Sunday Scripture: Songs

Sunday Scripture: Songs that Speak to my Soul

As much as my kids beg to listen to Kidz Bop or Taylor Swift, we are pretty much an old school country and Christian radio kind of house.  I'm occasionally a Classic Rock fan while I sew, but songs about smoking in the boy's room aren't exactly what … [Continue reading...]

How to Kid Proof Your iPhone

How to Kid Proof your iPhone on any screen or app

I'm not sure how, but my kids are better at working my iPhone than I am.  Even Lincoln, my one-year-old, knows how to swipe and tap enough to find my photo album on my home screen.  But with that seemingly built in ability, comes the ever-growing … [Continue reading...]

Sunday Scripture: Healed

Sunday Scripture: Healed {A verse about the most important part of Easter}

Happy Easter!  Savor this weekend {and spring break} for the time with family, the spring air, and the general sense of renewal.  But always remember the real reason for the season....Source: Pinterest I can remember as a kid, having mixed emotions … [Continue reading...]

{From the Archives} Swim Lessons for Little Fish

A #TBT to the girls' first swim lessons....and the pool to ourselves!

Happy Thursday!  I thought I'd do a little throw-back today in honor of Spring Break and our pool opening!  I stumbled across this post from July of 2012, our first summer in this house, with a community pool...and the first swim lessons for … [Continue reading...]

Upcycled Easter Eggs

How to up cycle your Easter Eggs for use all Spring long!

I recently updated our spring decor with a fruitful trip to Goodwill.  I was pleasantly surprised by both their home decor selection, as well as their Easter basket stocking table.  I picked up some new Easter eggs to stock and hide for Easter … [Continue reading...]

Easter Decor from Goodwill

How to shop for Easter Decor from Goodwill

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Goodwill Stores.  I was compensated for the items in the post.  As always, opinions are my own.* Easter baskets are tricky these days.  I see these pre-made shrink-wrapped towers in the grocery … [Continue reading...]

A Long Road

A Long Road: How I get to Costco

There is a road here in the LowCountry that I travel on at least once a week.  It's by far my favorite road in the area.  The speed limit is decent, you can pass, and it's a straight shot to Costco and Five-Eighths Seams.  It's a good half an hour … [Continue reading...]

Sunday Scripture: Serve

Galations 6

This past week I had the honor of accompanying the other leaders in my church to a leadership conference in Charlotte, NC at Elevation Church.  It was a whirlwind two days full of campus tours, Q & A sessions, breakouts, worship music and … [Continue reading...]

Sunday Scripture: Greater

Sunday Scripture: Greater.....when you listen to the critics

It's one of the most quoted scriptures in the see it on Christian coffee mugs and teeshirts, constant motivation that God is with us as we strive toward our hopes and dreams.  I'm certainly not a Biblical scholar, but even I know {after … [Continue reading...]

Burpcloths: Because All Babies Puke

Because All Babies Puke: Why Burpcloths are Essential

Or drool, or poop, or whatever.  Let's face it, burpcloths are essential for handling just about any baby bodily function.  I've used them as changing mats, blankets for newborns, bibs, umbrellas {for the front carrier!}, and snot rags.  Burpcloths … [Continue reading...]