{Baby Files} Vintage Baby Boy Nursery Reveal

Well, the long awaited, much anticipated, nursery reveal is here!  The nursery is finally finished, and I couldn’t be happier with it.  It’s one of the few rooms in our house that is actually painted and the molding and wainscoting done.

You may remember my vintage baby boy nursery idea board?  I wanted kind of a vintage feel in the nursery, with colors revolving around an antique quilt that I have.

Vintage Baby Boy Nursery Reveal - Palmettos and Pigtails

We started out by clearing out Jayna’s stuff from the room {the girls share a room now, and LOVE it!}, and Dave painted a light griege on the walls and added the board and batten all the way around the room.

Vintage Baby Boy Nursery Reveal - Palmettos and Pigtails

I especially love how he handled the multiple outlets and switches that happened to land on some of the boards.  We found this awesome tutorial on Sawdust Girl on how to build around the outlets.

Vintage Baby Boy Nursery Reveal - Palmettos and Pigtails

Dave and I ended up using the quilt as the bedskirt on the crib.  That way it pulled all of the colors together, was a central focus in the room, but was still protected from wear and tear.

Vintage Baby Boy Nursery Reveal - Palmettos and Pigtails

We went for a navy, breathable bumper and the sheets are Sadie & Scout.  We kind of stumbled upon the sheets on an aisle endcap at Babies R Us, and fell in love with the hand-sketched map.  The adorable and oh-so-soft taggie blankie was a baby shower gift from my good friend Emily, from Southern Paisley.

Vintage Baby Boy Nursery Reveal - Palmettos and Pigtails

We have the crib centered in the room, between the two windows, on which we got custom navy black-out shades from blinds{dot}com.

Vintage Baby Boy Nursery Reveal - Palmettos and Pigtails

To the left of the crib, as soon as you walk in the room, is the changing table.  We found an antique Coke crate to serve as a supply holder {we sanded down the insides, and lined it with cardboard to prevent splinters!}.  The changing pad cover is also a Sadie & Scout.

Vintage Baby Boy Nursery Reveal - Palmettos and Pigtails

We took the front off of the dresser top to accommodate the Coke crate, so the liner you see is plain old rubber matting to help the changing pad stay in place.

Vintage Baby Boy Nursery Reveal - Palmettos and Pigtails

Dave built the shelf out of pallet wood.  We distressed it to match the rustic feel of the room, and painted it the same color red as in the quilt.  We keep Lincoln’s burp cloths, a few books and an antique toy tractor that we found, on the shelves.

Vintage Baby Boy Nursery Reveal - Palmettos and Pigtails

On the other side of the room, to the right of the crib, is my nursing corner.  A pale yellow gingham chair coupled with a nightstand.  You may recognize the sock monkey and Raggedy Andy doll from my diaper cake at my baby shower.  The lamp base is from Babies R Us, and the burlap shade is from World Market.

Vintage Baby Boy Nursery Reveal - Palmettos and Pigtails

We found a clock that fits perfectly on the little shelf, so the glow is a perfect nightlight…and it has a built-in sound machine too! We keep a crate full of baby toys in the bottom of the nightstand.

Vintage Baby Boy Nursery Reveal - Palmettos and Pigtails

On the other side of the chair is a huge armoire that we use for clothes, books, toys and spare diapers.  And although it’s the largest item in the room, I still forgot to take a picture of it!!

We are absolutely thrilled at how the nursery turned out.   It’s just the perfect amount of baby boy, yet he’ll be able to grow up in there without us having to switch out decor every couple of years.

And clearly, Lincoln feels very comfortable there too!

Vintage Baby Boy Nursery Reveal - Palmettos and Pigtails

Palmettos and Pigtails Signature

{Preggo Files} Vintage Baby Nursery Idea Board

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that we have been {slowly} working hard on Baby Lincoln’s nursery.  It’s like having our first child, since this one is a boy!  Poor middle child Amelia got all of Jayna’s nursery hand-me-downs, and because we moved the same month she was born, she never got a nice, fully decorated nursery!  But not this baby….

