {i.e. “Who can build the tallest Lego tower in 20 seconds? …aka “I’m tricking you into cleaning up the Legos” or “Pyramid Cup Stacking Race….straight out of the dishwasher”}.  Or, don’t get creative…my girls are perfectly happy to have a guinea pig  friend to try out new hairstyles on, and my toddler will roll a ball to just about anyone!  As long as you are engaging with my kids, I’m happy.  And on the clean-up note….I’m always super impressed when the playroom is cleaned up when I get home!!

A humorous letter to a babysitter spelling out the mom's expectations for the evening. Great read for teenagers and moms alike. #parenting #babysitter #teenager #childcare

When I ask you, “How were the kids?”  please tell me the truth.  I promise I will hire you again even if you say my kids were terrible!  I truly want to know if someone was being disrespectful or mean, and I will respect you more for being honest.

Although I prefer my babysitters to be able to drive, it’s not a deal breaker.  But please have your own ride to and from my house.  It’s a bummer to come home after a night out just to have to turn around and drive you 20 minutes back home.  And if I do have to drive you home….please pacify me with some small talk.  Although I’m not totally interested in who your soccer team is playing next week, I’d rather talk about that than have 20 minutes of silence!

And finally, although keeping my kids alive for three hours is a big job, please realize that you are still a teenager.  I’m thankful that you gave up some of your Friday night to play with my kiddos, but I did not hire you with the intention of making you independently wealthy.  I have checked with my friends, and yes, that is the going rate for partially educated, minors in the childcare field {and dinner was even included!}.  Yes, you may deserve more than that during the hours that the kids are awake {especially if they poop in the tub!}, but you also deserve less than that after they are asleep and you are watching Bravo and texting your BFF.   So, it all averages out, right?

In conclusion, I’m touched that you like my kids enough to want to spend your Friday night with them.  I’m hoping you will still like them enough to continue to babysit for them next week too!  I think it’s important for my little ones to have real teenage role models to form relationships with….so keep my kids {who idolize you!} in mind on those Friday nights that you are out with your friends, and remember them as you make all of those those tough choices that are forming who you become as an adult.

Good luck!…..and are you free Saturday!?!?

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Blank Inside

One of Dave and my favorite comedians is Brian Regan.  A couple of years ago, we even got the chance to see him live.  He’s got clean, wholesome jokes about random stuff that you’ve never thought about.  Like cards that are blank inside.

When I sat down this morning to write, this bit immediately popped up in my head.  Myinitial thought on blogging was that I had nothing to say.  I’m blank inside.  Wow, that actually sounds really depressing… But I’m going to see it as a clean slate for the new year.  I don’t have much to share this week because we didn’t do anything.  My time was taken by mundane “get back to real life after the holidays” chores.  We finally got the Christmas decorations put away, but now I’m staring at my seemly empty living room, wondering what I had out before the garlands, bunting and Christmas decor took over the house.

Next week starts the marathon sewing sessions to prepare for the upcoming craft shows.  So I know I’ll be sparse online because of that too.  Every year this happens….and I feel guilty and sad that blogging has to go on the back burner for a few months while I concentrate on my other hobby.  So bear with me these next few months if I go MIA!

And just because, here’s the other joke that consistently pops into my head.  Here’s Brian Regan on “Dora the Explora”.

Have a great week!

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Sunday Scripture: Slow

I generally don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions.  I’m just like the next guy, where I can’t help but feel rejuvenated every time that ball drops….like it’s an excuse for a do over.  And as much as my Type-A personality craves order in my life {and an excuse to reorganize},  I am usually able to reign myself in and and not officially create resolutions.  Because, when life sets back in and those resolutions get put on the back burner, there is nothing but disappointment.


I do think the transition from one year to the next is a good time to reflect on your life for a few moments.  And when I did this, I realized that  most of what was on my heart this past year had to do with clutter.

