Happy 3rd Birthday Jayna!

Dear Jayna,

It is hard to believe that you are three years old today!  I remember when you were born…you were such an easy baby!  You smiled as soon as you were born, and Oh! Your hair!  What beautiful hair you have always had!

You were so good to us newbie parents, sleeping through the night and eating well!  I had people stop me all the time out in public to compliment you.  You were the friendliest, most beautiful baby they had ever seen! (See? It wasn’t just me who thought so!)

And you have always been such a little ham!  You remind me of Loo Loo when she was little.  You love making faces, being silly and looking at yourself in the mirror!

Jayna, you already have such a kind soul.  You make friends very easily, and have always been good at sharing your toys.  You can be very sensitive though….you sometime will get upset just because someone else is crying!  We still have to monitor what you see on TV very closely, because if a character is upset-you start crying too!  And what a little tattle-tale you can be!  You come home from school with stories of the “bad boys.”  I know exactly who sat in time out, who didn’t share, and who had accidents in school each day!

I am so proud of your short little life already!  You never cease to amaze me with your smart-alec comments that most would only think could come out of a 12 year old’s mouth!  You are so smart, and are so independent….insisting on doing everything yourself.  I can’t believe that not only do you know all of your letters, sounds and numbers…you can also copy almost all of the letters of the alphabet and write your name!  And aren’t you a child of the times…you can work my smartphone better than I can!!  And although we certainly have our “toddler” moments, you are truly a joy to be around (most of the time!).

I love how kind you are to your little sister….you always have her needs in mind and are quick to babysit her or help feed her.  You are so gentle (most of the time) and so affectionate with her!  I hope you two are always best friends and continue to help and love each other unconditionally.

Jayna, your love for God makes my soul so glad….although you may not know what it means completely, your heart is so pure!  I love and admire how you crave knowledge about God and how appreciative you are already for all He has given you!  I’m always so touched when I catch you praying with Elly, or when I see you helping a friend or showing your gratitude.

Long story short, I can’t believe you are already three years old….and I can’t believe you are only three years old!  It has been such fun watching you grow so far, and I can’t wait to continue watching you turn into a kind, smart, beautiful little girl!  Happy Birthday Buggy!  I love you!

Love, Mommy


I don’t have a ton to say today.  Jayna has worn me out….she asks “Why” after everything I say.  And comes up with her own questions when I don’t say anything!

“Mom, what would happen if we drove in the grass instead of the road?”  “Mom, why do kitty cats have whiskers?” “Mom, what happens on Tuesday.”  “Mom, what do caterpillars eat?”  “Mom, why did Rudolph have a red nose?  Why can’t he have a white nose?”  and so on…..

Whew!  It’s exhausting!

But, we have reached several milestones this week.  First of all, Amelia is 4 months old…and I managed to remember to take her photos on time (sorta).

Amelia also rode in the stroller for the first time (sitting up, not in her carrier).  She loved it!

Jayna has finally mastered her tricycle.  She probably would have done this a long time ago, but I have been a little slack on working with her on it during the day.

Loo Loo is still working on her tricycle skills.

Have a great weekend!

Winter Pictures!

Once again, Rachel Weber Photography has captured my little girls perfectly….and just in time for  Christmas pictures!  I don’t have a whole lot of time today to type (I’m gonna try to bang out a couple of winter projects and gifts while I have BOTH girls asleep!), so please bear with my picture post!  Thanks to Rachel for more awesome pictures!!

By the way…I DO know that is taboo to wear sandals after Labor Day (or Thanksgiving down here!!).   I had totally picked out some adorable cowgirl boots to go with Jayna’s outfit.  Just precious.  But, what can I say?  She is two, and it was either let her wear the sandals, or risk a catastrophic meltdown three minutes before Rachel arrived!

I just loved these casual pictures that Rachel caught of Jayna, but then we changed the girls into their holiday outfits and captured some really sweet shots that will be our Christmas photos this year.

Hope you enjoyed!

Palmettos and Pigtails Signature


Last week Dave had a little chat at bedtime with Buggy about the meaning of “procrastination.”



Last night Dave put Jayna to bed again.  He did the whole routine….bath, pajamas, brush teeth, story, etc.  When he reminded Jayna that she only got one song, and asked her which one she wanted him to sing, she replied “Ana Cats Sing.”