Baby Boy Vintage Baby Nursery Idea Board - Palmettos and Pigtails

So I put a little idea board together of some of the concepts I had in mind.  I’m not a real “baby” nursery person….I’d rather the decor and colors be able to grow with the kid.  And what’s more timeless AND trendy than a vintage baby nursery theme?

The bottom right hand picture is an actual photo of Baby’s new room {thanks to Dave’s handy painting and wainscoting job}….don’t you just LOVE our new window and door frames too?  Eventually the whole house will have them!

The top left photo is one I took of an antique quilt that got handed down to my when my parents sold their house.  Although it’s about 100 years old and falling apart, I really wanted it to be the inspiration for the room.  It wouldn’t withstand actually being used as a blanket, or even the wear-and-tear of just being draped over the back of the rocking chair.  So we decided to carefully fold it and use it as the crib bed skirt!

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ve seen me pinning all of the other images onto my Nursery board.  I first saw the  BabyLit series on zulily.com…and instantly ordered a set for the girls.  They still love them, and I plan on getting some of the more “boyish” titles for Baby {Jungle Book, Moby Dick, Dracula, etc.}.

We’d love to have a rustic shelf {like this one from On to Baby} above the changing table to keep some of his books and maybe an antique car or two {like these from Martin Klasch}.  On the side of the changing table, I’m thinking a coke crate, wood toolbox or old drawer {like this one from Project Nursery}.

Inside the changing table, which is kind of annoying because it has doors and shelves instead of drawers, we are going to need some baskets or bins that I can keep clothing in, but easily pull out.  I loved these Etsy tags on these baskets.  The shop that made them is no longer there, but I’m thinking they would be simple to make.

Over the crib, I’m envisioning big block letters of Baby’s name, or monogram.  Something like the BROOKS name from Shanty-2-Chic.

And finally, we have a small wall {to the right of the closet in the picture above} that will need something too.  My rocking chair and ottoman will be coming out from that corner as well, so I just want something simple.  And then I saw that clock on HGTV’s Rate my Room.  She used it above her chair too, and I think it’s just beautiful!

So those are some of my thoughts and inspirations for the room….we’ve already come a loooooooong way in the room, and I cannot wait to show it to you!  But….it has to be done first!  So hold your horses, it’s coming soon!

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Vegetable Garden

We’ve been hard at work lately building 1) a fence for Maggie and 2) an adjoining vegetable garden!  I wanted the garden to be accessible from the driveway {because I HATE walking in wet grass!}, and to house all of our favorite veggies.  There is nothing better than eating veggies that you grew!!

So, welcome!  Let me show you around!DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comBecause I often walk outside with no shoes….I needed a pair of cheap flip flops to keep just inside the gate, to protect my piggies from our pretty {but painful} stones!DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comWe put fabric under the entirety of our garden space {under the stones}, but you can see above that there are still weeds that poke through occasionally.  Also, we’ve had some heavy rain, and with our slightly sloped yard/garden, we’re having to constantly rake the stones back in place!DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comDIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comThe above view is from the alley behind our house.  The below view is of Maggie’s run, taken from inside of the garden.DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comThe fence we have is called a “Living Fence” and Dave stained it himself with his new sprayer.  Our HOA requires us to grow a jasmine plant in each section of the fence {we used “Confederate Jasmine,” which will bloom white}.  And with 20-some fence sections….those $20 plants could have been the most expensive part of our yard!  But…..did you know that Lowe’s has a clearance section in the back of their Gardening Section?  We ended up getting those puppies for $6 each!

DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comOur two little strawberry plants give us about 4 strawberries a day between the two of them.  We got them from our favorite local U-Pick strawberry farm!DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comDIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comDave was able to hook us a spicket in the garden, so all three of us girls can help with watering!

DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comThis is our love fern {10 points if you guess the movie!}…actually, our lemon tree.  It came with us from our old house, where we believe we stunted its’ growth by keeping it in a planter too long.  But it’s still kicking {even if it is small and special!}, and it gave us 2 yummy lemons last summer.  No flowers as of yet this year, but lots of new leaf growth, so I have high hopes!DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comHere is a picture of our middle planter {which Dave also made and stained} from 2 weeks ago.  Clear sections for the three plants, right?DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comNot anymore!  The squash has taken over!  It was our first time growing squash, and we had no idea how big it would get!  We’ve gotten two squashes so far, and there are MANY more baby squashes growing!  Our poor Citronella and onions aren’t getting any sun now!

