The Ballet Recital

Silly ballerinas after their ballet recital

Believe it or not, this blog started out as a teeny little website primarily to share pictures of my brand new baby, Jayna.  It was easier to post on a website than email pictures to our extended family, so it worked well.  And now, thanks to your … [Continue reading...]

Sunday Scripture: Marriage

Sunday Scripture: Marriage, Ecclesiastes 4:9, 12b

Happy Sunday!  We are enjoying some family time this weekend in Atlanta at a cousin's wedding.  It's been awhile since we've been to a wedding, but I just love them....brings me back to my wedding planning days.  And listening to the newlyweds … [Continue reading...]

A Garden Story: Part 2

A Garden Story: Part Two.....okra and tomatoes and cukes, oh my!

The first days of summer vacation are here and we are up to our ears in greenery.  We have been working hard in our luscious garden along with Rita from Rita's Roots, and it's completely flourishing.  We have already reached the end of our first … [Continue reading...]

10 Ways to Tell if Your Neighborhood is Really a Village

"It takes a village...." Everyone has good neighbors, but do you consider yours a village?

 "It takes a village to raise a child." -African Proverb It's one of the most well-known quotes in the world.  The basic meaning is that child upbringing is a communal effort.  Everyone in the extended family, as well as in the wider physical … [Continue reading...]

Sunday Scripture: Cherish

Sunday Scripture: Cherishing Moments

I'm not sure if you know this or not, but blogging can be quite a process.  Between coming up with something to write about, actually prepping and doing the activity I may be writing about, editing pictures and then actually writing the post and … [Continue reading...]

Low-Calorie Summer Ale Recipe

Low Calorie Summer Ale: a necessity for hot summer days

And just like that, our nice, breezy spring is gone and summer has it full force.  It was 95 degrees today and was like stepping into an oven as soon as the door opened.  Stifling.  As in, hard to breathe muggy.  And so with the temperatures already … [Continue reading...]

Lime Shaving Cream Playdough

Lime Shaving Cream Play Dough Tutorial: our messy trials and errors!

Sometimes, you just gotta make a mess with your kid.  Lincoln is all boy....but he does not like getting "messy."  He's the first one to ask for a napkin or baby wipe at dinner, and often is skeptical about eating yogurt or applesauce {not in a … [Continue reading...]

Sunday Scripture: Memorial Day

Sunday Scripture: Memorial Day

In the midst of this celebration weekend...the BBQs, the pool parties, the beach houses...let's take a moment and remember those who have given us the freedom to be able to do all these things.  And although we will never be able to repay those who … [Continue reading...]

The Orange Conference: It’s Just a Phase

Childhood: It's Just a are literally losing your marbles!

Recently, as one of the children's ministry leaders at my church, I was blessed to be able to go to the Orange Conference in Atlanta for three days.  It's a small group and student ministry conference put on by the group that writes the Orange … [Continue reading...]

Sunday Scripture: Friendship

Sunday Scripture: Friendship...what the Bible says is needed to have an intentional and faith filled friendship

Our sermon series this month is about Connections...and last week, Jenn focused on true friendship.  Not situational friendships, that are qualified by your surroundings and only small parts of your life.....but unconditional love for each … [Continue reading...]