{Biggest Loser} Week 5

Happy Monday!  I’m writing from vacation….meaning I don’t have a weight update for you.   Not that I have been bad this week…..I actually started a new shake program called Body by Vi when I arrived.  A couple of friends of ours had tried it with great success, so I decided to give it a go.  Not sure how much I’ve lost since I’ve been up here in MD, but I’m seeing results already….mostly in the way my jeans fit (baggy!!!!).

Is it weird that I’m kind of excited to get home next week and get on the scale?

Sorry I have no photos, but the Body by Vi folks don’t want me using their images….but here’s the deal.  It’s $99 a month, and it’s a three-month challenge.  You swap out breakfast and lunch for their shakes (powder mixed with 8oz of skim milk, and then any fruit you’d like!).  So far, my favorites to mix are strawberry  and banana, and mango.  They also have flavor powders that you can use.  But I like the idea of fresh fruit, rather than powder!  And it tastes like a thick milkshake.

I am notoriously skeptical of any type of meal replacement.  What can I say? I like EATING.  FOOD.  I never thought I’d be able to say that I am genuinely not hungry with these shakes.  I take my time drinking them in the morning, and can last about 4 hours before getting hungry again.  But…..that was about how long I last with food too.  So, totally fine.  And so far, my dinners (which are supposed to be sensible), have been all restaurant meals, since I’m on vacation.  So it will be interesting to see the difference when I get back home and am better about making dinner.

Anyway, Body by Vi did not ask, pay or barter with me to write this post.  In fact, they probably don’t even know I did!  I just wanted to check in this week, and let you know what I’m doing to lose weight.  The Biggest Loser challenge in my neighborhood is heating up though, I dropped from 3rd place to 6th this week!  I better step it up! =)

Palmettos and Pigtails