Example B: Tomatoes

DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comAgain, a two week difference!  The tomatoes were about half of the fence height two weeks ago, and now they tower over the fence.  We have two cherry tomato plants in our left planter {pictured above with the bell peppers}, and a Jersey tomato and Beefstake tomato along with a jalapeno and more red onions in our right planter. {The squash is in the middle planter}.DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comAnd last, but not least {as it’s probably my favorite!}, is our corner herb garden.  We’ve got Lavender up top, Rosemary and Mint in the middle, and Basil, Cilantro, Basil and Oregano on the bottom.  Goodness we did not need two Basil plants….I can’t keep up with it!  I’ve officially opened our herb garden up to the public just to help prune!  Anyone for a pesto recipe soon?!?!DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comObviously, we are having a blast with our garden this year…and can’t wait to see how the season progresses!  What are you growing in your garden?

Palmettos and Pigtails

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{From the Workshop} The Craft Table

Can I just brag on my man for a minute?  He is so incredibly talented, I can’t believe I haven’t shared many of his masterpieces with you! 
And as for the title of this post (which may turn into a series, as I have much more to show you!), we don’t actually have a workshop. We have a garage…which has never seen a car inside.  It houses a couple of bikes, some toilet paper bought in bulk, and wood. 
Lots and lots of wood.  Two by fours, scrap wood, pallets and completed projects clutter up our garage.  Not to mention the fine layer of sawdust covering everything.
Once or twice I may have grumbled {under my breath} about the mess.  But then, I’ll see something on Pinterest that I just HAVE to have.  And that’s when Super Dave comes in and saves the day.  And a few weekends later, the garage door opens and through the haze of sawdust…..I see the completed project.  And then I forget about the mess, clutter and dust, and am just. so. proud.
So this project was one of Ana White’s plans.  Have you heard of her?  No? Run and check out her website of amazing furniture plans….lots of knock off decor and easy DIY stuff.  Go on…I’ll wait! 
I had been looking for the ‘perfect’ craft table…with lots of open storage, a couple of drawers, large work surface and a bar-like overhang.  But other than that, I wasn’t picky!  So when I found these plans-it was love at first sight! 
Dave actually finished my craft table awhile ago {you will get to see it in a few weeks, when I do my craft room reveal!}, and made a second one for Loo Loo to serve as her kitchen table.  So this one is actually hers….identical to mine, only hers is antiqued white, and mine is antiqued blueish-greenish.
 We got the drawer hardware from Lowe’s!  Don’t they look great?
And I just love how the stains allow you to see every beautiful imperfection in the wood.
 Well done Dave, well done.

{Fall} Console Table Display

Have I mentioned before that I get the crafty-itch every Fall?  I don’t know what it is….something about the cooler weather that just makes me want to nest a bit….

So far this year, I’ve been able to ignore the itch, being busy making Halloween costumes and getting ready for my first craft show.  And along comes Target’s Dollar Spot.  I cruised by it the other day, glancing past the Halloween sprinkles, loofas and felt candy buckets….. and spotted some REAL finds!  So I purchased three wire baskets (for my craft room…), a sweet little straw pumpkin, and a small grapevine wreath.  Score!

Combining them with my wire candle holders from TJ Maxx, and leaning them up against my antique window frame with photos of our relatives made the perfect little fall display.  And then Jayna asked me {for the 324th time} how many days left until Halloween.

I found this gem also at Target…had been eyeing it for months in the kitchen section.  But, thanks to my House Manager Meal Planner, we didn’t really need a menu board, so I couldn’t justify the price.  Until now.  As soon as I saw it on CLEARANCE, I knew exactly what I could use it for!

So, 31 fall colored paint chips, a pack of hard-to-find chalk markers  (from Amazon), and $15 at Target later….a beautiful Fall entrance to our home!

And….itch scratched.

What have you done to decorate for Fall?  Leave me a comment with your blog address or link to a photo, and I’ll feature some of my favorites next week!

