Sunday Scripture: Raising them Up

We have been blessed with three beautiful children, that we are raising to love Jesus.  And it just makes my heart fill with joy when we catch those spontaneous moments that they express their love for Christ without any prompting.  It happened twice this week.

Dave told me the sweet story about how during bedtime prayers, Millie strayed from her usual prayers for her “lovies” and thank you’s for food and a house.  And instead, she thanked God for dying for us and for giving us church to go to.

And Friday morning, on the way to school, I caught Lincoln playing peek-a-boo with the sun as we drove, and it disappeared behind buildings.  Then, out of the blue, he says, “God made the sun.  And God made me…..I love God!”  I got a little choked up that he would make those connections himself, so all I could reply was, “God loves you too baby!”Sunday Scripture: Raising them Up....when this mama catches her kids praising God without prompting #faith #childrenofGod #SundayScripture

I found this beautiful work of art on Pinterest, with no credit.  So this week’s Sunday Scripture doesn’t have a link.  If you know who’s image it is above, please let me know so I can give credit!

Have a blessed week!
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