Sunday Scripture: A Mother’s Mantra

This week has been a bit of a hot mess with the girls.  Not only this week, just….lately.  If they were teenagers, I’d swear they were hormonal.  Lord help us all when they actually get hormonal.  It’s been a blur of tattle-taleing, meltdowns, overreactions, and pouting.

But my new goal has been to be the Mom they need me to be.  To push aside my annoyance, frustration, anger and be a role model for the kind of person I want them to be.  After all, I don’t want them to turn into angry and annoyed adults!  I’m trying to be better about understanding the situation before reacting.  I’m trying to have patience and sympathy for their many, many moods.  I’m trying to put into words {quiet, even-toned words, not yells}, how frustrated I am with them and why.  I’m trying to be more intentional.

And I’m praying.  A lot.  My small group knows that this is my secret weapon to sanity with three kids, including two irrational little girls.  I pray.  Especially in front of them.  During a particularly difficult moment I stop, bow my head and say a prayer.  Sometimes, it’s silent.  And in the middle of a screaming match, a suddenly silent mother can be really powerful for them.  Most of the time they also stop and get quiet.  Either out of respect for my sudden prayer time, or fear of the unknown once I open my eyes….it doesn’t matter.  It gives me a chance to calm down {and ask for some help}, and interrupts the drama enough to diffuse it a bit.

Sometimes, I pray out loud.  Usually in a quiet voice to get the same effect as above.  But I pray with purpose.  Don’t get me wrong, I am really praying for all of these things….but with the added benefit of the girls actually hearing everything!

“Dear God, help me breathe.  Please help me calm down.  Please help me be a good mommy.  Please help me have patience with my girls.  Please help them understand that I love them even though I am frustrated.  Please help them calm down.  Please help them talk to each other with respect.  Please help them follow directions.  Please help them learn how to act appropriately and with maturity to situations.  Amen.”

Something like that.  But.  Even though I use excruciatingly simple words in my prayers, because I also want to convey to the girls what I pray for them, I know God knows my heart.  And He is helping me deal.  With everything…and so we get through it.

Sunday Scripture: A Mother's Mantra

Today’s Sunday Scripture was originally found on Dream Something Up.

Such a simple to do list….but it’s one I’m still working on.

Have a blessed week!

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Sunday Scripture: Identity

With all of the comparisons out there, thanks to the over-sharing tendencies of social media, it’s hard to be content with myself.  I’m always striving to be the perfect mom, have a cleaner house, have pinterest worthy projects happening, cook healthier food, fit into my skinny jeans, read my Bible more, etc.  It’s a constant balancing act!  So today’s Sunday Scripture is to remind me to let it go a little.  To remind me that I was put on this earth for a reason, and God’s got a plan.  To remind me that I am a child of God and am loved no matter what!

Sunday Scripture: Identity


Have a blessed week!
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Sunday Scripture: Faults

Today my church finished up our October series, “I Want a New Marriage.”  Ironically, the series gave some fantastic tips on creating a “new marriage” within the one that you already have.  And I got to thinking about some of my favorite scriptures about the faults of husbands and wives…most people think Corinthians when talking about marriage, but I love Ephesians too!

Sunday Scripture: Faults

                                                      Thanks to Air1 for providing today’s Sunday Scripture photo.

And I’m the first to admit that some days, it’s extremely easy to see those faults…and on other days I’m acutely aware of my own.  And realize I’m blessed to have a Godly husband who is patient, kind and forgiving toward me!  True love!

Have a blessed week!
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Sunday Scripture: Big Picture

I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared with you that I am heavily involved in the children’s ministry at my church.  I do the logistics.  You know, scheduling, curriculum, meetings, getting materials ready for Sundays.  I put in my time back in the classroom and I pray for every one of our Sunday School teachers {because Lord, help them.  Literally!}, because I just don’t have that teaching gene in me anymore!

Anyway, I am in the midst of curriculum planning for November and our scripture for the month {and today’s Sunday Scripture} is:

“But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever,
the purposes of his
heart through all generations.”

Psalms 33:11 NIV

I love this verse…it’s a great reminder that what we know is only a tiny piece of the big picture-the plan God has for the world for generations to come.  And the verse before it is great too…”He frustrates the plans of the people.”….so, LET IT GO!  As much as we try to control everything in our lives, we have to remember that our perspective is minuscule, but still integral to God’s master plan.

