Sunday Scripture: Aware

I know, I know.  Today’s Sunday Scripture is not actually a verse from the Bible.  But I saw this on Pinterest from Time-Warp Wife, and it made me stop in my tracks.  It’s such a fitting quote for me this time of the year.  I believe in God with my whole heart, but it seems that Fall is a season of intense physical appreciation for me.  I’m constantly aware of the perfectly blue sky, the gorgeous shades of the changing leaves, and the relief of cooler weather.  And in my appreciation of the beauty that God has surrounded us with, I am able to see the good in the world, and all He has done for us.Sunday Scripture: AwareAnd with all my awareness with the miracles around me, I find myself in steady conversation with God.  In my personal busyness that comes with the season and impending holidays, I feel like all of these changes in nature are God’s way of reminding me that He is always here, and wants a relationship with me.

Have a blessed week!

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November 2015 Cleaning Calendar

Happy November!  Once again, I’m not really sure where October went, but I’m officially ready for the fall.  Last night we went to the Fair and it was 83 degrees.  That’s just not right…I love the usual Fair routine of bundling up for a chilly Fall night, and it’s yet to happen here.  So, here’s to yet another week of 80 degree weather, complete with mosquitos and humidity…..Fall, where are you?

To download and print your own November 2015 Cleaning Calendar, click here!

November 2015 Cleaning Calendar- Palmettos and Pigtails

Due to a computer glitch….it’s only showing the image from last year….but your download will be 2015!  Thanks!

Happy Cleaning!
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Top 10 Things to Do in Summerville in the Fall

It’s finally Fall in the South!   The weather has cooled down a bit, the mosquitos are gone {for a couple of weeks, anyway!}, and FOOTBALL season is here!  There are a ton of exciting activities going on all over the LowCountry, but today I’m gonna focus on the {not so} little town of Summerville.


 It’s small town southern living at it’s best!  Here are my Top 10 Things to do in Summerville in the Fall. 

Click here to see my Top 10 Things to do in Summerville, as featured on Charleston Moms Blog!!

Enjoy the Fall in Summerville!

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DIY Paper Pumpkins

I have a quick Fall decor tutorial for you today.  I always have scrapbook paper laying around, so I decided to use a few pieces up while making a few DIY paper pumpkins for my Fall console table.

DIY Paper Pumpkins- a kid friendly Fall craft

All you need is:

Strips of scrapbook paper {12 strips for small, 18 for medium and 24 strips for large}:
1″x12″ for large pumpkins, 3/4″x9″ for medium, and 1/2″x6″ for small

piece of green paper with leaf shapes cut out {one per pumpkin}
a tool that is sharp for poking holes in paper
thick wire {from beading section of craft store} cut into 12″ pieces {one per pumpkin}
scissors or wire cutters

DIY Paper Pumpkins- a kid friendly Fall craft

Take one of your strips of paper and poke a hole in in about half an inch from the end.  If you want, you can poke holes in all of your strips of paper at once….both ends.

DIY Paper Pumpkins- a kid friendly Fall craft

Take one strip of paper and stick one end of your piece of wire through the hole, around the end and through the hole again, twisting it against the patterned side of the paper.  This will be the very bottom of your pumpkin.  Smoosh the wire down as flat as you can so the pumpkin will end up sitting flat.

DIY Paper Pumpkins- a kid friendly Fall craft

DIY Paper Pumpkins- a kid friendly Fall craft

After your wire s secured, string the rest of your paper strips onto the wire.

DIY Paper Pumpkins- a kid friendly Fall craft

Then, lace the wire through all of the other holes in the paper, starting with the non-patterned side.  Pull the wire taught, and slide all of the papers toward the “bottom” of the pumpkin {where you “smooched” the end of your wire}.  The papers should naturally form a curve, with the patterned part of the paper on the outside, and the wire on the inside of the curve.

DIY Paper Pumpkins- a kid friendly Fall craft

Loop the loose end of the wire {at the top of your pumpkin} around the end of the very top strip of paper, to secure the wire and keep the curve of your pumpkin.  I looped mine around the end of the paper and back through the hole, then twisted the ends of the wire to secure.   Then, I poked a hole in one of my leaves and laced the wire through it the same way, securing it down.

DIY Paper Pumpkins- a kid friendly Fall craft

Then I laced the end of the wire through the wire that was wrapped around the end of the leaf, pulling it through halfway.  Twist it once to secure, then loop the end of the wire through that part again, this time NOT pulling it through at all, just securing it.  Now you should have two secure loops sticking out from your leaf.  If you only have enough wire left to do one loop, that’s fine too.

DIY Paper Pumpkins- a kid friendly Fall craft

Cut the ends of each loop, creating four single wires that are emerging from your leaf.  Use a pencil and wrap the wire around tightly to create spirals.  Slowly slide the pencil out.

