DIY Butterfly Costume {and some sneak peeks!}

We don’t believe in store-bought Halloween costumes around here.  I don’t have anything against them or the people who buy them, but we make our own.  My general rule is that the kids can’t be “whatever everybody else is going to be.”  For example, Elsa.   For three years in a row now, my girls have “wanted” to be Elsa.  I put that in quotes because they only actually voiced that opinion the first year, just for it to be shot down immediately.  Now they know not to even ask! I know, I know, Mean Mommy.

My reasoning is simple.  They have Elsa {and just about every other princess} dress up clothes.  And since I made Jayna her very own Elsa dress, they can even BOTH be Elsa at the same time!  Which means they pretend to be a mainstream princess about 300 days out of the year.  So on Halloween, we are just about anything but princesses.  I’m trying to raise creative, non conformist kids, I suppose!  Which also means they have already been introduced to Pinterest…which is where we found the inspiration for this year and last year’s Halloween costumes.  I’ll post complete pictures of their ensembles next week, but for now, here’s my tutorial on how to make your very own DIY Butterfly Costume out of felt and ribbon, for about $5.

DIY Butterfly Costume and Maleficent HornsYou’ll need:

2 yards of black felt
1 1/2yards of black ribbon
1/2  yard each of all of the colored felt you’ll use
piece of white chalk, glue gun, and scissors
optional sewing machine/black thread

DIY Butterfly Costume and Maleficent Horns

Fold your 2 yards of felt in half and have your kid lay partially on the folded edge.  Freehand sketch with the chalk the shape of your butterfly wing.  I also kind of traced around her body to the top of her thighs so I would know where the butterfly’s body would be.  It ended up being kind of an oval shape.

Then I cut out the fabric, still folded, so the wings would be identical.  I cut an extra “oval” out of the leftover black fabric for the butterfly body.  You can see it below.

DIY Butterfly Costume and Maleficent Horns

Then I cut out tear drop shapes from the colored felt, folding it in half before cutting each time so there end up being two identical pieces.  I arranged all of the pieces on the felt before hot glueing them down.

DIY Butterfly Costume and Maleficent Horns

 I glued all of the colored pieces on, and then flipped the wings over and had Jayna lay in the middle again.  I marked off where I needed the straps to fall on the top of her shoulders and down by her waist.  DIY Butterfly Costume and Maleficent Horns

Then I used black thread to sew on the ribbon straps, leaving the ends of the ribbon long enough to tie around her waist when she has the straps on.  This helps the wings stay flat against her back.

DIY Butterfly Costume and Maleficent Horns

I also marked where her hands fall on the wings and sewed on little loops for her to hold onto.

DIY Butterfly Costume and Maleficent Horns

The whole project took about an hour muddling through, and cost about $5 or so in felt {after coupons!}  I can’t wait to show you more completed pictures!

Millie chose to be Maleficent this year, and her costume also turned out awesome.  I made her a black and purple tutu dress, and a horned headband using some floral wire, crepe paper and electrical tape.

DIY Butterfly Costume and Maleficent Horns

I formed the wire into identical “S” shapes and used the electrical tape to secure them onto the headband.

DIY Butterfly Costume and Maleficent Horns

Then I wrapped crepe paper around the wire.

DIY Butterfly Costume and Maleficent Horns

The whole thing ended up being a bit heavy on Millie’s head, so I taped a piece of black elastic around the inside of the entire thing, leaving a few gaps between the elastic and the headband to make room for bobby pins if necessary.

DIY Butterfly Costume and Maleficent Horns

Millie wasn’t so sure about the headband at first, but once we got her tutu dress made, she loved the overall look!  Stay tuned next week to see the completed costumes, or follow me on instagram or Facebook to keep up with us trick or treating!

Happy Halloween!

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