The Ballet Recital

Believe it or not, this blog started out as a teeny little website primarily to share pictures of my brand new baby, Jayna.  It was easier to post on a website than email pictures to our extended family, so it worked well.  And now, thanks to your shares and word of mouth, I have over 1,000 “fans” on Facebook and have about 20,000 visits to my blog each month.  These numbers help sponsors find me, so I can make a little money, try some new products {and report back to you}, and have allowed me to contribute to over 15 different publications and blogging networks.  Every time you visit my website, you are helping to support my family…thank you!

But, today, I’m going back to the basics to brag on my Middle Little a bit.  She has been taking ballet and tap since January with some friends from the neighborhood and from school.  And now, in her spare time, she plies and leaps and twirls in front of any reflective surface!

Can you see Millie?  She is second from the right.

Her recital was a typical 2 hour dance company recital…a showcase for all the different classes, plus a few solo acts form the older ballerinas.  The little ones were so cute and terrible at the same time…always a couple of tots who were on the money with their routine; a few who just stood there and cried; and then the majority, who were a few beats behind with their moves…or just doing their own thing altogether.A little stage makeup and a tutu makes for a sassy ballerina at the ballet recital!Apparently mascara and a little bit of lip gloss cures any hint of stage fright….in fact, it adds an element of sass! {as if she needed any more!}Mama her her little ballerina after the ballet recital.Jayna sang along with the lyrical music, while Lincoln was mesmerized by the pretty ballerinas everywhere…he literally watched {and often imitated!} the entire performance!  It was a long show, but they both did great.She was so happy that SueSue was able to come to her ballet recital!She was so happy that MomMom was able to come to her ballet recital!And luckily, both grandmas were there to corral the Littles in the few moments of boredom.  And Millie was just thrilled to have a whole entourage accompanying her to the show!Silly ballerinas shine after their ballet recital!And after her few minutes of delicate dancing in her elegant costume….she was right back to her silly self!

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Burpcloths: Because All Babies Puke

Or drool, or poop, or whatever.  Let’s face it, burpcloths are essential for handling just about any baby bodily function.  I’ve used them as changing mats, blankets for newborns, bibs, umbrellas {for the front carrier!}, and snot rags.  Burpcloths were one of the very first things I ever learned how to sew, so they are near and dear to my heart!

So I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek at what has been taking up all of my time lately.  I’m expanding my shop a little at Flowertown to include I Spy bags and Appliqued shirts for toddlers…but today, I’m going to show you some of my lovely new burpcloths.

