{Biggest Loser 2013} Week 2

Good morning!  Thought I would check in with you and let you know how we did last week in our Biggest Loser Competition.  I lost 3.2 lbs and Dave lost .2lbs.  Although we didn’t do any cleanses or special diets this week, we were very careful about what we ate.  Lots of smoothies and Special K cereal (only 100 calories) for breakfast, salads for lunch and unofficial Weight Watcher recipes for dinners.  Although we aren’t doing the Weight Watchers plan, I did it back in college and I know that if you can keep the dinner points to around 5-7, you have a meal of about 500 calories, which isn’t too bad.


Wanna know what my exercise routine is?  I’ll fill you in on my Treadmill Mill Routine, which is the first half of my daily routine.

I learned this routine from my old trainer, and I lost over 40 pounds doing this after having Jayna!  Essentially every three minutes you increase your incline by three.  After you walk for three minutes at incline 15, do one minute of walking backwards, and then one minute of walking to each side.  Then decrease your incline by three every 3 minutes.  Repeat.Occasionally, I will sprint for a minute in the middle of the routine (back at incline 0), or turn the treadmill off and do a minute or two of manual walking (harder than it seems to make the treadmill move without the motor on!!).  Anyway you look at it, you will burn about 630 calories doing this routine.  Stay tuned for my weight training routines!



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