Bach to Rock

A couple of weeks ago, our family got to attend the grand opening of the newest music school in the Lowcountry, Bach to Rock.  Although it’s located in the Belle Hall Shopping Center of Mt. Pleasant (which is a bit of a drive for us), we had an absolute blast exploring this musical hub for kids!The building is made up of a series of small rooms, used for individual and small group instrumental lessons.  During the grand opening, the kids loved playing on the keyboards and exploring the computer games that teach them about rhythm and notes.Jayna got a private guitar lesson, and I was really impressed that she learned two chords and how to properly hold the guitar in about 10 minutes.  She was perfectly happy strumming those two chords over, and over, and over again.  And she was so focused and serious while she was playing!Millie and I found a small practice room that some of the employees were jamming in.  It’s just one of the practice spaces they have available for students and small bands to use to rehearse.Across the front of the building (with glass windows for a sidewalk audience), is another full band space (room for keyboard, guitar, full drum set and vocals).  And to the girls’ delight, it’s also a recording studio.  So they took turns on vocals singing Taylor Swift and Moana while an overly patient employee recorded, and then played back, their songs.  They felt (and sounded!) like rock stars!!The maze of small practice rooms leads to a big room where Bach to Rock can allow for small concerts and classes for younger children.  They have a glee club and several toddler and preschool classes, in addition to birthday parties and camps.I loved that how in just an hour or so of being there, Lincoln was right at home behind the drums, Millie came out of her shell on vocals and Jayna became a recording artist! I can’t wait (fingers crossed!) for a closer location to open up so we can take advantage of all that Bach to Rock has to offer.  In the meantime, even if you aren’t local to the Mt. Pleasant, SC location, check out one of their other franchises!

Wanna hear Jayna’s playback of her song? Click the link below to watch the clip!

Jayna’s Recording Debut

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