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So, sidebar:  There is this thing called scripture doodle.  The artist that started it, April Knight, has a blog and teaches classes and is just wonderful in general…she creates “doodles” around her favorite scripture verses.  So, this has turned into a “thing.”  I follow #scripturedoodle on instagram, and all sorts of people post their own doodles too…and they are just beautiful!  Here’s another example of someone else on instagram {@rebeccamilby} tagging their own art with the hashtag…

Scripture Doodle

Our wonderful pastor Jenn gave Jayna a little prayer journal this week and Jayna has yet to emerge from it…it goes to school with her {along with her Bible} and she has created some of the sweetest scripture doodles.  Here is the one she is currently working on…with our November AR Kids verse.  She explained to me that the scroll {which she insisted that I “Google” image for her so she would have an image to copy from} represents God’s plans that he has already written out for the world, and it’s standing on top of a mountain, representing the firmness of God’s plan.  And she is still working on it…she says the lettering is next! Not bad for a 6 year old, huh?


So remember to keep things in perspective this week…and have a blessed week!

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Sunday Scripture: Help

Now that the waters are starting to recede, the damage to our state is heartbreaking.  Reading the stories of friends and acquaintances on Facebook, and hearing those on the news makes me feel so, so blessed.  And helpless.  There is so much to be done and so many people hurting.

Sunday Scripture: Help...after the Flood

Thanks to Feels Like Home for the Sunday Scripture today.

This week I was just so proud of the helpers out there.  The first responders and the medical and emergency heroes.  The guys in Dave’s F3 workout group, who have set up bases throughout the state and have been on call for ripping out baseboards, delivering water, and packing up soggy memories for families.  And even the teachers in our community, who spent their week “off” delivering pizzas and playing kickball with kids in flooded neighborhoods and in the shelters.  But there is just so much more to be done.  Give.  Help.  Pray.

Palmettos and Pigtails SignatureHave a blessed week!

Waiting for the Dove

It’s been a tough week here in South Carolina, in my town, in my house.  Although we are so, so blessed to be safe and dry, I can’t say the same for many of our friends and neighbors in our town and the surrounding areas after the storms and flooding.  Here’s footage of a neighborhood less than two miles away from mine, where several of our friends live.

And it continues even now as the water levels are rising, roads are crumbling and dams are breaking.

But, we finally had a beautiful, sunny day…about 65 degrees today.  My kiddos got outside to ride their bikes. We drove into town for lunch with friends.  We sat with neighbors on a back porch and laughed.

And yet I still found myself complaining about yet another day off school tomorrow.  Another day cooped up at home with three stir-crazy kids.  Another argument over toys.

Clearly, I need to take a deep breath. Count my blessings.  Thank God for the sun; for the roads that are still safe in my town: for our dry house and dry toys and dry clothes;  for my family safe and sound; for the neighbors that kept watch for each other as the storms brewed.  And I need to spend less time complaining and more time praying for all of the thousands of people who have lost everything.

So take a moment with me to thank God for our blessings, ask Him to watch over the heroes out there who are helping, and to send prayers to all those affected by Joaquin.  Amen.

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Sunday Scripture: Flood

As I sit here and type this {Saturday night}  there is torrential downpour outside of my window.  I have  been scrolling through pictures, both satirical and scary, of the flooding in Downtown Charleston and all around me.  The internet flickers, the power is finicky and I’m pretty sure my lawn furniture has floated away.

Sunday Scripture: Flood

And I thank God for my secure house and roof, the good drainage system in my neighborhood, and my friends and neighbors who have stayed in contact to make sure we are all right.  God is Good!

Have a blessed {and dry} week!!

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Sunday Scripture: Peace

This weekend comes with mixed emotions.  Lincoln and I went up to New Jersey to lay my grandpa {Popop} to rest.  Although we miss him terribly and there seems to be a hole in our family now, how can we not use this weekend to celebrate and remember his life?  And the joy he now has living amongst the saints?!

Today's Sunday Scripture is in honor of my Popop, who we laid to rest this weekend.

{Thanks to For My Sweet Boy, Jonah for this week’s Sunday Scripture image.  While searching for the image, I had a chance to read several of the posts on her blog, about losing her son…it’s a beautiful, honest story as she goes through her loss day by day.}

Have a blessed week!
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Sunday Scripture: Represent

One of the many things we try to impress on our kids is how they present themselves to the world.  We are constantly reminding them that they are a representation of our family and our faith.  Their words and actions form people’s opinions.  So I encourage them to act responsibly and kindly at all times.  It’s never too early for them to understand that they need to use caution in their words, their actions, and even the way they look.  We want them to be good role models from day one.

set an example

Today’s Sunday Scripture are great words to live by in general, but especially important for our kids!
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Sunday Scripture: Wander

In the spirit of our impending family adventures, I chose this Sunday Scripture from Tumblr to remind   me to keep my self grounded and humble.  To appreciate where I am in life {figuratively and physically} and to remember that He has made it all possible!

Sunday Scripture: Wander {Bible Verse for travel}

Have a blessed week!

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