Halloween Wreath made out of Yarn

A couple of years back I made an adorable red and white yarn ball wreath for the winter months.  It’s extremely versatile….with a green bow, it’s very Christmas-y.   With a red bow, it’s great through Valentine’s Day.  So when I saw a similar wreath in the Better Homes and Garden’s Halloween Magazine, I decided to make another one….this time, a spooky Halloween wreath made out of yarn!Adorable step-by-step Halloween Wreath tutorial.....#spiderweb #wreath #Halloween #yarnballs #DIY #tutorialAnd since I already had a bunch of Halloween-colored yarn from the Halloween Pumpkin Garland I made last week, it was a great project to use up some of those materials as well.Adorable step-by-step Halloween Wreath tutorial.....#spiderweb #wreath #Halloween #yarnballs #DIY #tutorialMaterials:

wreath form {the lighter, the better}…I liked this one since it had holes in it already!
newspaper {you’ll need about 20 pages or so}
sturdy ribbon
four colors of yarn
hot glue and glue gun
little bit of white yarn {not a whole skein}
spider or other embellishments
Adorable step-by-step Halloween Wreath tutorial.....#spiderweb #wreath #Halloween #yarnballs #DIY #tutorialThis first step is easy, but takes awhile.  Perfect for an evening of binging on Halloween TV!  I love the “Ghost Hunters” and “Most Haunted” type shows…entertaining enough, but you don’t have to really focus on it.  You’ll cut each page of the news paper in half {for bigger balls}, or quarters {for the smaller balls}, and crumple it up into a ball.  Choose one color of yarn for your first ball.  With your finger, hold the end of the yarn against the wadded up ball, and start wrapping the yarn around the ball in opposite directions, securing the strands as you wrap.Adorable step-by-step Halloween Wreath tutorial.....#spiderweb #wreath #Halloween #yarnballs #DIY #tutorialKeep wrapping until the paper is completely covered up, and the ball is the size that you desire.  Cut the yarn, and tuck the end under a strand to secure it.  And if you drop the yarn ball about 15 times, and have it unravel each time….well, then you are doing about as well as me!  {laugh it off…it’s just a wreath!}Adorable step-by-step Halloween Wreath tutorial.....#spiderweb #wreath #Halloween #yarnballs #DIY #tutorialI tried to alternate the colors I made, so I ended up with about the same amount of each.  I think I made about 55 balls.  Although the picture above has a white one, I ended up just doing black, orange, purple and green.  I only used the white to make my spider web, although you could also use black for that.Adorable step-by-step Halloween Wreath tutorial.....#spiderweb #wreath #Halloween #yarnballs #DIY #tutorialNext, secure your sturdy ribbon to the top of your wreath.  I wrapped it around a couple of times, then tied a knot.  Then I made a loop and doubled knotted it, so it could hang easily.  On top of the double knot, I made a bow for decoration.  Then I got ready to make my spider web.  I taped the end of my white yarn, to make it easier to weave through the holes in the wreath form, as well as small spaces in the web.Adorable step-by-step Halloween Wreath tutorial.....#spiderweb #wreath #Halloween #yarnballs #DIY #tutorial

Starting at the top hole in the wreath form, tie it around the outside of the form in a double knot to secure.  Then weave it through the hole and across the middle of the wreath form, to the opposite hole.  Weave it through, then loop it to the hole to the right.  Weave it through that hole and then across the middle of the form to the hole directly across.  Keep going until you have a “wagon wheel” with eight sections.  Tie it to the rim of the wreath form with another double knot, but do not cut the yarn!Adorable step-by-step Halloween Wreath tutorial.....#spiderweb #wreath #Halloween #yarnballs #DIY #tutorialFrom the double knot, wrap the yarn around the “spoke” and then pull it toward the next “spoke” to the right.  Wrap it around the yarn once, and then move it to the next “spoke.”  Continuing around the circle, wrapping the end of the yarn around each stationary “spoke” before moving on.  By only wrapping around once each time, the yarn will pretty much stay put, but you’ll be able to slide the parts of the web up and down on the “spokes” to adjust.  It will end up going in a spiral, looking more and more like a web as you go!  Adorable step-by-step Halloween Wreath tutorial.....#spiderweb #wreath #Halloween #yarnballs #DIY #tutorialI ended up weaving the end of my yarn through the loop for a little extra security, whenever I got all the way around back to that first “spoke”.  Poke it through the little twist and then move on the next layer of the web.  When you get to the middle, wrap the yarn around the crossed pieces of yarn and tie a knot.  Make sure the knot ends up being on the backside of the wreath form.Adorable step-by-step Halloween Wreath tutorial.....#spiderweb #wreath #Halloween #yarnballs #DIY #tutorialBecause my spider was a little heavy, I ended up glueing him on after I finished with my yarn balls.  You can glue the yarn balls on anyway you like….I ended up kind of making a loose pattern of one larger one, followed by two smaller ones of opposing colors.  I placed three or four where I wanted them, then I hot-glued them down.  You also may want to save a couple of pieces of newspaper until the end…in case you need a specific color yarn ball toward the end, when it’s harder to rearrange.Adorable step-by-step Halloween Wreath tutorial.....#spiderweb #wreath #Halloween #yarnballs #DIY #tutorialI also tended to glue the balls to the wreath form, as well as to each other, for extra stability.  It’s amazing how heavy the Halloween wreath can get once it’s finished!Adorable step-by-step Halloween Wreath tutorial.....#spiderweb #wreath #Halloween #yarnballs #DIY #tutorialI’m so glad I ended up using the white yarn for the web, as the big ‘ole hairy spider stands out much better against the white web!Adorable step-by-step Halloween Wreath tutorial.....#spiderweb #wreath #Halloween #yarnballs #DIY #tutorialI’m so pleased with how it turned out.  It’s spooky, but still bright and colorful!Adorable step-by-step Halloween Wreath tutorial.....#spiderweb #wreath #Halloween #yarnballs #DIY #tutorialDo you see my mums?  Aren’t they gorgeous?  I actually have two of them, the other is in a bucket in the front yard.  They are HUGE, and from a local farmer who sets up his market at the front of our neighborhood.  He always has delicious fruits and veggies, but I have never seen flowers like these.  Hopefully they will last all season!Adorable step-by-step Halloween Wreath tutorial.....#spiderweb #wreath #Halloween #yarnballs #DIY #tutorial

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