House Manager: Meal Planner

Jayna’s new catch phrase is “Speaking of _______….” and she will insert something random, that no one was talking about.  So.

Speaking of planning out meals, here’s something I whipped up to {hopefully} help!

House Manager: Meal Planner Template from Palmettos and Pigtails

This little gem will be part of our House Manager, but I love how functional {and pretty!} it is, so I plan on using it more on my fridge than in my house binder!  Do you need an example?

House Manager: Meal Planner Example from Palmettos and Pigtails

Now, we subscribe to Emeals  {and LOVE it}, which means we get 7 meal plans based on Publix’s sales emailed to us each week.  So I just input those meals into this template and viola!  I have my meal list AND my grocery list in one place!  I love that it has a shopping list for staples {which I add to as soon as something gets a little low so I can start looking for coupons}, and then a regular grocery list too.

Notice above too, that my days of the week don’t match up.  That’s because I knew we had choir on Wednesday {and would be eating at church} and that we would be going out on Saturday as well.  So, I just skipped those days and extended my meal plans into next week!

Here’s a blank copy.  You can click on any of these pictures to get to my document to print.  Please feel free to PIN and SHARE on Facebook!

House Manager: Weekly Meal Planner Template from Palmettos and Pigtails

Here’s my little disclaimer:

Because I’m making these for my own personal use, I’m gonna give you access to the files, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to edit them.  But feel free to print them out and use them for your own personal use!  I got all the little buttons as free downloads from the digital scrapbooking site, Shabby Princess.  And I got the fonts (Pea Johanna) from Kevin & Amanda…also free.  So technically, you can make your own version of these as well!  And if you decide to pin them, please link them back here!! Thanks!

What section should I work on next?  Do I need to add anything?

House Manager:

Family Information
Cleaning and Organization
Food and Meals
Emergency Resources
Car Maintenance
Projects and Blogs
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Easy Roman Curtains

Hey there!  Remember last week, when I showed you Maggie’s new bed…and said I was working on something else?

Well, I’m finally ready to show you!  I made some functioning Roman Blinds for our kitchen windows!

We had the cheap little paper ones up (just like everywhere else in our house!), but it wasn’t cutting it in the mornings when the sun came right through.  So, I wanted something prettier and a little thicker.  After scouring the internet and finding a bunch that I liked the looks of (but later found out they weren’t functional), I just decided to make it up as I went along!! So I used more of the fabric that I had Maggie’s bed made out of, and also bought some curtain liner.

*Side Note: So, instead of using a yard stick or tape to measure along the whole {long} piece of fabric…I found that it was easier just to tape off my width on the table (see it? on the right of the fabric above?) and then trace the edge of the table.

So above is the fabric hanging over the edge of the table.  I lined up the opposite side of the fabric with my tape marks, and then traced the edge of the table to create my cutting line.  It was sorta sloppy, but straight…so it worked just as well!

I did the same for my colored pieces of fabric.  Then, after cutting the fabrics to size (I made them an inch wider and eight inches longer than my actual window), I put the right sides together and stitched around the edges, with a 1/2″ seam, and leaving a  small opening on one end (so I could turn the fabric right-side-out).

Then I clipped the seams, going diagonal at the corners and pulled the fabric right-side-out.

 Then I stitched all the way around so that the opening would be closed, and the curtains would have a more finished look.

At the top of the curtains, I folded the fabric over 4 inches.

Then, I folded it over again and pinned it. You should have just used your extra 8 inches of fabric.  Then, make a stitch 1/2 ” from the top of the fabric, taking care to stitch both layers of the folds.

Then, make a second stitch about 3 1/4″ from the top seam, and that is 3 1/4″ from the  bottom of the fold.  This gives you two different location choices for your curtain rod.  I used the top “tube.”  Here is a side view of the two seams.

Depending on how much fabric you want at the top of your rod, will determine which “tube” you’ll slide your curtain rod into.

For the folds of the shade, I measured down 17 1/2″ from the seam under the curtain rod and marked with a fabric pen.  I sewed one half of the latch under the fold, and the other half on my mark.  I had latches on the outer seams and one in the middle.  I followed the pattern below to sew all the latched in.

