Sunday Scripture: Fearless

Today’s Sunday Scripture is in honor of my Small Group Sisters.  My village, my confidants, my rock.  We started a new Bible Study this week called Restless by Jennie Allen.  And the discussion we had revolved around the fear we have in our lives regarding hopes and dreams.

So, regarding the woman that we all strive to be….this one’s for you, girls!

Sunday Scripture: Fearless

The source for this Sunday Scripture image is from Shastabell.

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Sunday Scripture: Knowledge

As we head back to school this week, please know that I am praying for all of our little ones, the teachers, and the parents!  Have a wonderful start to the school year!

Sunday Scripture: Knowledge

 Today’s Sunday Scripture was found on Religion Quotes.

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Sunday Scripture: Remembrance

Today’s Sunday Scripture is a little different.  I try to keep it simple on Sundays with a passage that has been relevant in my life over the week.  This has been a rough week, and because of that, there have been many passages that have gotten me through.  You see, my beloved Popop passed away this week.


I was blessed to have a fantastic and close relationship with Popop…from weekends at the beach house growing up, to the annual reading of the “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” before bedtime on Christmas Eve, to learning how to fish and boogie board with him.

He and my Nana were married for over 65 years.  And I vividly remember watching them do dishes together one evening when I was about 17 or so…watching them complete the chore with effortless routine…teasing each other the entire time.  And I remember thinking that I hoped I married someone who would be silly with me after so many years too…I was flabbergasted that even after 50 years they would seem so happy and in love!

Popop’s favorite thing {when he wasn’t golfing…} was to be surrounded by his kids and grandkids and great-grandkids.  So.  That’s what we did!  Every weekend growing up, we’d make the 3ish hour trek to the New Jersey shore for some quality R & R with Nana and Popop….even if it meant bringing 12 or so of our closest friends with us!!  We ate them out of house and home, I’m sure, but they are some of my favorite memories!

We are so, so blessed to have had this wonderful man in our lives for so long!  And to be able to spend such good times together right up until the end.

It’s hard to imagine Popop not here with us anymore, but I found this poem online and it brought me so much comfort.

We’ll miss you Popop!

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Sunday Scripture: Not my Will

Because sometimes my plans just aren’t supposed to work out.  Have faith…
Sunday Scripture: Not my will, but Yours

Today’s Sunday Scripture photo is courtesy of Table for One Ministries…a site for Christian singles of all sorts!

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Sunday Scripture: Beauty

After spending the week with 6 of my favorite girls, today’s Sunday Scripture is in honor of them.  A Bible verse that hopefully will resound in both of our girlie houses as they grow!

Thanks to the Educated Owl over on Etsy for today’s Sunday Scripture print.

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Sunday Scripture: Retreat

I am on retreat this week.  I’m holed up in a little cabin in the woods, resting and rejuvenating with my Bible, my best friend and our 6 kiddos {and lots of wine!}.  Not sure how much resting will actually take place, but I’m excited to take a break from the world for a week!

Sunday Scripture: Retreat

Thanks to Adelle Gabrielson and Pinterest for the image of this week’s Sunday Scripture!

Have a blessed week!

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Sunday Scripture: Overwhelmed

After a tough week of highly emotional and defiant little girls…I desperately needed this Sunday Scripture. Here’s to a better week next week!  Thanks to Fizz Finds for this adorable scripture rock found on Etsy.

Sunday Scripture courtesy of Fizz Finds

Have a blessed week!
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Sunday Scripture: Freedom

Have a blessed weekend!

Sunday Scripture: Freedom

Thanks to Proverbs 31 Ministries for this week’s Sunday scripture!

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National Compliment Week

I read on Facebook that last week was “National Compliment Week.”  Who creates these holidays, anyway?  Someone fishing for a compliment, obviously.  But it got me thinking about all of the powerful and influential women in my life.  And so I want to tell you about my friend, fellow mom, and pastor, Jenn.