If you can’t wait until Flowertown Festival, and just must have any of these prints, just click on the picture to be taken directly to my Etsy shop where you can purchase it.Because All Babies Puke: Why Burpcloths are Essential and a sneak peek at the new fabrics in my shop!When my friend Diana had her baby, she requested a set of burpcloths that included mustaches.  And as hard as it was to find three separate prints that not only coordinated, but also fit the “theme,”  this set ended up being one of my absolute favorites!  It’s a little cheeky, but very dapper….Because All Babies Puke: Why Burpcloths are Essential and a sneak peek at the new fabrics in my shop! Mustache Burpcloths This next set is in honor of the many, many people who told me that I needed to include more gender neutral prints {it’s amazing how many preggo mommies come into my tent at Flowertown, and who won’t find out the gender until just after the festival!}.  And also the ones who told me I needed to jump on the FOX bandwagon…..{hint,hint, there are also matching fox bibs, paci clips and appliqued shirts!}Because All Babies Puke: Why Burpcloths are Essential and a sneak peek at the new fabrics in my shop! Fox BurpclothsWhen I saw this set of fabric, I literally could not resist it.  With Millie starting ballet a few weeks ago, ballerinas are on my brain.  But I wanted to keep it simple and elegant {but still girly!}, so I found the coordinating dots and florals, for a beautiful pink, navy and gray combination.Because All Babies Puke: Why Burpcloths are Essential and a sneak peek at the new fabrics in my shop! Ballerina BurpclothsAnd speaking of not being able to resist….I saw the gray fabric first.  It is completely nerdy.  I loved it!  Covered in equations, math symbols and html code, it’s just so geeky!  I’ve had it for almost a year, not being able to find anything to go with it.  Then….the bunson beakers appeared.  Perfection!Because All Babies Puke: Why Burpcloths are Essential and a sneak peek at the new fabrics in my shop! Nerdy BurpclothsI’m not usually one to purchase the “baby print” fabrics.  You know, the baby jungle animals and cartoony stuff.  But, I found that I am a minority, and lots of people are looking for that kind of print, with the quality of my work.  So here is my compromise.  You get your gender neutral, baby animals….and I threw in some trendy owls too!Because All Babies Puke: Why Burpcloths are Essential and a sneak peek at the new fabrics in my shop! Jungle BurpclothsI also found some more modern and trendy prints that called my name this year.  I had my beloved Feather and Arrow Aztec print last year, this year I’m adding to it with this Arrow and Cross print.  I love the metallic gold that’s in it, and I even found a print for a matching pacifier clip!Because All Babies Puke: Why Burpcloths are Essential and a sneak peek at the new fabrics in my shop! Arrow and Cross BurpclothsAnd finally, I wanted to show you some of the fabric that I bought online.  I got a bunch of nautical prints in both blue and pink bases, so they are perfect for all babies!  And how cute are the little French seals?  Check out the Etsy shop to see the rest of these nautical prints {including mermaids!}.Because All Babies Puke: Why Burpcloths are Essential and a sneak peek at the new fabrics in my shop! Nautical BurpclothsHere’s a little info on my burpcloths.  They are made with printed cotton and two-ply flannel, so they are really absorbent, but dry really, really fast too.  I stitch them into thirds, so they are easy to fold…and the more you use/wash them , the softer they get!  Be sure to look at my bibs, and pacifier clips too, as many of them coordinate for the perfect gift.  I still haven’t gotten ALL of my new stuff up in the shop, and won’t be listing some of it until April {after the festival} due to limited quantities, but let me know if you are looking for something specific, and I’m sure we can work something out!

And, as always, you can see everything I make if you follow me on Instagram {@palmsandpigs}.  If you happen to be in South Carolina the first weekend of April {1, 2, 3} be sure to go to Summerville {just outside Charleston} to check out the HUGE Flowertown Festival and Craft Fair.  My booth is almost always on the sidewalk by the tennis courts and I have a big YELLOW DOOR as my sign.  You can’t miss it.  Or, if you can’t get there, just follow my #YellowDoor hashtag that weekend to live vicariously through Social Media!

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Proud Mama Moments

Can I just brag on my girl for a minute?  Jayna is four now, and all the sudden {it seems}, has turned into this adventurous little girl!  I mean, she has always been smart, and vocal, and independent.  But lately, I’ve just been so proud of her!  Last week was the first week of ballet, in which she entered the class in the middle of the session, not knowing anyone or any of the dance steps.  Did it phase her?  Not a bit!  She made friends immediately, and caught on to every plié and curtsy!Ballerina from Palmettos and PigtailsAnd this week, she started gymnastics.  Anything that requires her wearing a “ballerinatard” will make her squeal with joy, so I had high hopes for gymnastics as well.  Again, she bounded into the session with the enthusiasm of an Olympic gymnast…bouncing backwards on the trampoline, doing somersaults, and balancing on the HIGH beam.  She even was brave enough to attempt a flip on the double bars!Gymnastics from Palmettos and PigtailsAnd today, I finally got to attend Muffins with Mom at school {usually, we are in MD during May, so this is the first one I’ve gotten to go to!}.  Call me emotional, but I was on the edge of tears for the entire thing!  The whole class got up and sang several Mother’s Day songs.  And contrary to popular belief, Jayna is quite the little performer and sang right to me…hand motions and all!  Then, we were presented with our gifts, a candle holder and a couple of handprint poems.  Lovely!Mother's Day Idea from Palmettos and PigtailsMother's Day Interview from Palmettos and Pigtails What a great kid!Mother's Day from Palmettos and PigtailsPalmettos and Pigtails

It’s Fall, Y’all!

