Over that Hill

Success!  I managed to surprise Dave for the big 4-0.  Which is no small feat, considering his birthday is today, the day after Christmas.  It’s hard enough remembering separating his birthday from the other holiday festivities on any given year, but I wanted to make sure we weren’t just celebrating this year….we were blowing it out of the water {or blowing it over the hill??!?!}

Anyway,  I rented out a local boat club {think redneck boat club….} and had a few of our closest friends and family gather there one rainy evening a few weeks ago.  I send Dave golfing with a buddy, recruited some friends to make and heat up BBQ, mac and cheese and baked beans, and picked up a couple of cakes from Costco.  We smooshed into the tiny building right as Dave walked up, thinking he was a little late to our Bible Study’s little Christmas Party, and


Needless to say, I was too busy coordinating and enjoying the party to take any good pics, but here are the cakes!  {You know, the really important stuff….}

But the best part of the night was the look on Dave’s face when he realized that all those people were there to celebrate him!

Happy birthday Dave, we love you!!!

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  1. Emmmmmm ………… excuse me Shara, what is with this over the hill??????
    40 is the new 30 ; – )
    You are all catching up with me now.

    Oh, Happy new year to everyone from sunny Scotland!