Sunday Scripture: Separate

One of my favorite things about being one of the leaders on the Kids’ Ministry Team at my church is getting to immerse myself in the curriculum from a planning perspective, as well as experiencing it as a parent, through my children’s eyes.  We use the Orange Curriculum, specifically the First Look Preschool series for all of our kids under 5. Sunday Scripture: Separate #preschool #curriculum #faith #BibleVerse #SundayScripture

Every month, Lincoln comes home with a new monthly memory verse.  It’s always simple, and with motions, to help the toddlers memorize it.  Here was August’s verse:

“Nothing can separate us from God’s love.” -Romans 8:38

And I love that my two year old has already learned that God loves him, no matter what.  What an awesome foundation for him to have!  Although this week’s Sunday Scripture image is from MadeFourLove, here is another link to Preschoolers and Peace, that has a bunch of other Toddler-Friendly verses.

Have a blessed week!

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Sunday Scripture: A Mama’s Prayer

Dear Lord,

Please keep your arms around my children as they settle into their school routine.  Help them to hear your voice in everything that they do.  Remind them to be kind, helpful, and respectful to all.  Encourage them to be good role models, and to rise above peer pressure and temptation.  Sunday Scripture: A Mama's Prayer #faith #children #backtoschool #SundayScriptureReassure them when they make mistakes, and whisper reminders to me to be forgiving as well.  Thank you for your unconditional love!

In Your Holy Name, Amen.

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{Sunday Scripture image found on Along For the Ride}

Sunday Scripture: A-Z Prayers for the School Year

I have three kids in school this year.  My seven-year old, starting 2nd grade, is pumped for the school year and feeling very confident.  My four-will-be-five-a-week-after-school-starts kindergartener is a bit nervous about starting “big school.”  And my two-year old has no clue that he’s about to start preschool, but his mama has mixed feelings about letting her littlest go.

Prayers needed.

So, I found this awesome website that has specific A-Z prayers for the school year, in a printable version.  So I thought I’d share with you some of the prayers I will be focusing on this week, as my three head on to their adventures in school.The kids are back in need some prayers for the school year! #printables #SundayScripture #faith #backtoschoolI love these printables from Arabah Joy .  She prints them out and puts them around her house, so she  remembers to pray throughout the day.The kids are back in need some prayers for the school year! #printables #SundayScripture #faith #backtoschoolThe kids are back in need some prayers for the school year! #printables #SundayScripture #faith #backtoschoolThe kids are back in need some prayers for the school year! #printables #SundayScripture #faith #backtoschoolThe kids are back in need some prayers for the school year! #printables #SundayScripture #faith #backtoschoolI know all three of my kids are going to be just fine and have a fantastic school year.  And hopefully, yours will too!

Have a blessed week!
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Sunday Scripture: Teachers

It’s hard to believe we are already at the last week of summer.  All of my teacher friends head back to work tomorrow, setting up their classrooms and attending trainings to prepare for the school year.  As a former teacher, I remember the mixed feelings I always got at this time of the year.  Brand new school supplies and a fresh start got my Type-A personality all excited, but I also mourned the end of summer and stressed out about the x factor of the personalities of my incoming students.

So my Sunday Scripture today is from 1 Peter 5:2.  Let’s take a moment and pray for the teachers and faculty of our schools.  After all, they will be shepherding our children for 6-8 hours a day.  Give them patience, wisdom and kindness to deal with everything they have to deal with every day. {Bless!}Sunday Scripture: Teachers #backtoschool #SundayScripture #teachers #prayerHave a blessed week!
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Sunday Scripture: Mountains

This is normally the time of summer that we pack up the van and literally head for the hills.  I’m not sure what it is about the mountains that is so calming to me.  I’m overcome by a sense of humbleness, as I sit on the porch with my coffee… feeling small compared to the dense forest and sprawling mountain range.  But to think that He made all that…and still wanted to make one of little ole me too.  Wow.

Sunday Scripture: Hills Psalm 121

So, even though we didn’t make it to the mountains this year, I thought this verse {and this print, specifically, from Seeds of Faith Designs}, was a perfect Sunday Scripture for today.

Have a blessed week!

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Sunday Scripture: Friends

I have been overwhelmed lately.

With heavy emotions and sadness over all the tragedy happening all over the world, but especially so close to home.  With worry about the future of the leadership of our country.  With busyness in our everyday summer schedule.  With stress over the things on my to-do list.  With frustration, when my kids are at each others’ throats and not doing a darn thing I’ve told them to.  With, with, with.

I need to breathe.  I need to pray.  I need my friend.

Luckily, she is literally on her way to my house!!!!

And with that thought, I feel some of the weight fall off of my shoulders.  The thought of an entire week surrounded by my children and my God-daughters rekindling their relationship with each other, while being in constant proximity to my best friend….just soothes my soul.