Physcially, I feel like we have accumulated a lot of “stuff” and it’s started to give me some major anxiety.  We’re already working on that a bit in the house…more on that later…

 But also, I feel like our social and emotional clutter has gotten a bit out of hand lately as well.  We’ve been super busy socially, both kids and adults…so much that I couldn’t tell you the last weekend we were all at home spending time with each other.  And I’d love to tell you that that will stop…but the truth of the matter is that I just added two more things to our plate by signing Jayna and Millie up for softball and dance, respectively.  But because I believe that sports and extra curricular activities are important for them, it’ll stay on the calendar.  But I plan on really picking and choosing some of our other social activities.  We have very limited time to spend together as a family during the week, so weekends need to get back to being for us.  Not for some random classmate’s birthday party.  So please don’t take offense if you invite us to something and we rsvp with a “sorry, we can’t make it this time.”  We love you, but family comes first.Sunday Scripture: Slow {slowing down in the new year...physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually}

But more importantly, I feel like emotionally and spiritually we need to slow down as a family too.  I’ve been noticing more and more that the kids respond much better to almost all situations when I am calm.  I may still show anger or frustration, but if I am calm, they are more receptive.  I will never forget one of the “mottos” of the camp that I used to work at as a teenager.  “Seek to understand” was one of the discipline techniques they taught us….find out what the situation is before you react.  And as a parent, it’s some of the hardest advice to follow.

Our knee-jerk reaction is to yell at someone.  And I’m finding that now, that the girls are a bit older and more responsible, that a lot of the times we get mad and emotional for no reason.  Dave will get frustrated with Millie crying {again}, and snap at her, just to find out that she actually hurt herself.  I”ll grab a toy and put it away when the girls are arguing over it, rather than stopping to find out what the conflict is, and encouraging them to figure out a solution on their own.

And I know we aren’t doing them any favors by doing this….it’s just a bad habit.  But the kids are just as bad at snap judgements and unnecessary emotions.  But….they are kids.  They are learning.  It’s our jobs as adults to teach them how to appropriately respond to situations, and I think we need to do a better job modeling this for them.

And finally, spiritually…obviously we all need to find more time to study The Word and pray.  But in this case, I think that all of this slowing down is interconnected….by seeking to understand before reacting, we are modeling purposeful behavior, which carries over into intentional prayer and quiet time.  And so today’s Sunday Scripture is a perfect reminder.

Today’s Sunday Scripture image was created by @meaningful_word and found on Tumblr.

Have a blessed week!

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Sunday Scripture: Inheritance

I love when my pastor’s sermon just hits home.  You know, when it feels like she is talking right to me, like she knows what is in my heart already {and clearly needs to be discussed!!}.

Today was one of those days.  Jenn covered Joshua 4:6 in her message, talking about the story of the Israelites crossing the Jordan River…the miracle of the water parting and the faith that the people had in God in order to cross, but also what they did after they reached the other side.  Joshua had representatives from each of the 12 tribes go back into the path through the river to find a stone.  The stack of stones would stand the test of time, and show future generations the power of God and the faithfulness of the people.

But in her message, Jenn went on to point out that every generation’s knowledge and experiences pave the way for the next of kin.  The generation of Israelites who followed Moses through the Red Sea paved the way for the next generation of Israelites who followed Joshua through the Jordan.  The older generation passed their knowledge, beliefs and faith down to their children.

What you know and believe, you teach to your children.  Duh.  I guess I needed it spelled out for me this morning.  So, today’s Sunday Scripture challenges me to be more aware of what I am passing on to my children.  What am I purposefully teaching to my kids?  What kind of example am I being to them on a daily basis?  I can “teach” them about the gospel all of the time….but if I’m personally not living like Jesus, what kind of inheritance am I leaving?

Sunday Scripture: Inheritance....what are you purposefully passing on to the next generation?

Today’s beautiful Sunday Scripture artwork was found on Jan Gray Designs…she is a Bible Journal-er with some beautiful art on her site.  Click on the link above to learn more about her and her techniques.

Have a blessed week!

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Holiday Recap 2015

Happy New Year friends!

I know I was MIA over the holidays….but hopefully you were too busy with your families to really notice!  We hosted Christmas at our house again, with both Dave and my families coming into town for a few days.  The week was a blur of wrapping paper, Christmas cookies, giggles and snuggles….couldn’t have been more perfect!  So here is my little Holiday Recap:Holiday Recap 2015 from Palmettos and PigtailsWe held our annual Christmas Eve Brunch for our friends again this year, down at the Farmhouse {our community center}, and once again, Santa made room in his schedule to squeeze in one last visit.Holiday Recap 2015 from Palmettos and PigtailsLincoln was pretty tolerant of Santa, but this was the year that Millie was really intrigued by him.  Santa always sits the kids down and tells them the story of Baby Jesus’ birth and how Santa plays a role in Christmas too.  Holiday Recap 2015 from Palmettos and PigtailsHoliday Recap 2015 from Palmettos and PigtailsAnd sure enough, it didn’t take long for Millie to make her way up and stand by Santa’s side for the rest of the story!Holiday Recap 2015 from Palmettos and PigtailsBut the highlight of our party this year was that we were able to get a ton of family here in time.  In addition to my parents and grandma, we also managed to get about half the cousins on my mom’s side of the family in one big picture too!  Hard to believe that this is only half of us!Holiday Recap 2015 from Palmettos and PigtailsChristmas Morning was delightful when the girls realized that they lucked out with two American Girl dolls each!  Santa brought them new ones, and Mommy and Loo Loo also gave them the dolls that we had as kids, including their whole wardrobe!  Holiday Recap 2015 from Palmettos and PigtailsSo we spent the morning unwrapping, and undressing, and redressing, and combing and playing with the American Girls.Holiday Recap 2015 from Palmettos and Pigtails And as for Lincoln, he was more interested in the fruit and cracker tray that was put out for breakfast than toys, but he lucked out with a bunch of new balls and a push mower from Santa!  The kiddos loved spending time with all of their grandparents, and we loved having a full house again!

