How a Las Vegas Vacation Made Me a Better Mom

Y’all.  If there is one thing I have realized since having three kids, it’s that sometimes you need to just get away from them.

Not even kidding.  I’ve found that I can be a better, {and much more patient} mom after an hour or so by myself.  Not by myself cooking or cleaning, but by myself doing whatever I want to do.  And sometimes that is a solo grocery store trip, sometimes it’s a 2 hour haircut.  And sometimes it’s a four day Las Vegas vacation!

Ok, so I wasn’t completely alone.  But a little Hubby-time wasn’t too shabby either! {*wink, wink*}  Dave had a conference at The Venetian in Las Vegas for a week, so I flew out for the first half of it with him.  My parents were saints, and kept all three kids so I could have a little R&R.  Dave had workshops all day, but we were able to spend the evenings together.

During the day I wandered up and down the strip, window shopping and people watching.  I did some computer work, and sat by one of the 6 pools on the hotel grounds.  The weather was perfect…about 80, but that dry desert heat was a nice reprieve from the humidity of the south.

There is a reason why the call Las Vegas “Disneyworld for Adults.”  Everywhere you look, there are people in costume, street shows and bigger than life animatronics!


One of the coolest things about The Venetian is The Grand Canal Shoppes.  Almost every casino and hotel in Vegas has an indoor mall, but The Venetian has canals too!

The casinos obviously don’t want their patrons to leave {and stop spending money}, so you won’t find clocks or windows anywhere.  The shopping areas are made to look like they are outside, complete with outdoor cafes, and ceilings painted like the sky…with lighting cycles that mimic only daytime skies throughout the day.  The “sun” will set into a beautiful dusk, only to come right back up into a sunrise before morphing into full-blown daytime.

So when I walked through the Canal Shoppes, I really felt like I was strolling through Venice! The shoppes themselves weren’t really my style…lots of designer stores {you know, the ones that have three purses on display, and a security guard at the door}.  But it was fun seeing the mixture of people who looked like they could afford said purses, and the ones who may have stepped out of one of the “People of Walmart” videos…. Dave and I found a fun hat shop to play in, but stayed out of the stores for the most part!

The restaurants are to die for in Vegas….some of the best food in the world.  But also some of the loftiest prices too!  I was under the impression that staying and eating in Vegas was relatively inexpensive, with the casinos wanting their patrons to spend money gambling.  But I think the $5 buffets and “stay one night, get three free” days are over.  There are SO many other entertainment choices in Vegas now other than gambling, that people are coming from all over the world for the shows and food.

Last time we were there, Dave and I caught the “O” Circ de Soleil show at The Bellagio.  It was a mix of theatre, acrobatics, and synchronized swimming.  The floor of the show constantly changed back and forth between surface and water…to the point where your heart is thumping as acrobats flip off of trapezes headed straight for the “stage” with it turning into a giant pool of water, just in the nick of time.  Incredible!

This trip, we went a different direction in our entertainment and went to see The Blue Man Group.  It’s funny, because there are SO MANY inappropriate things about Vegas….between the bigger than life billboards featuring showgirls and the “Flippers” on the street that literally throw cards displaying naked women at you as you walk past.  We commented several times on the number of young children we saw with tourists.  However, The Blue Man Group Show was fantastic!  And the girls would have loved it!

It was equal parts rhythmic play on pipes and various spontaneous “instruments,” neon and black light illusions, and silent sketch comedy.  And lots of audience participation!

After a couple of days, including one at the spa, I was thoroughly rejuvenated and ready to go home to my Littles.  It’s amazing how much you can miss your babies in four short days!  I hopped a plane home, with a connection in Dallas.  During my layover, I wandered the airport shops, stumbling on these sweet cowboy-style rain boots!

A couple hours later, I was back home and ready to handle {with much more patience} life with three kiddos again!

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