DIY Paper Pumpkins- a kid friendly Fall craft

DIY Paper Pumpkins- a kid friendly Fall craft

Spread your paper strips out evenly around the wire to create your pumpkin.  If your pumpkin is too round, and you prefer it a bit fatter, spread your paper strips aside so you can get to the wire in the middle. Pinch the wire between your thumb and pointer finger and twist as many times as needed to shorten the wire, which will make your pumpkin more squatty and fat.

DIY Paper Pumpkins- a kid friendly Fall craft

You’ll see in my photos that I used all 1″ strips {12 total} for each pumpkin, no matter what size pumpkin I was making.  The orange one {medium size} ended up not having enough strips of paper.  The yellow one {small} had enough strips, but they were a little too wide.   That’s why I gave you the measurements listed above in the materials list. I finally wised up and made the black pumpkin with 24 strips {alternating between two different black designs}….and that one ended up being my favorite!

DIY Paper Pumpkins- a kid friendly Fall craft

As you can see, this project is pretty easy and hard to mess up.  It’s easy to experiment with too, so if you come up with any other ideas or hints, please share!

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I’m sharing over at these linky parties this week!

DIY Burlap Wreath

If there is one fabric that could sum up Fall for me, it’s burlap.  I love how versatile it is: being used for pillow cases, table runners and wreaths.  It’s rustic feel and earthy smell just scream Fall.  So I thought I’d take advantage of the Fall decor sale at Hobby Lobby and  buy some supplies to make a new DIY burlap wreath for my front door.  The whole thing cost me $12, and was so easy to make that Jayna {my 6 year old} made a second one for my grandma!DIY Burlap Wreath-so easy my 6 year old made one too!What You’ll Need:

a wire wreath form
several rolls of burlap
a roll of colored burlap for the bow
a wooden letter
white paint
floral wire
DIY Burlap Wreath MaterialsYou’ll notice that there are 4 wires in the frame, separating the frame into three different sections.  I’m going to call them “inner,” “middle,” and “outer.”  Start in the “inner” section and tie a knot in the burlap around the innermost wire…it will be hidden, so it’s ok if it’s messy.Step by Step Tutorial on how to make your own DIY Burlap Wreath and BowThen, you will push a little of the burlap {the part right next to the knot} through the “inner” section, creating kind of a loop….don’t pull it all the way through.Step by Step Tutorial on how to make your own DIY Burlap Wreath and BowHolding the loop in place, take a hold of the long piece of burlap and twist it up against the wire, securing the first loop in place.  Then, push a second loop through the “middle” section, and twist.  Continue with a third loop through the “outer” section, and twist.  The fourth loop will be through the “middle” section again.  Keep alternating the loops through the different sections and twisting once in between each loop.  You’ll quickly see how easy it is, and how you can kind of manipulate the loops and twists to create your wreath.Step by Step Tutorial on how to make your own DIY Burlap Wreath and BowIf you run out of burlap…get another roll, tie it off and start again.  The back will be a bit messy, but it won’t show.  When you’ve made it all the way around, lace the end of the rest of the burlap around the wire a couple of times to secure it.  Then, twist the tail and loop it back around and tuck it back through the wire.  Make sure your loop is big enough to hang on a hook or a door hanger.I tied it to the wire, and then just tucked the leftover burlap throughout the back of the wreath, weaving it through the wire as needed.Step by Step Tutorial on how to make your own DIY Burlap Wreath and Bow

 The next steps are easy.  Just paint your wooden letter, and wrap floral wire around a couple of parts of it.  Leave the wire long enough that you will be able to wrap it around the wreath, creating a temporary decoration for your wreath.  Then you can switch it out for different seasons and occasions. I used green floral wire, so I just painted over it with my white paint.Step by Step Tutorial on how to make your own DIY Burlap Wreath and Bow

For the bow, use your colored burlap and drape about 2 feet over your arm {1}.  Grab ahold of it wherever you want your knot to be {2}.  Pull the back tail of the fabric over your fist and wrist {3}.  Turn your hand to the side, and bring the back piece of fabric {the one you draped over your wrist} under your hand and tuck it through the piece of fabric covering your wrist {4}, creating your second loop.  Pull it through the knot enough that you can easily slide your hand out of the knot {5}.  Then  work the fabric to make the loops the same size, and to make your knot how you’d like it to look {6}.

Step by Step Tutorial on how to make your own DIY Burlap Wreath and BowWeave another piece of floral wire through the back of your bow and secure it to your wreath.  Then you can make other bows in other colors to change up the look of your wreath.Step by Step Tutorial on how to make your own DIY Burlap Wreath and BowI love how the “R” pops against the color of the wreath and the door!Step by Step Tutorial on how to make your own DIY Burlap Wreath and Bow

The perfect DIY Burlap Wreath for Fall!
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The Smell of Fall

I thought I’d do a little throwback Thursday today with this post.  It’s from a couple of years ago, but I make it consistently throughout the season.  It is my “recipe” for bringing the smell of Fall inside the house.  My mom used to make this, and leave it simmering on the stove for hours….letting the cinnamony smell penetrate the house over Thanksgiving/Christmas/Fall gathering of choice.  Such happy memories it brings back!

