Sunday Scripture: A Mother’s Mantra

This week has been a bit of a hot mess with the girls.  Not only this week, just….lately.  If they were teenagers, I’d swear they were hormonal.  Lord help us all when they actually get hormonal.  It’s been a blur of tattle-taleing, meltdowns, overreactions, and pouting.

But my new goal has been to be the Mom they need me to be.  To push aside my annoyance, frustration, anger and be a role model for the kind of person I want them to be.  After all, I don’t want them to turn into angry and annoyed adults!  I’m trying to be better about understanding the situation before reacting.  I’m trying to have patience and sympathy for their many, many moods.  I’m trying to put into words {quiet, even-toned words, not yells}, how frustrated I am with them and why.  I’m trying to be more intentional.

And I’m praying.  A lot.  My small group knows that this is my secret weapon to sanity with three kids, including two irrational little girls.  I pray.  Especially in front of them.  During a particularly difficult moment I stop, bow my head and say a prayer.  Sometimes, it’s silent.  And in the middle of a screaming match, a suddenly silent mother can be really powerful for them.  Most of the time they also stop and get quiet.  Either out of respect for my sudden prayer time, or fear of the unknown once I open my eyes….it doesn’t matter.  It gives me a chance to calm down {and ask for some help}, and interrupts the drama enough to diffuse it a bit.

Sometimes, I pray out loud.  Usually in a quiet voice to get the same effect as above.  But I pray with purpose.  Don’t get me wrong, I am really praying for all of these things….but with the added benefit of the girls actually hearing everything!

“Dear God, help me breathe.  Please help me calm down.  Please help me be a good mommy.  Please help me have patience with my girls.  Please help them understand that I love them even though I am frustrated.  Please help them calm down.  Please help them talk to each other with respect.  Please help them follow directions.  Please help them learn how to act appropriately and with maturity to situations.  Amen.”

Something like that.  But.  Even though I use excruciatingly simple words in my prayers, because I also want to convey to the girls what I pray for them, I know God knows my heart.  And He is helping me deal.  With everything…and so we get through it.

Sunday Scripture: A Mother's Mantra

Today’s Sunday Scripture was originally found on Dream Something Up.

Such a simple to do list….but it’s one I’m still working on.

Have a blessed week!

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