Baby Amelia is on her way!

Breaking News!  I got scheduled for an induction this morning, so Dave, Loo Loo and I are at the hospital right now!  Mom Mom and GP arrived last night and with Papaw and Sue Sue, they will entertain Buggy today until we give them a call that Amelia has officially made her debut! I’ll keep you posted this week (literally, with pictures!) and I’ve written a couple of How-To posts and gotten a guest poster to keep you entertained while I am concentrating on baby for a few days!  So, keep in touch, leave me some love and I’ll be back soon!

P.S. In the meantime, here’s how our family spent our last day as a family of three (four, really, with Loo Loo!)! We went to the Lowcountry Children’s Museum!



  1. Papaw & I have already spoken with GP & Mom-Mom & Jayna this am. Love your pics from yesterday and hope the dinner was as good as you hoped. Will see you later today when Amelia arrives. Hugs & kisses to you & Dave. Give Amelia our love when she arrives! Love you!!!


  1. […] membership there last year, so you might remember seeing pictures of our pirate adventures on our last day as a family of three.  We love it there, but had decided to let our membership lapse this year so we could try out a […]

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