Sunday Scripture: Friendship

Today’s Sunday Scripture Image is from In-Courage

Usually, we go to Montreat during the summer.  Or at least hide out in the mountains for a week.  But this year, the whole crazy train is coming to my house, and I couldn’t be happier.  So I’m signing off for the week for some much needed Betsy-time.  Follow me on Instagram if you want to know what we’re up to!

Have a Blessed Week!

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Sunday Scripture: Love Matters

I have no words to express my emotions about the tragic events over the past couple of weeks.  My heart is broken for all the lives lost, for the families, and for us as a country.  We are all God’s children, and all a broken people.Sunday Scripture: Love MattersAnd with all of the animosity and controversy over the different #matters movements…I think we are losing focus over what God wants.  Love thy neighbor.  Treat them as yourself.  Love your God and love His children.  All of them.  Period.Sunday Scripture: Love Matters#LoveMatters

Have a blessed week!

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{The images in today’s Sunday Scripture were found here and here on Pinterest.  The original images were not able to be found on the actual websites.}

Sunday Scripture: America

Our neighborhood is celebrating the 4th of July today, on the 3rd.  Which I’m sure everyone who works appreciates, since tomorrow {Monday} will be a holiday.  So today is filled with Patriotic festivities, BBQ, and late night fireworks.

I’m not sure about your neighborhood, but our is large enough to have a Facebook page.  Where some of my neighbors feel like it is their duty to air every concern, complain and agenda they have.  Although often entertaining to read {these people are adults?!!}, it’s also frustrating to see so many privileged people complaining about the stupidest things.   In fact, the whole country is like this, choosing the silly little things to get upset about, taking sides without researching, and forgetting just how privileged we all are.

Despite all of our problems and our uncertain future, I am still so, so proud to be an American.  I’m proud to be a Christian in America {where I’m so blessed to be able to practice my religion freely}.  And I hope that even if it’s just for this weekend…our friends, neighbors, and fellow Americans can truly put their gripes and differences aside to celebrate our freedom together.

This Sunday Scripture is in hopes that Americans will come together this weekend to praise God for our blessings and freedoms. #SundayScripture #faith #America #Blessed #4thofJuly

Today’s Sunday Scripture image was found on Raising Up Rubies

God Bless America!

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Sunday Scripture: Marriage

Happy Sunday!  We are enjoying some family time this weekend in Atlanta at a cousin’s wedding.  It’s been awhile since we’ve been to a wedding, but I just love them….brings me back to my wedding planning days.  And listening to the newlyweds repeating their vows just reminds me how much I love my husband, and our little life together.

And it just so happens that our church’s memory verse for the sermon series is Ecclesiastes 4:9…which literally ties into today’s Sunday Scripture:

“Two people are better than one.  They can help each other in everything they do…And a rope made out of three cords isn’t easily broken.” -Ecclesiastes 4:9, 12b NIRVSunday Scripture: Marriage, Ecclesiastes 4:9, 12b #faith #SundayScripture #BibleVerses #marriage #weddingscripture

I found this Unity Braid Shadow box from BCPlaxidermy on Etsy, and thought it would be a great image for this week’s Sunday Scripture.  I’d love to have this in my house….it’s a great reminder of the strength of a God-centered marriage.  Check out the link above to see more details about it.

Have a blessed week!

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Sunday Scripture: Cherish

I’m not sure if you know this or not, but blogging can be quite a process.  Between coming up with something to write about, actually prepping and doing the activity I may be writing about, editing pictures and then actually writing the post and scheduling it for all of social media….it’s about a 5 hour process.  Per post.  Now, obviously, I’m always working on about 4 posts at a time, editing pictures late at night or writing a post over the course of a week, so those 5 hours are rarely all at once….but it’s still a lot of time.

But, I love it.  I love sharing the stuff that we are doing, making, cooking, etc.  So, I’m always trying to find a happy balance between enjoying life and cherishing those memories in person, as well as documenting everything online {I think of my blog as a scrapbook/photo album/journal}.

So today’s Sunday Scripture is just a reminder for me to continue to take advantage of every moment I have on this earth.  I’m trying to really soak up moments with my Littles this summer, and participate in their day to day a little more {other than just toting them to and from camp!}.  I’ve made messes with Lincoln, built Lego kingdoms with Jayna, and snuggled with Millie while she reads to me.  I’ve managed to keep the computer work to nap time and even managed to sit on the porch and drink hot {HOT!!!} coffee.  #priorities right?

Sunday Scripture: Cherishing Moments

                                   Thanks to The Flourishing Abode for today’s print!

So can we all just send up a little “Thank you” right now for the little moments that renew our souls.  Whether it’s drinking your coffee while it’s still hot or singing along with the kids in the car, these are the days of summer.  Rejoice and be glad.

To see more of my summer’s little moments….follow me on instagram!

Have a blessed week!

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