Dave: “Ana Cats Sing?”
Jayna: “Yes, Ana Cats Sing.”
Dave: ” Sweetheart, I don’t know that song.”
Jayna: “It’s not a song Daddy!  I’m Ana Cats Sing.”
Dave: “Ohhhhhh….you mean procrastinating?”
Jayna: “Yeah, I’m procrastinating!  I want two songs!”

Needless to say, she got her two songs…mostly for knowing her SAT words! =)

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Parents of the Year

See?  We could be worse!  Sad to say that I think that this is hilarious….especially the kids at the end who ended up getting onto the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Bet you laughed too…all while thinking how terrible it is to lie to your kids!  Considering we get a major meltdown simply by telling Jayna to put her shoes on….I can only imagine how she would have reacted!!!

Dear Mom Mom,

I am so sorry for the grief I gave you as a toddler. I apologize for having a love/hate relationship with you, where I wanted to be around you, but was a complete pain in the rear when I was!  I regret banging on my bedroom door and screaming at the top of my lungs.   As for any stickers I may have put on the walls…..I promise to peel them off next time I visit!!  And even though I was just a two-year old, I am terribly sorry for any mean names I may or may not have called you.

Apparently I was hit by Karma today and got a taste of my own medicine! I finally had to admit defeat and called Dave to come home early for work and “deal” with Buggy. I’m spent.  What goes around, comes around…..


Too Much Drive Through

As I was fixing breakfast for Buggy, I asked her what she would like to drink with her cereal.  She replied:

” Large Mocha Frappe.  No whip, but I still want the chocolate sauce.  Oh, and a straw and a lid.  Thanks.”

Hmmm…guess I should lay off the Micky D’s.

One Lazy Post

Sorry y’all.  It has been a tough day.  Like Terrible Two’s Tough.  Buggy had an hour-long meltdown this morning, which caused me to miss my one Mommy-Outlet….gym class.  So I had to find mindless relief elsewhere.  So I updated three (yes, three!) of my baby registries.  I know, I know…..second kid doesn’t get a shower or registry or anything for that matter.  HOWEVER.  I created all three of these registries (Target, Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby) in order to get the SWAG in the sign-up bag and the 10% off completion discount.  Not to mention the tons of coupons I’ve gotten! =)  So, anyway….long story short…..I’m exhausted from the physcial battles I’ve had with a kicking two year old and the emotional battles with myself debating my motherly instincts and actions today.  Needless to say, I am in no mood for a creative or long blog!

I did however, have time to follow a couple of my favorite blogs…one of which is Night Owl Crafting.  Who happened to have a quick survey/linky party up.  So I decided to join in!  Here were the questions:

1. Are you enjoying the summertime?
2. What activities have you done in the last week?
3. What types of food do you tend to eat more of in the summer?
4. How much time are you spending outside?
5. Is there any fun projects you are working on inside or outside your house?


And here are my answers!

1. Are you enjoying the summertime?

Yes, in general!  We have been blessed to have several vacations this summer…between Tennessee and Maryland!  But it has been pretty darn hot….

2. What activities have you done in the last week?

Packed boxes,swam, washed and put away newborn clothes, swam, cut up a ton of strawberries, swam, went boating with the in-laws, put my hubby on an airplane to Hawaii!, watched some smutty-Dave-is-away TV

3. What types of food do you tend to eat more of in the summer?

strawberries and fresh veggies from our CSA

4. How much time are you spending outside?

As little as possible! It was 102 today!

5. Is there any fun projects you are working on inside or outside your house?

Mostly packing for the new house, but I spend alot of time online “researching” (aka drooling over) possible decor and accessories…I’m completely overwhelmed and can’t wait for our house to be done and this baby to be out so I can start!!!

Click on the icon below to see some other answers (and check out their pages!).  Leave me a comment and tell me whose site you liked the best so I can bookmark it!


What are your highlights so far from the summer?


Just kidding.  Nothing terrible about it (yet!).  But then again, the day is young!…. My little Buggy is now officially two.  Here are some things she feels quite strongly about.

1. Elly (a stuffed elephant beanie baby).

2. Her new boots.

3. Wearing her new boots.  As much as possible. 

4. NOT wearing pants.

5. Cake. Singing. Parties.  All things Birthday.

6.  “Talking” to Loo Loo on Skype.

7.  Being a biker chick.

8.  Practicing to become a BIG SISTER!

That’s right folks! Come August of this year, JaynaBug will be a Big Sister!  She is very excited, and calls it Baby Burrito.  We pray for it every night, and sing to it through my belly button!  I can’t wait until it becomes more concrete for her as I begin to show!  Stay tuned….