Vegetable Garden

We’ve been hard at work lately building 1) a fence for Maggie and 2) an adjoining vegetable garden!  I wanted the garden to be accessible from the driveway {because I HATE walking in wet grass!}, and to house all of our favorite veggies.  There is nothing better than eating veggies that you grew!!

So, welcome!  Let me show you around!DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comBecause I often walk outside with no shoes….I needed a pair of cheap flip flops to keep just inside the gate, to protect my piggies from our pretty {but painful} stones!DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comWe put fabric under the entirety of our garden space {under the stones}, but you can see above that there are still weeds that poke through occasionally.  Also, we’ve had some heavy rain, and with our slightly sloped yard/garden, we’re having to constantly rake the stones back in place!DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comDIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comThe above view is from the alley behind our house.  The below view is of Maggie’s run, taken from inside of the garden.DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comThe fence we have is called a “Living Fence” and Dave stained it himself with his new sprayer.  Our HOA requires us to grow a jasmine plant in each section of the fence {we used “Confederate Jasmine,” which will bloom white}.  And with 20-some fence sections….those $20 plants could have been the most expensive part of our yard!  But…..did you know that Lowe’s has a clearance section in the back of their Gardening Section?  We ended up getting those puppies for $6 each!

DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comOur two little strawberry plants give us about 4 strawberries a day between the two of them.  We got them from our favorite local U-Pick strawberry farm!DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comDIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comDave was able to hook us a spicket in the garden, so all three of us girls can help with watering!

DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comThis is our love fern {10 points if you guess the movie!}…actually, our lemon tree.  It came with us from our old house, where we believe we stunted its’ growth by keeping it in a planter too long.  But it’s still kicking {even if it is small and special!}, and it gave us 2 yummy lemons last summer.  No flowers as of yet this year, but lots of new leaf growth, so I have high hopes!DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comHere is a picture of our middle planter {which Dave also made and stained} from 2 weeks ago.  Clear sections for the three plants, right?DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comNot anymore!  The squash has taken over!  It was our first time growing squash, and we had no idea how big it would get!  We’ve gotten two squashes so far, and there are MANY more baby squashes growing!  Our poor Citronella and onions aren’t getting any sun now!

Example B: Tomatoes

DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comAgain, a two week difference!  The tomatoes were about half of the fence height two weeks ago, and now they tower over the fence.  We have two cherry tomato plants in our left planter {pictured above with the bell peppers}, and a Jersey tomato and Beefstake tomato along with a jalapeno and more red onions in our right planter. {The squash is in the middle planter}.DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comAnd last, but not least {as it’s probably my favorite!}, is our corner herb garden.  We’ve got Lavender up top, Rosemary and Mint in the middle, and Basil, Cilantro, Basil and Oregano on the bottom.  Goodness we did not need two Basil plants….I can’t keep up with it!  I’ve officially opened our herb garden up to the public just to help prune!  Anyone for a pesto recipe soon?!?!DIY Vegetable Garden by PalmettosandPigtails.comObviously, we are having a blast with our garden this year…and can’t wait to see how the season progresses!  What are you growing in your garden?

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  1. Your garden is much prettier than ours – this is the first year we’ve tried to grow one. Our zucchini looks like your squash – taking over!!

    • With all the rain we had the past week…our squash got root rot and I had to pull it out! =( Ended up only getting two squashes out of it. Next time, they will get a planter all to themselves!!! Thanks for reading!

  2. Glad the pictures are back to working — so pretty!

    (and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days!!)

  3. I am in AWE of your garden space and completely jealous of how beautiful a space you’ve created! Did you guys build the area yourselves? If so, do you have a post of the “how to”? Our garden space is small but I would LOVE a space like what you have here for next year. My plan is to have larger planters {yours are great}. What an awesome space and great plants. We love growing food in our garden and it’s been a real learning experience. Happy growing!

    • Thank you Angela! I don’t have a tutorial for the boxes….we are thinking about adding some more {so I’ll def make a tutorial next time!}, and as for the space, we just sectioned off some of the dog’s area when fencing it in! The only the we didn’t account for was the *slight* slope in the yard. Not a big deal except we’ve had major storms, so I’ve had to go out regularly and rake my little stones back into place!!!

  4. We made planter boxes but then stopped there. What did you use for soil?

    • Um….I think it was just top soil. Although I have since found that we should have put crushed eggshells in the soil below the tomatoes….the calcium would help them grow. {although I’m not complaining! As of today, we have 19 Beefstakes growing!!!}

  5. Look so tasty! I wish I enjoyed gardening more. I love the yummy produce that comes from gardening, but just don’t like the work! Your vegetable garden looks so neat and well-kept!

    • We definitely would not classify ourselves as “green thumb folk”…..but it’s amazing how growing your own veggies can inspire! We check that garden every. single. day!


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