Easter Bunny Bowling

Well, aren’t I the crafty one lately!!  I told you I have been working on lots of things….  I think it must be my daily schedule.  I seem to be more on track lately and better able to manage my time (which gives me more ME TIME!). You know that we have put ourselves on a budget, but did you know we are also on a diet?  I’ll have to post more about that another time (just know we have lost almost 10 pounds each within the last month!!).  Because of these two factors, I have been searching for some creative, cheap Easter basket stuffers.  I didn’t want to fill the girls’ baskets with tons of candy and junk, and didn’t want to spend a ton on little Easter-themed junk either.  So what did I do?  I turned to Pinterest, of course!

I found a free pattern for these cute little guys on etsy….free! courtesy of The Long Thread .  Hers were solid colors with patterned ear-insides.  But I had some beautiful spring scraps that I decided to use instead.

And I had the hardest time finding a hard wooden ball to serve as the bowling ball.  I finally found one at A.C. Moore….but it’s actually a doll head, and a little flat on one side.  So I plan on sanding it down a little more so it rolls better, and then painting it brown and modge podging something cute on….TBD.  I just have to find a naptime when both girls are down to break out the paint and glue!

I chose six fabrics, but made sure that they were grouped in pairs that matched, because I wanted the ears to coordinate with the bodies.

If you try this project, here are a couple of hints: Although I loved the darker, busier patterns (my reds!)….it’s much harder to see the embroidered faces because of this.  However, the lighter fabrics made the dark embroidery floss show through….so make sure to trim if you use lighter fabric.  I had planned to add a little something for a tail, but I forgot…so let me know if you try this and add one-I’d love to see your ideas!  Also, I did use a 1/2 cup of rice like the directions stated, but I filled the bunnies up with a little more stuffing than she prescribed….to about an inch from the bottom.  And finally, I don’t really like my ears.  I was worried about them being too short, so I was stingy on the seams….when actually the opposite happened and I think they are a little long (they have a hard time standing up!).  So feel free to extend their seam allowance a little (maybe to 1/2″)…and maybe your bunnies’ ears will be perkier!

Here’s the direct link to the pattern

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