October 2014 Cleaning Calendar

Happy October!  It’s my favorite month of the year…because it’s my birthday, AND Fall kind of officially arrives here in the Lowcountry.  The end of September kind of knocked us upside down with allergies and sinus infections, numerous guests, beginning a new sports/Bible Study/Dave Ramsey Class schedule.  So, I’m glad that October is here, and we can get back on track!

So here is my October 2014 Cleaning Calendar. Click on this link, or on the picture to download and print a copy for yourself.

October 2014 Cleaning Calendar - Palmettos and Pigtails

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December 2013 Cleaning Calendar

Good morning and happy December!  Since Thanksgiving was so late in the month this year, I’m feeling especially rushed about the approaching holidays.  So, without further ado, here is your December 2013 Cleaning Calendar!

December 2013 Cleaning Calendar from Palmettos and Pigtails

Click here to print your own copy of this!

Happy Cleaning!

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June 2013 Cleaning Calendar

Have you reserved this weekend to do some cleaning?  If so, you are in luck!  Here’s my June 2013 Cleaning Calendar!

June 2013 Cleaning Calendar from Palmettos and Pigtails

Click here for a downloadable copy!

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April Cleaning Calendar

Happy April Fool’s Day!  Have any hijinks happened in your house?  I figure I have the rest of my kids’ lives to worry about tricks being played…so we aren’t rushing things around here.  But, we are getting spring fever!  The weather has been absolutely beautiful…..getting warmer and warmer each day.

Which means…..time for Spring Cleaning!

April Cleaning Calendar from Palmettos and Pigtails

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March 2013 Cleaning Calendar

I know this is a couple days early {What? Me? On the ball? Huh?}!  Y’all, there is SO much going on in March.  Personally, we are super busy getting ready for Easter and then Disneyworld, and in my bloggy world, we have our first round of advertisers!  I don’t know if you remember, but I gave away 6 spots of free advertising earlier this month, so I have some new “faces” to introduce you to later this week.

Not to mention giveaways!  I have four giveaways for you {and counting!!}.  So make sure you hang with me throughout the month!  March is also the start of warmer weather here in the South, so I’m sure I’ll be in full spring-cleaning mode here soon!  Join me?

March Cleaning Calendar from Palmettos and Pigtailsclick here to download and print your copy!

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{House Manager} Monthly Blog Planning Worksheet

With our impending Disney trip, and spring holidays coming up, I have a ton of ideas for blog posts.  Currently, I have a little notebook that I jot my ideas down in.  But lately I’ve been thinking it would be handy to have a calendar handy as well to actually schedule some of my posts {and keep track of those I’ve scheduled!}.  So I came up with a planning sheet that will let me keep track of my ideas and schedule my posts….all on one page.  I plan on printing out 12 of these ahead of time for my House Manager, so I have one ready each month.

{House Manager} Monthly Blog Planning Calendar by Palmettos and PigtailsHere’s an example of how I plan to use mine:{House Manager} Monthly Blog Planning Calendar by Palmettos and PigtailsAnd here’s a copy for you to download and use*: House Manager: Monthly Blog Planning Worksheet from Palmettos and Pigtails*Here’s my little disclaimer:

Because I’m making these for my own personal use, I’m gonna give you access to the files, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to edit them.  But feel free to print them out and use them for your own personal use!  I got all the little buttons as free downloads from the digital scrapbooking site, Shabby Princess.  And I got the fonts (Pea Carol) from Kevin & Amanda…also free.  So technically, you can make your own version of these as well!  And if you decide to pin them, please link them back here!! Thanks!

What section should I work on next?  Do I need to add anything?

House Manager:

Family Information
Cleaning and Organization
Food and Meals
Emergency Resources
Car Maintenance
Projects and Blogs
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January 2013 Cleaning Calendar

I have to admit I have mixed feelings about the Cleaning Calendars for 2013.  Last year, they were a big hit {I got called out several times by people who missed the November edition!}, but kind of a pain to create.  So I’m using last year as a template, and changed {obviously} the date and some of the chores.  So here we go again! Sorry it’s so late this month…..

January 2013 Cleaning Calendar


December Cleaning Calendar

Happy December!  Hard to believe the year is just about finished….

How did you like the monthly cleaning calendars?  Were the daily tasks easy and fast enough to get accomplished?  How did you like having the entire month of November OFF?!?!  (Yes, I know.  I DID make one, but Microsoft Word was acting up…and then life happened, and so cleaning did not.)

I personally did quite well.  I did not always get everything done.  And I certainly did not necessarily do them on the “correct” day.  So.  For next year, I think I am going to make a general checklist per month, with the intent to still only do one chore a day, but make it more flexible….and be able to be used year after year.  I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime….here’s the LAST calendar of the year!  Let’s end 2012 on a clean note!

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July Cleaning Calendar

Whew!  It sure is hot here….100 degree days almost every day this week!  Hope you are staying cool!



Click here for the whole document!

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You heard me right….my child works for commission!  Jayna has started showing a real interest in money (and buying things…) lately.  And she is still at that tender age where she actually WANTS to help out around the house!  So we decided it was time to start teaching her the value of money…and working for it!

As you may remember, we are Dave Ramsey people at our house.  We are going to the classes and working hard to whittle down our debt using the debt snowball.  A while back, we froze our credit cards and only use cash (or debit) now!  In fact…we’ve cut those credit cards up now…there’s no turning back!

Needless to say, Jayna has been involved in all of this money talk.  We are trying really hard to instill a good work ethic in her-even at age three.  She has a piggy bank, and regularly adds pennies she finds to it.  But we wanted her to start connecting money with earning.  And she already has such a giving heart…we want to teach her how to Give, Spend and Save responsibly.

So we broke down and bought her Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Jr.  It has an activity book with stories and worksheets to help kids learn the aspects of working, giving, saving and spending responsibly.  And you know how Jayna loves her homework!  So she is always asking to work in the book.

And so she is learning that certain tasks are expected of her because she lives in our house.  Things like:

taking her dishes to the sink

putting her clothes in the laundry room

general cleaning up after herself


However, we decided to give her several chores that she will be responsible for on a daily basis, that she can earn money for…or commission, as we (and Dave Ramsey) call it.  We agree with him that the word allowance gives off the impression that she’s entitled to the money!

So, she has four chores a day.  Thanks to Ladybird Ln., we have a cute printable to keep track of them.  And every night before bed, she colors in the stars of the chores that she completed that day.  I don’t nag her or make a big deal if she doesn’t do them.  If she forgets something (usually making her bed), then I saw “aw shucks! You aren’t getting paid for that today!”  And so far she has been ok with that.

Her commissioned chores are:

feed Maggie (the dog)

make her bed

wipe the table

clean up her playroom

 And Sunday is PAYDAY!  Jayna gets paid a nickel for each star she completed throughout the week.  We count it all out and then she divvies it up into three piles.  We’re not worrying about her learning appropriate percentages and whatnot, we just have her divide it up equally.  And then she puts her nickles into the designated “give” “save” and “spend” envelopes that came in the Financial Peace Jr. kit.  We are trying to get her to get in the habit of giving cheerfully first, saving for the future second, and then enjoying and spending what’s left over.

2 Corinthians 9:7   Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

And then a wonderful thing happened….she asked me how she could earn MORE money!  And so the lightbulb went off and I studied my Monthly Cleaning Calendar to see what else needed to be completed for the month.  You know…all the stuff that I don’t like doing.  Like dusting baseboards and wiping down cabinets.  And my child was asking to do these things!  So she earned extra quarters for doing those chores too.  Win-win situation!

What chores do your kids do?

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