Sunday Scripture: Temple

“Your body is a temple.”

How many times have I heard this snibbet of a Bible Verse?  It’s sprinkled all over the Pre-Tween Christian parenting resources that I’ve been scouring recently…especially the ones on how to talk to our kids about their bodies and sex (Can you believe it’s almost “The Talk” time?!?!).  So, that’s what I associate that verse with.  Sexual morality and respecting our bodies.  But then, the rest of the verse….

“So glorify God in your body.”

In other words….

Sunday Scripture: Temple {How are you REALLY treating yourself?}

Sunday Scripture Image is from The Daniel Plan book

There are so many other ways to take care of this physical vessel God has given us.  And although I don’t usually do New Year Resolutions, the start of each year does make me contemplate what my priorities should be.  And this year, this verse really resonated with me.  Maybe it’s because I’m once again running a Biggest Loser Challenge on Facebook; my mind has been wrapped around creating nutritional and physical challenges, as well as motivational and accountability ideas for everyone participating.

If you’d like to join our challenge, head over to our Facebook page {Biggest Loser 2017} and request to join…we’ll get you all set up!  But hurry!  Registration ends tomorrow… Monday, January 9th! 

Sunday Scripture: Temple {How are you REALLY treating yourself?}

Sunday Scripture Image found on A Merry Life, but originally tagged from Peak 313

And now that my feet are healthy again, I’m back in full swing at Bootcamp.  Where the emphasis is strength, power and endurance.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m really hoping that the weight loss piece will also be in there.  But I’m ok with focusing on the long-game.  Now that I’m done having kids, and I’m getting closer to *ahem* middle age, I’m more concerned about keeping my body and mind as healthy as possible for the rest of my life.

Emphasis on “mind” as well.  I’m fully aware of how busy life is, and how thin I am constantly being stretched.  So part of this Sunday Scripture is also my reminder to take a break.  Do something that gives me joy.  Rest.  Take care of ALL of myself….so I can be a better servant to God, my husband and my kids.  Cuz we all know that if Mom’s down, the whole house is down!

Have a blessed week!

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