Here are the fasteners I used.  They are the largest I could find, I and used 9 per curtain (they come in packs of three).

When I hung the shades, I had to fluff them a little and create the folds…I contemplated putting dowel rods in each fold to make them straighter, but I didn’t want to have to mess with them if I let down the shades.  And because I don’t plan on putting the shades up and down regularly, I think they will be ok.


The next project will be a version of these gorgeous shelves above the windows to create a more completed look, and give us a little more storage!

Thanks Martha Stewart!

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House Manager: Freezer Inventory Template

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I told you about my plans for our family organizational system?  Here’s the next installment of our House Manager.  It’s an inventory for our freezer, and it will go under my Food and Meals Section.  We have a relatively small freezer, and I find myself always shoving bags of veggies and such into whatever crevices I can find….which often leads to me forgetting exactly what I have available in the freezer.  Hopefully, by keeping this list handy and editing as needed, I’ll be able to quickly reference exactly what frozen items I have.

My House Manager will consist of the following sections:

Family Information
Cleaning and Organization
Food and Meals
Emergency Resources
Car Maintenance
Projects and Blogs

Here’s my little disclaimer:

Because I’m making these for my own personal use, I’m gonna give you access to the files, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to edit them.  But feel free to print them out and use them for your own personal use!  I got all the little buttons as free downloads from the digital scrapbooking site, Shabby Princess.  And I got the fonts (Pea Johanna) from Kevin & Amanda…also free.  So technically, you can make your own version of these as well!

Without further ado….The Freezer Inventory Template!


Maggie’s New Bed

Have you met Maggie?

She is our five year old lab mix and third child.  No, really!  She is very similiar to our other two…

She requires lots of physical attention, and whines when she doesn’t get it.

She is hungry and thirsty all the time and often finds and eats Cheerios off the floor.

She has to go to the bathroom every ten minutes.

She is very affectionate with her stuffed animals and toys.

She loves to play!

Maggie drives us crazy sometimes with her paranoid whining and pacing the house, but she is a great dog…and is so gentle around the girls.

But….she can get pretty stinky.  And her old bed was spot-wash only.

Needless to say, it was time for a new bed!  And it just so happened that we FINALLY decided on fabric for our couch cushions and curtains for the living room and kitchen.  So when I decided to get Maggie’s bed custom made by Pawsitive Style, I decided it should coordinate with our living room.

And it turned out beautifully!

And Maggie loves it too!

And now you have a sneak peek of something else I’ve been working on!

How to have an American Thanksgiving

Martha came to visit from Canada to celebrate her very first American Thanksgiving.  It’s one of our favorite holidays around here, and it was especially exciting that it was the first one in the new house!  This year, Martha and Loo Loo were around, in addition to Mom Mom, GP, Sue Sue and Papaw.  We missed Uncle Chris, who ended up staying home sick =(.  But still enough people for two turkeys!

On the menu this year:


Rosemary Pecans
Pumpkin Spice Dip with Cinnamon Graham Crackers and Chocolate Teddy Grahams
Spinach and Artichoke Dip with Pita Chips
Hummus and Red, Orange and Yellow Bell Peppers
Sundried Tomato, Pesto and Cheese Torte with Club Crackers
Buffalo Chicken Dip with Tostidos


Two Fried Turkeys
Homemade Macaroni and Cheese
Green Bean Casserole
Sweet Potato Casserole (with pecans, not marshmallows on top)
Broccoli and Onion Deal
Collard Greens and Pace
Pecan Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream
Cake Pops
Lots of Wine!

The boys go up to the Man Cave to watch football, while the ladies set out munchies, watch the Macy’s Day Parade, and start cooking the side dishes.

The guys relax and have a cold one while the oil gets hot….

Make sure the children are being entertained while everything is cooking…

Turkeys are done!

Dinner is served!

We decided to go mini golfing the day after Thanksgiving to work off some of the sweet potato casserole!!

That night, we blasted some Christmas music and put up the decorations.  We haven’t done the outside yet, but the tree and some of the little holiday knick knacks are up!

And the Holidays Begin!