Its official!  Fall has finally arrived in the Lowcountry!  Running errands today was almost a pleasure as I admired the reds and oranges that popped up over the weekend around town.  Funny how the air smells fresher and the sky seems    blue-er against the bright-colored trees.  Maybe it’s just me….I love this time of year!

Were you wondering if I would ever show you any of my Fall creations from my birthday shopping trip?

I’ve been working on a few…

I decided I liked the little flowers on the wreath so much, that I made a couple of clips for the girls….Jayna modeled one while working on a button project with me…

We look quite festive from the street, don’t we?

See the three sheets of paper next to our front door?  We have been Boo’ed.  Three times to be exact!  Neighbors have been ringing our doorbell and running away, leaving buckets of Halloween and Fall goodies for us.  The catch?  Each time we are Boo’ed, we have to Boo two other neighbors.  Too bad all of this happened before Halloween….I’d like to do it again now and get rid of some of this candy!!

Speaking of Halloween…the girls did great!

We went out early, as a family (leaving a bowl of candy on the porch)…even Loo Loo dressed up as a ballerina!

Jayna was a little nervous to go up to the houses at first, but once she figured out that she got candy at each house….she got brave really fast!  Most of our neighbors were out on their porches, or driving around in their golf carts handing out candy.

After a couple of streets (and several  trips back to the house to get a flashlight, replace ballet slippers with sneakers, put more candy out), Buggy was ready to drop.  Literally.  First it was her candy bucket.  She just plopped it down in the middle of the sidewalk and kept walking to the next house!  Then, one street over, she followed the candy bucket down to the ground, and announced that she was “exhausted.”  Time to call it quits!

When we got home, Jayna was anxious to dump out her stash.  And in keeping with tradition, proceeded to sort all of her candy!

Sugar high!

Whew! October flew by….and believe it or not, our Fall Festivities are only just beginning!

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Ballerina Big Sister

Buggy is officially a ballerina.  She started ballet at the YMCA in our neighborhood and loves it.  She loves a lot of things lately!  We walk to class every Monday, and join the other three ballerinas in butterfly stretches, sashays and tip toes.

They are learning a little dance for a performance of Bibbity Bobbity Boo on the last day of class.  Jayna loves to dance, but is quite often much more interested in comparing tutus, playing with her friends’ hair, swapping her shoes (she finds it fascinating that there is no right or left ballet shoe!  They can fit either foot!), and playing on the kickboxing equipment in the corner of the room.  Oh.  And don’t forget the mirrors.  She loves the mirrors!

But she also loves Ms. Lisa, her teacher (and also a friend from church).  And let me tell you-Ms. Lisa has the patience of a Saint with this crew of active girls!  But she manages to herd them each week and they all love ballet!

Jayna has proved to be an excellent Big Sister.  She loves “babysitting,” which consists of her playing with Amelia while I pee. =)  Amongst other things.  Really, it has been my saving grace, as I am able to do many 1-2 minute activities now that I have this new-found babysitter!

I am actually so fortunate to have had soooooo much help these past few weeks with moving and settling into the new house.  We have even had our first weekend visitors!  My aunts and uncle and cousins came to visit and meet Amelia a couple of weeks ago.  You may remember Julia and Wouter from our trip to Lancaster this summer.

It was their first time to Charleston, so we had to show them the sights.  And indulge in a little fountain playing!

And last week, Mom Mom flew down for a long weekend for her share of Baby Holding.

And she taught Buggy how to drive.

And managed to catch Elly and Tippy hanging out with Amelia!

