{Walt Disney World} A Countdown Chain

You might say there is a little Disney excitement going on inside our house lately.  And the kids are excited too! But, I finally grew tired of the “Is it  Disney World Day yet Mommy?” {Plus, I kind of wanted to know how many days left too!}.  And we all know that kids {and I} learn better with visual aides.  So I scoured my Disney Pinterest Board for ideas.By far, my favorite was the Countdown Chain by Get Away Today. Plus, it allowed me to control how many links were included {which was key since we had over 90 days left until D-Day}.  Several of the other countdown ideas were only for the last month.  Jayna and I had a great time making it too.  We did it in several parts….spreading out the “Disney Project” over several days.  Lately she is all about projects and having some quality {no-Millie} time with Mama.  I let her cut out the circles and 2 in ch strips.  Then we used glue sticks to add white hole-punched dots to the red strips to make them look like Mickey’s pants.Then DAYS later {when Jayna needed some more Mama time}, we connected the chains.  Jayna worked on her patterning skills while I attached the chains with tape.Because we kept spreading out this project, I had to keep modifying the number of chains used….we waited another couple of days to finish the project with a cute topper {with fun, sparkly scrapbooking stickers and paper}, and hang it up in our dining room.  I kind of underestimated how long the chain would be!To add to the excitement, on the white strips, I drew a little Mickey…and every time Jayna cuts a white strip, she gets to choose a fun-filled Disney Stick from our Bucket o’ Fun Disney Activities!  More Jayna and Mama time later that day with a special Disney activity!


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Secrets of the Kingdom: A Collection of Walt Disney World Tips


  1. What a cute idea!

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