Upcycled Sock Donuts

When my best friend Betsy came to visit for a week with her three little girls….we realized that our last names meshed together sounded like the word “raccoon.”  So, being the cheesy, crafty mamas that we are…we decided to call our little yearly get-togethers “Camp Rakuhn.”  And every year, we do a couple of  crafts late at night {just us mamas}, and a couple of crafts with the kids.

So this year, one of the crafts we did with the kids was Upcycled Sock Donuts.  Sounds a little gross, but it ended up being an adorable little project that got rid of some lonely socks and kept the kids entertained for hours!Upcycled Sock Donuts using Puffy Paint, Felt and SocksAnd it was literally the easiest project I’ve ever done.  All you need is a sock, a little felt, and some puffy paint.  Cut the toe off of the sock, and start rolling outward toward the top of the sock.Upcycled Sock Donuts using Puffy Paint, Felt and SocksUpcycled Sock Donuts using Puffy Paint, Felt and SocksWhen you get to the top, fold the elastic part over the top of your donut, then flip it over.  This is important, because when you glue the felt icing on, it will secure the sock into the donut shape, so the kids can’t unroll it.Upcycled Sock Donuts using Puffy Paint, Felt and SocksI let the older kids cut up their felt squares into icing for the donuts.  You can’t really mess it up, since the icing is supposed to be dripping off the donut.  They did need a little help cutting the hole in the middle though.Upcycled Sock Donuts using Puffy Paint, Felt and SocksThen comes the fun part….Puffy Paint!  After creating my entire 4th grade wardrobe out of oversized sweatshirts and puffy paint, I can honestly say I never thought I’d buy another tube of neon orange…Upcycled Sock Donuts using Puffy Paint, Felt and SocksBut puffy paint sprinkles are perfect for 6 kids under seven to do…all. by. themselves.  Because the globbier, the better.  The puffier, the prettier.  Not to mention it makes the sprinkles much more lifelike!Upcycled Sock Donuts using Puffy Paint, Felt and SocksObviously, an adult needs to do the hot-gluing of the felt “icing” onto the sock “donut.”  If you can, glue the felt over the edge of the sock, so it doesn’t come unrolled.Upcycled Sock Donuts using Puffy Paint, Felt and SocksThen, you are done!  The kids will play “bakery” for hours!

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