Sunday Scripture: Aware

I know, I know.  Today’s Sunday Scripture is not actually a verse from the Bible.  But I saw this on Pinterest from Time-Warp Wife, and it made me stop in my tracks.  It’s such a fitting quote for me this time of the year.  I believe in God with my whole heart, but it seems that Fall is a season of intense physical appreciation for me.  I’m constantly aware of the perfectly blue sky, the gorgeous shades of the changing leaves, and the relief of cooler weather.  And in my appreciation of the beauty that God has surrounded us with, I am able to see the good in the world, and all He has done for us.Sunday Scripture: AwareAnd with all my awareness with the miracles around me, I find myself in steady conversation with God.  In my personal busyness that comes with the season and impending holidays, I feel like all of these changes in nature are God’s way of reminding me that He is always here, and wants a relationship with me.

Have a blessed week!

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