A couple of cinnamon sticks, 4 or 5 whole cloves, a splash of vanilla extract and the peel of an apple.  Throw it in a small pot with a cup of water and simmer.

As long as you keep water in it, it will spice up your kitchen for hours!

September 2015 Cleaning Calendar

I don’t know about you, but this month is looking pretty clean for me.  We traveled for much of August, and now that the kids are in school full time, there’s no one home to make messes!!  Ok, ok, so maybe it’s still a little messy….a girl can dream, can’t she?

We got a little tease of fall this week with temperatures only in the mid 80’s and a breeze.  It would have been lovely, but it was also rainy and muggy.  But I’m looking forward to the seasons changing and being able to open up the windows for some fresh air!  Maybe I’ll add cleaning windows to the calendar in October!

September 2015 Cleaning Calendar


Click here to download or print your copy of my September 2015 Cleaning Calendar and share it on Pinterest and Facebook!

Happy Cleaning!

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DIY Fabric Pumpkins

Where, oh where has my October gone?!?!  Y’all, we have been so busy!  Between the normal holiday craziness, and several impromptu trips, I am feeling very scattered!  And addition to all of that, I just signed on for TWO big craft fairs in November.  Yes, the same November that is 4 days away.  What the heck am I thinking?!?!

So, bear with me as I attempt to find time to tell you all about our travels, edit photos, carve pumpkins, make Halloween costumes, and prepare for craft shows {with some new items in the inventory!!}.  Hang with me these next few weeks, because it’s gonna get good!

This morning, I have a super quick tutorial that I’ve been dying to share with you.  I stumbled across these DIY Fabric Pumpkins on Pinterest a while back, and have just now gotten around to making them.  And let me tell you, once I picked out the fabric and realized how easy they were to make….I couldn’t stop!  Even Jayna made a couple!

DIY Fabric Pumpkins - A Quick and Easy Project from Palmettos and Pigtails

Like I said, I found the tutorial over on My Blessed Life.  She’s got dimensions for the fabric and a terrific step-by-step process with pictures.  Her pumpkins are also much cuter than mine {she added ruffles and leaves}…maybe I’ll go back and embellish mine later.  But for now, I’m focused on ease and speed.

For each pumpkin, you are going to need a rectangular piece of fabric, some batting, a couple of big glass beads or rocks, a stem, and possibly some twine or string if you want ribbing.  As for the fabric sizing, the closer your rectangle is to a square, the “rounder” your pumpkin will be {like the big orange or the small multi-color chevron above}.  If your rectangle is long and skinny, your pumpkin will either turn out fat and kinda flat {like the black checked or the orange dotted}, or tall and skinny {like either of the yellow}.

DIY Fabric Pumpkins - A Quick and Easy Project from Palmettos and Pigtails

The very first pumpkin I made, I had a long skinny piece rectangular piece of fabric.  I sewed the long sides together to create a long tube {right sides together!}, then I turned it right side out and hand-stitched a gather along the bottom of the pumpkin, pulling the ends of the thread {I used embroidery thread for durability} together and tying, in order to “close” the bottom of the pumpkin.  Then I filled it with batting and a couple of rocks at the very bottom {just to weigh it down a bit}.  I then hand stitched another gathering stitch around the top and pulled the strings to “close” the top of the pumpkin.  I wrapped string around the pumpkin, top to bottom, to attempt to make the ribbing on the pumpkin.  And lastly, I hot glued a branch for the stem.


My fabric had been too tall and skinny, and so everything was just off.  He kept falling over, and his ribbing wouldn’t stay put.  He’s lucky he made it into my photo shoot at all!  My second attempt was another tall and skinny pumpkin {the other yellow one}, but I made it slightly wider, and it turned out a little better.

DIY Fabric Pumpkins - A Quick and Easy Project from Palmettos and Pigtails

Then I cut a few more tall and skinny rectangles, but this time I stitched them closed along the shorter sides, which created short, squatty, flat pumpkins.

DIY Fabric Pumpkins - A Quick and Easy Project from Palmettos and Pigtails

So much cuter!  I think these ended up being my favorite!  I used a long quilting needle and embroidery floss to sew up and down through the middle of the pumpkin, to create a tufted look.  On the My Blessed Life site, she said to use plastic bags to stuff inside the pumpkins.  I tried that {in the spirit of recycling}, but found they were very noisy, and hard to “sew” through in order to do the tufting.  So I stuck to the batting and rocks {which are easily navigated}.

