{Biggest Loser} Week 3

Thanks for bearing with my Biggest Loser Monday check-ins…you guys are really helping me stay accountable!  Despite numerous restaurant meals, several Bailey’s and hot chocolates around the campfire, and a less than stellar attendance at the gym, I lost .7 lbs and Dave lost 2.7 lbs this week.

When I actually made it to the gym, I actually had some fun this week!  I got to try out a new weight lifting class, which I surprisingly really enjoyed.  It was all low free weights (hand weights and barbells of less than 10 lbs each), with a TON of reps.  What a great workout!

On Thursday, one of my best friends, Martha, came to visit.  So, I dragged her to the gym with me on Friday morning and we did the whole treadmill routine.  Then we hit the floor to do some chest and arms (and a little bit of legs too!).  Here’s my arm workout:

20 Minute Arm Circuit Workout by Palmettos and Pigtails

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 Plus we added counts to 10 of lunges for each leg (with the 12lb bar on our shoulders) and TWO counts to 10 of calf raises (where you go up onto your toes and back down again…..I believe there were a total of 110 of those!!).  We were sore the whole weekend!

Think Martha will ever come back?

Palmettos and Pigtails

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