Little Fishes

As y’all know, Mom Mom has been with us for the past week.  We had a wonderful visit!  It’s always such a treat to watch the girls interact with her.  Even though she lives a gazillion miles away (Jayna’s measurement!), each time she picks up right where she left off!

This week was no exception.  Mom Mom was able to step into our routine right as Swim Lessons were about to start!  Actually, I believe this is the fourth week of lessons, but Jayna has really been hit or miss with them.  She loves the water and desperately wants to know how to swim….she just can’t relax and get out of her head enough to actually do it!  Until….this week!  Having Mom Mom around to “show off” for really made a difference in her confidence levels.She is in a class with four other kids about her age, and they have Ms. Phoebe (the instructor) and Mr. Aaron (a high school helper) showing them how to correctly do the strokes.  And they do it in the deep end with noodles!Since the start of swim lessons last month, Jayna can swim under water, with freestyle-stroke arms for about three strokes before popping up for air!And Ms. Millie is right behind her…. I discovered this week that Amelia loves to swim in the pool too!  She kicks her legs and only drinks ‘some’ of the salty pool water….And she loves “jumping” in from the side of the pool!  I count to three and she takes a deep breath….and dunk! She comes up smiling and says “Tada!” everytime!She made the funniest faces when she took her big breath on the count of three!
And then she would ask for “more.”  Over. and over. and over…We love that Mom Mom was able to capture all of these pictures (usually I’m by myself at the pool with them, so no time for pics!).We loooooooove the pool!

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  1. I have mermaids for granddaughters! I’m so delighted that they enjoy and are comfortable in the water. Their mother was an active swim team member in her day. (Go Yahoos!) I loved every second of my week with you and miss ALL of my girls tremendously (and my guy, too). We made wonderful memories.

  2. Those of Mills jumping in are hilarious and adorable.


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