DIY Fabric Pumpkins - A Quick and Easy Project from Palmettos and Pigtails

Finally, I tried a couple of “square” pumpkins, with my fabric being just about square in dimensions.  So cute!  Although I did notice that the size of the stem needed to match the size of the pumpkin.  I had used the same branch for all of my pumpkins, except for the “Baby Round.”

DIY Fabric Pumpkins - A Quick and Easy Project from Palmettos and Pigtails

She turned out very cute, since her stem was more perportionate to her body.  Next time I think I will use a variety of sticks for the pumpkins.  But overall, I was very pleased!  The whole “patch” took me about a half an hour to fumble through, and Jayna helped too!

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Fall Festivities

This past weekend was crazy busy, but crazy fun!  It was all of my favorite Fall activities wrapped up into one weekend.  We started it off by getting up early on Saturday and heading over to a local craft show, where we sold my latest and greatest burp cloths, pacifier clips, carseat carrier cushions, and other baby accessories.

Later that afternoon, we packed everyone up and joined the rest of our neighborhood at one of our neighbor’s farms for a fall fest and bonfire.  We were some of the first to arrive, so Jayna and C did some light reading in the cabin while they waited for the other kids.

The adults socialized by the campfire and ate potluck, while the kids played in the fields and in the hay wagon.

The kids all got fun masks to wear, and treat bags to take home.  Millie spend the evening trying to scare the babies {Boo!}, while Jayna enjoyed watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”

And I didn’t get any pictures, since it was dark, but the evening ended with a spooky hayride and all the dad’s wearing old man masks and jumping out!  Half of the kids laughed and squealed and half cried!

And we rounded out the weekend by taking a girls’ trip down to a local farm.  Each year we make a pilgrimage to one of the many farms/corn mazes in the LowCountry, but this year we ventured out to the furthest place we could find {thanks to a Groupon!}.  And although the actual location was a total bust, we got some great pictures!

The haybale maze was the first thing we came to, and ended up being the most enjoyable activity!  Keep it simple, and keep ’em happy!  Then we entered the playground….a mixture of broken plastic slides and the old metal playground equipment reminiscent of my elementary school years.

Luckily, our Groupon covered the “corn maze,” which was actually just some sort of gathering of trees.  It was hard to figure out what was the actual path, because you could just walk through the trees too!  But the girls had fun ducking under branches and playing peek-a-boo behind limbs.  We didn’t make it through…ended up trying to retrace our steps as it got darker out!

Our Groupon also allowed us two bags of feed, but out of the kindness of my heart….I didn’t take pictures.  The animals were sad and scrawny…and after being fed all day, not hungry at all!  So I splurged and actually forked over $12 for the hayride {you can’t screw up a hayride, right?!?!?!}.  Wrong.  My $12 got us a three minute ride out to a field where some slightly aggressive and VERY large, slobbery cows were waiting for us to {ahem!} hand feed them.  Needless to say, that was not happening.  But I got some fun pictures of the four of us cowering in the middle of the wagon {as far from the edges as possible, can you blame us?!?!}.

Fall Jayna and Mom

Overall, a busy, but wonderful weekend!  As you can tell by my lack of posts this month, I’ve been spread very thin.  So I’ve made sure to enjoy every ounce of my spare time with the family.  And I’m sure our schedule isn’t going to slow down anytime soon either!   Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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Fall Bucket List {Free Printable}

Let me start by apologizing ahead of time.  Fall is a tough time for me.  Wonderful, but tough.  Tough for me to focus, tough for me to stay inside and tough for me to write.  It is the happiest, but busiest season at our house.  I need to just keep far, far away from Pinterest and all things internet….because I see all of these wonderful fall projects and I just want to close my laptop and start each and every project I see.

Fall is the representation of everything exciting to me in the year.  School kicking off {I always loved school!}, my birthday {it’s October 14th}, the start of the holidays, Pumpkin everything {especially those famous spiced lattes!}, boots, finally cooler weather, etc.  Just everything!

Fall Bucket List Free Printable from Palmettos and Pigtails

We had so much fun with our Summer Bucket List, that I decided to make a Fall bucket list too!  Hopefully I didn’t forget anything {except for the Pumpkin Spiced Latte….that’s been done checked off already!!}  Click on the picture below or here to get your own copy.  Want to know how we made our bucket list magnetic?

Fall Bucket List Free Printable from Palmettos and Pigtails

Back to my apology.  I’m sorry if I get side-tracked.  I’m trying my best to keep my butt in gear and stay on track with writing, housework, etc.  But it’s sooooo nice outside, and all I want to do is play!!  So, I’m sorry if I go MIA on you….check the local Starbucks, I’m probably sitting outside in my boots, sipping a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Come join me!

What is your favorite thing about Fall?

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