Sunday Scripture: Love Matters

Sunday Scripture: Love Matters

I have no words to express my emotions about the tragic events over the past couple of weeks.  My heart is broken for all the lives lost, for the families, and for us as a country.  We are all God's children, and all a broken people.And with all of … [Continue reading...]

How to Turn a Necktie into a Bowtie Tutorial

How to turn a necktie into a bow tie...a step by step tutorial with detailed pictures. #bowtie #DIY #tutorial #bowtiepattern

Last weekend, we took off to Atlanta for the weekend to spend some time with Dave's family and watch one of his cousins get married.  We had a fantastic time watching all of the kiddos play together, and the wedding itself was magical {more on that … [Continue reading...]

Sunday Scripture: Nicene Creed

Every Sunday, this blog focuses on a Bible Verse and how it relates to life that week. Fantastic, quick reads for a renewal of faith.

My Bible Study small group is taking a break from our traditional studies for the summer, and participating in one of the IF: Equip app daily devotionals.  I went to the IF:Local Conference a couple of years ago, and loved it so much that I … [Continue reading...]

Road Trip Bingo with Chick-fil-A

Free Printable Road Trip Bingo from Chick-fil-A #sponsored #ad #roadtrip #freeprintable #cfamoms #chickfilamoms #cfaone @ChickfilA

Well, it's about that time in the summer where we pack up the kids and go on road trips!  All throughout the month of July we are in and out, with and without kids, beds full of company.  Just like every other family, we love traveling.  And since we … [Continue reading...]

Back on the Weightloss Bandwagon

Quick 15 minute at home whole-body workout #exercise #workout #weightloss #cardio

With our Vegas trip looming, I've buckled down and climbed back on the bandwagon of eating healthier and toning up.  I hadn't realized that I had fallen off...but when I think back to the past couple of months, I realize that I've had more "cheat" … [Continue reading...]

Sunday Scripture: America

Hopefully we can come together this weekend to praise God for blessing America with so much, and to appreciate our many freedoms. #SundayScripture #faith #America #Blessed #4thofJuly

Our neighborhood is celebrating the 4th of July today, on the 3rd.  Which I'm sure everyone who works appreciates, since tomorrow {Monday} will be a holiday.  So today is filled with Patriotic festivities, BBQ, and late night fireworks. I'm not sure … [Continue reading...]

Down on the Farm

What started out as a couple of curious foster bunnies exploring our playroom, turned into a summer adventure of farm experiences!

If you follow me on Instagram, you've already met Noodle and Gelato, our foster bunnies.  If you've followed me for over a year, you know we had foster chicks last year.  You should really follow me on Instagram...Anyway, this year, we opted for baby … [Continue reading...]

12 Essential Manners that All Kids Need to Know

12 Essential Manners that every parent needs to make sure their kiddo knows

Is it me, or do kids these days seem socially awkward, discontent and downright rude?  Not all kids, of course, but it seems that on a daily basis I'm out somewhere and completely appalled at what a youngster is getting away with. So, in case you … [Continue reading...]

The Ballet Recital

Silly ballerinas after their ballet recital

Believe it or not, this blog started out as a teeny little website primarily to share pictures of my brand new baby, Jayna.  It was easier to post on a website than email pictures to our extended family, so it worked well.  And now, thanks to your … [Continue reading...]

Sunday Scripture: Marriage

Sunday Scripture: Marriage, Ecclesiastes 4:9, 12b

Happy Sunday!  We are enjoying some family time this weekend in Atlanta at a cousin's wedding.  It's been awhile since we've been to a wedding, but I just love them....brings me back to my wedding planning days.  And listening to the newlyweds … [Continue reading...]