Mommy in Time Out

I deserve a Time Out.  On the stairs. No toys laptop or sewing machine.  The charge?  Rudeness.  Shortness of Temper.  Sassiness.  Using my Outside Voice.  Overuse of Giant Sighs of Frustration and the phrase “Are you KIDDING me right now?!?!?” And I’m pretty sure the verdict was unanimous…I need a major time out.

And as soon as I commit any of the above crimes, I immediately regret it.  But I can’t stop myself from being annoyed All. The. Time. it seems.  And yet, each time I think to myself that I should be mad at myself….not my lovies.

After all, they are barely four and one.  And just because I am tired of their excessive “Why?”s…instead of snapping or giving a snarky response, I should remember that for every “why” comes a little more knowledge, a little more understanding of the world.

When I’m pulling out my hair because of bickering in the backseat, I should be thanking my lucky stars that my girls are able to talk to each other, interact, and express their opinions {even if it is by screaming and snatching!}.  I pray that they will always voice their opinions and stand up for what they believe in.

I need to remember that I am trying to teach the girls to respect themselves and others….so my sassiness and sarcasm gets me nowhere {since they don’t get it} and just teaches them that it’s ok to talk to people that way.  Not what I want them learning.  Especially from me!

But most of all, I need to breathe.  You know, count to ten.  Remember what’s really important.  Choose my battles.  And every other parenting cliché there is.  Because yelling doesn’t solve anything.  It only upsets me more, and scares the children.  So breathe.  Remember that they are just babies.  They are learning. And watching.  And copying.

And so, with that said.  I will sit here, in time out.  I will breathe.  And then I will hug my girls and say I’m sorry for hurting feelings, yelling, and just being mad in general.

And maybe one of these days I’ll learn my lesson.

Palmettos and Pigtails


  1. Mom Mom says:

    You’re learning too – mommyhood is a developing process. You’re normal. You’re human and entitled to your emotions – it’s how you handle them that counts. You’re on the right track and doing a terrific job. I’m so proud of you. You can come out of time-out now. Love you, and all of the learning, developing parents who are searching for answers! No one is perfect. Keep growing 🙂

  2. Cristi Lister says:

    I love this…. Beautifully written and something I need to print out and keep tucked away to remind myself. Hope you, Dave and the girls are doing well! Lots of love!

  3. Great read Shara! I think it is awesome and genuine that as a mom yourself you wrote about this. I myself and I know so many other moms can relate to this post. I found myself in need of a “time out” a few times. We are only human and somedays we give in to those emotions and forget about our maternal instincts. Somedays we all need a little countdown to regroup emotionally and like you said remember, “They are just babies … learning … watching and copying.” Again thanks for sharing. I also read your feature on the “Sunday Sip.” Loved it! ~Leah~


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  2. […]  Mama-to-Be is tired.  And tired means grumpy and on edge.  She may even be irrational {gasp!}.  Odds are, she probably realizes that she is being […]