Ballerinatards and Baby Gear

Buggy’s favorite outfit lately is a leotard, ballet slippers and a tutu.  She calls her ensemble her “ballerinatard.”  As in,

“Mommy, where is my ballerinatard?”
“You mean your leotard?”
“Yea, my ballerinatard.”

And then she dances.  Of course she stops every time I get out the camcorder or camera, so I have no evidence of such dances.  But she DOES dance.  In a style that could only be fashioned after one of her parents (you know what I mean, Loo!).  Lately, its been a cross between the Running Man and the Shake Your Booty dance.  =)   Shhh don’t tell her, but I was able to capture a quick moment of The Dance before she saw me and collapsed on to the chair!

Buggy has also been helping me nest….as best as I can, anyway,  with a  partially packed house.  This week we got the infant carrier and bathtub out of storage to clean up.  I also was sooo fortunate to score a FREE bassinet from my local Mom’s Swap.  Jayna (with the help of LooLooBaby  and Steelers Bear, respectively) made sure each item was in working condition for Amelia.

I was informed that the pegs in the bathtub picture are bubbles!

In other baby news, I am officially 36 weeks along and headed to my first weekly doctor’s appointment.  Wish me luck, it only gets more fun from here! =)


  1. Is that the tutu I gave her? I remember thinking it was gigantic at the time. Glad she loves it! xo

  2. Buggy is the cutest thing ever! For her sake, I hope she gets her dancing talent from her dad 🙂

    • Thanks! Too bad he isn’t even as good as me! I think that may be where the “running Man” came from though……=) Hope y’all are well!


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