I met Jenn when I first moved to South Carolina, and she was the intern at the church I started attending.  Although we weren’t friends for another year or so, I was immediately in awe of her.  I mean, here was this woman {the same age as me} who not only was strong enough to know her calling, but confident enough to go out and plant a new church that catered to the outer suburbs and rural areas of our town.  Starting from scratch!  I’m just so proud of who she is, and what she has done…even in just the 10 years I’ve known her.


And personally, she is a great friend.  She married Dave and me and  baptized our kids.  Our eldest children were born a week apart, so we had the pleasure of going through that first pregnancy journey together.  And now our kiddos are great friends, and learning about Christ each week at Sunday School together.

Jenn and I are also in the same Bible Study Small Group.  And where normally I’d be completely intimidated by having the pastor in my small group, Jenn has become such an integral part of our little circle….not only as a leader, but as a fellow mom.  Our group’s confessions, prayer requests and laughter bring us all closer together…assuring each of us that we are not alone in our trials, and confirming that we are awesome moms, wives and friends.

Getting to know Jenn over the years on a personal level has been integral in my walk of faith.  I know her as a person, I respect her as a pastor.  And over the years, it’s been nice sharing life challenges with each other.  It’s gotten her off of that pastor pedestal and showed me that even she is human.  Just like me, Jenn has her own journey, and despite any challenges she faces, her absolute faith is what has encouraged me to open my heart more and more to Jesus.

So, just a little shout out to Jenn….thanks for being awesome!

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9 Easy Ways to Save Money Right Now

It’s that time of year again when those once-a-year bills come in {like HOA dues and the like}, Holiday shopping begins, and extra expenses {big family meals, stamps for Christmas cards, etc.} pile up.  Everyone is looking for ways to save money.  Personally, Dave and I are in the final week of our Fall session of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.  We teach the class twice a year, and this year we have begun to issue a challenge to our class each week…a small way to save a few bucks.  In addition, my Small Group has been doing Jen Hatmaker’s Bible Study, Seven: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess.  This week’s focus is on spending.  With all of this going on, I thought today would be the perfect time to share some of our ideas on how to save a bit of money.

Obviously, there are bigger and better ways to get more money this holiday season.  Whether it’s working extra hours, getting a side job, or selling the kids on Craig’s List…there are some drastic measures that are sure to work.  But what about the little stuff?  As they say, those pennies add up!

Here’s my list of 9 easy ways to save money right now:

9 Easy Ways to Save Money Today from Palmettos and Pigtails

-Don’t go grocery shopping this week…see how creative you can get with the items in your pantry and fridge.  And while you are in there, clean it up and organize it a little!  And while you are cleaning out your freezer, take an inventory of the food that’s in there with my handy Freezer Inventory List!

-Put a full water bottle in the back of all of your toilet tanks to displace the water in the tank, use less water, and save on your water bill.

-Save any $1 bills with significant letters on them {We save J’s, A’s and L’s in honor of our kids’ names}.

A great tradition and a way to save money: collect dollar bills with the letters of your kids' names on them

-Unplug electronics and appliances when not in use.  Big culprits in our house are laptops, the coffeepot and cell phone chargers.

-When paying for items, don’t use exact change….round up to the nearest dollar.  Save the change you get back, and each night empty your change into a jar…those coins add up quickly!

-Only drink water…no buying drinks or coffees at the store or restaurants.  You’ll save between $2-$5 for EACH DRINK!  {so put aside those $$$ you would have spent on the drink…and watch it add up fast!}

-Pay CASH instead of using a card….it’s a lot more painful to see those precious dollar bills disappear, than using that “magical” card.

-Establish a Swear Jar or a Manners Jar….each infraction costs a dollar out of one’s personal blow money.

-Get organized with your meals.  Use a weekly meal planner and Southern Savers to plan out meals and create a grocery list based on  your grocery store’s weekly specials.  Only buy what is on your grocery list.  My family of five usually spends about $80 a week on groceries.  That’s it!

Hope this simple list helps save you some cash TODAY!  Need a couple more ideas?  Check out this list of stuff you can sign up to do to get paid.

Got any others?  Leave a comment with how YOU save money during the holidays!

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