So, that’s what we have been doing the past couple of weeks.  We are significantly downsizing the box situation, and our rooms are actually starting to look lived in!  It’s amazing how we can move into this big house, but have  somehow manage to have less storage than in our old house.  But I guess it’s really a good thing as we have been forced to declutter and prioritize our “stuff.” We pretty much have downstairs under control and are now concentrating on unpacking clothes and bedrooms.

Remember this masterpiece?Dave allowed me to buy it for the loft (aka “My Craft Room”), to do my crafts and sewing on.  It was beautiful.  Was.  It cost an arm and a leg to buy, store and deliver.  Turns out, there was a reason why it was so expensive.  Apparently it was actually a kitchen island, and was made of one piece of carved wood.  And was extremely large. As in, larger than our doorway…let alone our staircase!  So….we had to return it.  Now I have a store credit to my fav furniture store, but no craft table.  And subsequently, no craft room….as the loft has turned into the dumping ground for all things Wii and sorting place for the massive amount of laundry that has piled up wince we’ve moved in.  So the saga continues….

A Moving Poem

‘Twas the night before Closing and all through the house,
Everyone was pooped…even my spouse!
Boxes were stacked in each room with such care,
Awaiting the movers who soon would be there.

The children were snuggled in a basket and mattress,
Lamps were all packed, and the rooms were in blackness.
And mama in her sweatpants, and dad in his shorts,
Had given up on organizing….everything was out of sorts!

Tomorrow we’ll wake and do one more inspection,
Before signing papers and doing key collection.
Jayna is excited, but isn’t quite sure
So we’re choosing what battles we fight with her!

(That’s right….she is eating a pop tart, in the car, after insisting that we go to the carwash!)

Sue-Sue will meet us and take J to dance
where on her first day, she’ll learn how to prance!

And then what to my tired eyes will appear?
Dave’s awesome brother, here to help (and drink beer)!

With some moving guys on Tuesday to carry the brunt,
Chris and Dave can move the smaller stuff with just a grunt.
Their goal for the week is to get everything moved,
And everything that’s left, at a yard sale removed!!

“On the truck: furniture!  Clothes! Toys, and each box!
On, tv’s! On, powertools! And don’t forget Buggy’s Crocs!
To the top of the street! To the end of the road!
Now turn right! And then right again…all the way to our new home!

(as of 9-10)

And then, in a few weeks, as we unpack
A resemblance of order we soon will get back.
As I settle with new babe, and get used to our home,
I’ll finally get on schedule and get some things done!!

So please bear with me these next weeks…
Don’t give up on me!
I promise I’ll be back with more than one story!
But until the boxes aren’t anymore overwhelmingly knee-deep,
“I’ll see you all soon… I’ve GOTTA get some sleep!!!!”

*PS- Sorry for the crappy cell-phone pictures….like I said, all of our good cameras are packed and so are the lamps!  Sorry!

Ballerinatards and Baby Gear

Buggy’s favorite outfit lately is a leotard, ballet slippers and a tutu.  She calls her ensemble her “ballerinatard.”  As in,

“Mommy, where is my ballerinatard?”
“You mean your leotard?”
“Yea, my ballerinatard.”

And then she dances.  Of course she stops every time I get out the camcorder or camera, so I have no evidence of such dances.  But she DOES dance.  In a style that could only be fashioned after one of her parents (you know what I mean, Loo!).  Lately, its been a cross between the Running Man and the Shake Your Booty dance.  =)   Shhh don’t tell her, but I was able to capture a quick moment of The Dance before she saw me and collapsed on to the chair!

Buggy has also been helping me nest….as best as I can, anyway,  with a  partially packed house.  This week we got the infant carrier and bathtub out of storage to clean up.  I also was sooo fortunate to score a FREE bassinet from my local Mom’s Swap.  Jayna (with the help of LooLooBaby  and Steelers Bear, respectively) made sure each item was in working condition for Amelia.

I was informed that the pegs in the bathtub picture are bubbles!

In other baby news, I am officially 36 weeks along and headed to my first weekly doctor’s appointment.  Wish me luck, it only gets more fun from here! =)