Massenutten and Maryland

I am exhausted!  I need a vacation from my vacation!  We got home from Maryland on Monday night, and I have been unpacking, doing laundry and organizing ever since.  Forget blogging! Sorry folks, you’ve kind of taken a backseat this week as we get our lives back in order! A Visit with Mom Mom and GPWe spent ten days up in Maryland visiting my parents, Mom Mom and GP.  During the course of our vacation, we also went to the Massenutten Mountains in Virginia, where my parents have a timeshare.  So, needless to say, we have lots of new pictures and memories to share!

The week started off with Jayna’s actual birthday.  Yes, she got to celebrate.  Again.  So, of course there was balloons and presents and dress up.  Lots of dress up.Disney Cinderella Dress UpMardi Gras Beads Dress Up

We also helped Jay throw Bets a surprise birthday party.  Although she suspected our visit, the surprise was a complete hit!  And it didn’t take long for Lulabelle to warm back up to Jayna and Millie!Jayna and LulabelleDuring the week, we decorated for Valentine’s Day, and the girls made some new friends out at the barn.  Jayna got to ride a new horse, Red….but he was scared of cameras so I didn’t get any shots!  But good ‘ole Star was happy to pose!Decorating for Valentine's DayValentine's DayPetting Star at the Horse BarnOn Thursday we packed everyone up and headed to Massenutten.  We’ve had a timeshare there for years, so I’m so glad the girls are able to share in some of our memories!  Remember when we went there for our week-long vacation last January?Massenutten with Mom MomThere wasn’t much {natural} snow on the mountain, so we let the girls play in the ski-school snow.  Just enough for some wet pants and a bitty snowman!MassenuttenMassenutten SnowmanAnd then of course we took advantage of the indoor swimming pool!Swimming Pool at MassenuttenAmelia wasn’t so sure about the idea of swimming at first, but she changed her mind quickly!Swimming at MassenuttenOn the way back from Virginia, we stopped at Shenandoah Heritage Market….my favorite place up there!  Last year when we were up I got a bunch of cake pop supplies and pantry items.  So I stocked up again this year, and we browsed the antique stores and tried out the antique shoe shine.Antique Shoe Shine at Shenendoah Heritage MarketThen we headed back to DC to join my aunt and uncle for dinner.  Jayna practiced writing Chinese, while Millie was thoroughly entertained by her goofy uncle!

ReadingWriting in ChineseFeeding the BabyAnother successful trip up North!

Palmettos and Pigtails


  1. Ahhh . . . the memories. (Great pics 🙂 LOVED having you all here, and miss you terribly!

  2. A little jealous of the time you got to spend at Massanutten (AND the trip to the Market!!!). You didn’t go skiing without us? 🙂

  3. Dee Gilroy says:

    Aww I just love your blogs and your family ! Thanks so much for brightening up my day 🙂