Potty Training with the Newton Baby Mattress

*I received this mattress free of charge,  for review purposes on this blog. No other monetary compensation has been received or implied for this post.  But as always, all views are 100% my own.*

Over the summer, I once again found myself frantically night-time potty training while pregnant…hoping we could be successful in time to move the toddler out of the nursery and into a “big-bed.”  There isn’t much worse at 2am than having to change queen-sized sheets in the dark after your three-year old has wet through everything.The Newton Baby Mattress is 100% breathable and washable, making it perfect for infants working on Tummy-Time and toddlers working on night-time potty training! @newtonbabyrest #newtonbaby #wakeuphappy #adSo when I got the opportunity to try out the brand new Newton Baby Mattress, I jumped at the chance to finish night-time potty training on a completely waterproof mattress.  When it arrived on my doorstep, it looked like any other crib mattress.  The crisp white mattress cover zips all the way around, but has a lighter weave, making it completely breathable.The air pockets in the polymer and the loosely woven fabric of the mattress cover make the Newton Baby Mattress 100% breathable and washable @newtonbabyrest #newtonbaby #wakeuphappy #adInside the mattress cover, I was surprised to find that the composition of the actual mattress reminds me of my daughters’ “jelly” sandals.  The squiggles of polymer have so many air pockets, that you can rinse the whole mattress in the shower or bathtub and let it air dry for a few minutes to clean it.  So any time we had an accident, we were able to just throw the cover in the wash and simply rinse the mattress off.  And although we just have the white one, Newton Baby also has pink, gray, and blue covers to match any nursery decor.The air pockets in the polymer make the Newton Baby Mattress 100% breathable and washable @newtonbabyrest #newtonbaby #wakeuphappy #adLuckily, Lincoln has been great about potty training and was surprisingly enthusiastic about giving up his toddler bed and room for the new baby.  He got to move into what was our guest room and now has a big bed and real furniture, while Hudson took over the nursery.#pottytraining has never been easier with the completely washable Newton Baby Mattress @newtonbabyrest #newtonbaby #wakeuphappy #adThe Newton Baby mattress has been fantastic for Hudson too.  Although we don’t have to worry about accidents for a while, it’s nice to know that we have a 100% breathable mattress for tummy time and in case of any accidental flip-overs at night.  And since there is no foam latex, or glue in the mattress, I know that it’s non-toxic and doesn’t harbor any allergens.The Newton Baby Mattress is 100% washable and breathable....not to mention nontoxic @newtonbabyrest #newtonbaby #wakeuphappy #adThe Newton Baby mattress is 100% breathable and nontoxic...perfect for tummy-time fails! @newtonbabyrest #newtonbaby #wakeuphappy #adBut all that matters to Lincoln is that it’s still bouncy enough to jump on, and comfy enough to snooze on!New Post! #pottytraining with the completely breathable Newton Baby Mattress @newtonbabyrest #newtonbaby #wakeuphappy #adCheck out the Newton Baby website for more information, videos and for a 20% off discount when you join their mailing list.

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