My parents took the girls for a couple of days so that Dave and I could renovate the playroom {and make some much-needed room for dolls!}….it turned out beautifully, but I still have a few finishing touches to make on it before I can show it to you…that’s on my to-do list for this weekend.

On Tuesday, we swapped out the girls for Lincoln, and my parents whisked him away to FL while the girls, Dave and I made the trip out to the Smokies for New Year’s in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  We’ve visited Gatlinburg several times now, both as a family {before Millie was born!} and with friends {to ride the Polar Express!}…but nothing like this!Holiday Recap 2015 from Palmettos and PigtailsThirteen families from our neighborhood all rented one ginormous house and partied all weekend!  A total of 57 people in one house! We celebrated New Year’s together {at 8pm too for the little ones!}, watched Clemson rock the bowl game together, and spent time snow tubing and shopping together. Holiday Recap 2015 from Palmettos and PigtailsYou can see more highlights from our vacation if you check out {and follow me on} my instagram account.  Needless to say, it’s back to the real world now…the laundry is mountainous, the Christmas decorations are still up and I am still recovering from the late nights on vacation.  So, these have to take priority for the rest of the week while we get back to the grind.  And as for the first part of the year?  It might be a little slow for me here on the blog as I’m once again really going to concentrate on increasing inventory for Flowertown Festival and Etsy.  And since I’m doing some appliqué and embroidery now too, I’ve got my hands full!Holiday Recap 2015 from Palmettos and Pigtails

So hang with me this year, as I get back into routine.  Be sure to subscribe by email so you’ll know when I post, and follow me on Facebook and other social media to see more of my day to day life…it’s way easier to update that than write a whole post!  As for us, we wish you and your family a blessed 2016!!

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Sunday Scripture: Rejoice

Merry Christmas!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!  Celebrating Christmas with my littles this year was wonderful….they are all getting old enough to really know the joy of the season, which makes everything more special.  And although it has been a really tough year, both for my immediate family, and for the world overall, I focus on Christ.  I know that God sent His only Son to the world just for us!
Sunday Scripture: RejoiceSo let’s continue to celebrate our Saviour’s birth, and remember that no matter how “weary” we feel, know that there is always hope…

Have a blessed rest of the year!!

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I made this week’s Sunday Scripture graphic, so if you’d like a copy of it, let me know and I will send it to you!  And, just FYI, I made it in PicMonkey….if you want to know how to make your own, check out this post.  If you’d like to print this and make it into Chalkboard Art, check out this tutorial!

Over that Hill

Success!  I managed to surprise Dave for the big 4-0.  Which is no small feat, considering his birthday is today, the day after Christmas.  It’s hard enough remembering separating his birthday from the other holiday festivities on any given year, but I wanted to make sure we weren’t just celebrating this year….we were blowing it out of the water {or blowing it over the hill??!?!}

Anyway,  I rented out a local boat club {think redneck boat club….} and had a few of our closest friends and family gather there one rainy evening a few weeks ago.  I send Dave golfing with a buddy, recruited some friends to make and heat up BBQ, mac and cheese and baked beans, and picked up a couple of cakes from Costco.  We smooshed into the tiny building right as Dave walked up, thinking he was a little late to our Bible Study’s little Christmas Party, and


Needless to say, I was too busy coordinating and enjoying the party to take any good pics, but here are the cakes!  {You know, the really important stuff….}

But the best part of the night was the look on Dave’s face when he realized that all those people were there to celebrate him!

Happy birthday Dave, we love you!!!

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