New Stuff in My Etsy Shop (And a Coupon)!!

Another shameless plug for my Etsy shop!  In addition to a couple of new burpcloth patterns, I’ve added some headbands too!  And I’ve started making a little doodad which I call a Door Husher.  I literally could not think of a better name.  Please, please help me name the things!!  This little thingy has been a lifesaver in our house.  It allows me to sneak in and out of Amelia’s room without having to turn her squeaky knob, or loudly latch the door.  It’s made out of a thick fabric, and has elastic on either side that goes around the doorknobs.  The fabric sits on top of the latch, and prevents the door from latching…making it easy for me to just gently (and quietly) push open her door.  Comes in very handy too, when I have my hands full and I can just bump the door with whatever is free and it will open!

Here are the new fabric choices for the Door Hushers and for the burp cloths….these make great gifts for new moms!!

Here is the new burpcloth pack….it’s named Magnolia.  And I was so happy to send one to my new baby cousin Cameron, who was born a couple of weeks ago in GA!!

I also sent Cameron’s mom, Heather, a new headband…hopefully it makes her feel pretty and feminine!  The best thing about thm is that they are completely interchangeable…they can fit on any headband, and look great on moms and kids alike.  I just love these…I wear one almost every day!

These are just a few of the choices I have up for sale….check out my Etsy Shop to see the rest!  And remember, I can make custom orders for any of my items, so if you have a specific fabric, color or team you’d like me to feature, just let me know!

Thanks for visiting!  (Tell your friends!!)  Oh, and because you stuck with me til the end of my post, use the coupon code SPRING on your order for 10% off!  Offer good for a limited time…so hurry!


  1. Danielle Marie says:

    These headbands are amazing and so comfortable:-)

  2. unexpectedelegance says:

    Very cute headbands!!! I’ll pass this post along! 🙂

  3. unexpectedelegance says:

    Very cute headbands!! I’ll pass this post along! 🙂