DIY Halloween Garland

It’s Fall, which means I’m up to my ears in projects.  I’m not sure what it is about this time of year, but I just crave the craftiness.  Today I’m sharing the cute little DIY Halloween Garland that I made, after seeing this adorable one on Pinterest.DIY Spooky Halloween Garland #yarn #DIY #spiders #pumpkins #Halloween #Halloweencrafts #pumpkinprojects

black, white and orange yarn
black and green pipe cleaners {you’ll need more black}
twine or string to hang your garland on and scissors

You’ll also need a little chair, or something to wind the yarn around.  I chose my child-sized rocking chair.  For each color, you’ll need to wrap the yarn around about 100 times, to make it thick enough.DIY Spooky Halloween Garland #yarn #DIY #spiders #pumpkins #Halloween #Halloweencrafts #pumpkinprojectsThen, slide the loops off, keeping them together.DIY Spooky Halloween Garland #yarn #DIY #spiders #pumpkins #Halloween #Halloweencrafts #pumpkinprojects To make the ghosts, tie a long piece of yarn around the ends of your white loop of yarn.  Then cut the yarn loop in half down the middle, creating two ghosts.DIY Spooky Halloween Garland #yarn #DIY #spiders #pumpkins #Halloween #Halloweencrafts #pumpkinprojectsKeep the yarn that you tied around the “head” long, so you can just attach that to twine or rope that you’ll be attaching everything to.DIY Spooky Halloween Garland #yarn #DIY #spiders #pumpkins #Halloween #Halloweencrafts #pumpkinprojects

That’s it for the ghosts!   Do the same wrapping around of the chair for the orange and black yarn as well.  You will use the same method to make both the spiders and the pumpkins.  Once you slide your loops of yarn off of the chair, cut four long pieces of yarn and tie them in tight knots around the entire group of looped yarn.  Space them evenly.  If you use a larger chair to wrap your yarn around, you may get need even more knots.  You want about 2 inches or so in between each knot, with the ends being about an inch away from the first knots.DIY Spooky Halloween Garland #yarn #DIY #spiders #pumpkins #Halloween #Halloweencrafts #pumpkinprojectsMake sure you keep your string tails long on the knotted ties.  You’ll use these to tie your spiders and pumpkins to your garland.  If you want, this may be a good time to slide your pipe cleaners under the knotted part as well. {Sorry, no picture of this step!}  The orange pumpkins will need a small piece of green pipe cleaner to be the stem.  Slide it until it’s centered under your knot, then twist it as needed to create a stem.

For the spiders, you’ll need black pipe cleaners that are a little longer.  Slide four under your knot and then slowly work them around until the are on the opposite side of where the knot is.  Then just bend them a little at the ends to be legs.  At this point, all of your knots {and yarn tails} should be at the “top” of your little poof.DIY Spooky Halloween Garland #yarn #DIY #spiders #pumpkins #Halloween #Halloweencrafts #pumpkinprojectsTime to start poofing out all of the yarn to make your spiders and pumpkins round.  Be sure NOT to cut your long tails!  Carefully move around the yarn to hide the tied part of the yarn.  You’ll quickly notice that some pieces of yarn are shorter and longer.  The more loops that you did, the thicker {and better} your pom pom will look.DIY Spooky Halloween Garland #yarn #DIY #spiders #pumpkins #Halloween #Halloweencrafts #pumpkinprojects Next, you want to kind of smoosh your pom pom flat and trim the excess.  You want to do this numerous times, moving your pom pom around to make it even all the way around.DIY Spooky Halloween Garland #yarn #DIY #spiders #pumpkins #Halloween #Halloweencrafts #pumpkinprojectsYou can see in my pictures that I didn’t add my stems or spider legs til later, and it was more difficult because I had already poofed and trimmed.DIY Spooky Halloween Garland #yarn #DIY #spiders #pumpkins #Halloween #Halloweencrafts #pumpkinprojectsI found that the shorter I trimmed my pom poms, the fluffier they seemed to be.  And the more yarn loops, the better!DIY Spooky Halloween Garland #yarn #DIY #spiders #pumpkins #Halloween #Halloweencrafts #pumpkinprojectsThen, since you kept your tails long and didn’t accidentally cut them off {*ahem*}…you should be able to easily tie them to a long piece of twine and secure them to your mantle!DIY Spooky Halloween Garland #yarn #DIY #spiders #pumpkins #Halloween #Halloweencrafts #pumpkinprojectsI love the way the pumpkin stems turned out!DIY Spooky Halloween Garland #yarn #DIY #spiders #pumpkins #Halloween #Halloweencrafts #pumpkinprojectsThis was such an easy little project, and the perfect DIY Halloween garland to make while catching up on some spooky TV!  I love all of the Halloween specials {and “Most Haunted”} on the History and Travel channels.DIY Spooky Halloween Garland #yarn #DIY #spiders #pumpkins #Halloween #Halloweencrafts #pumpkinprojectsStay tuned this week for another yarn project…a new Halloween wreath!

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An Unplanned Wedding

My baby sister finally got married! We are absolutely thrilled for her and her new hubby, Doc.  And her wedding weekend was absolutely perfect, and just her style.She stressed me out a bit with her “unplanned wedding.”  As a Type-A personality, I couldn’t fathom not planning every second of the weekend, but a laid-back event was just up her alley.  Once they finally picked Labor Day weekend for their wedding date, they decided to keep it to just immediate family.  They’ll have some separate celebrations with their friends later on.  As for the weekend, we were able to relax and hang  out with our “new” extended family.Our side of the family decided to rent a property in Fort Myers.  It was perfect because it had just the right amount of bedrooms in the main house, plus an adorable 2 bedroom guesthouse that our little family {we had the only kids} could invade.  The main house also had a huge living area and a nice pool, perfect for entertaining.
My mom took over the hostess role by opening up the main house to Doc’s side of the family too.  On the day of the actual ceremony, she hosted a brunch and pool party so that the two families could bond a little.The ceremony was held at a property that’s right by Loo’s apartment, right on the water.  There was just enough indoor area for us girls to get ready for the ceremony there.  Jayna and Millie loved getting their hair done professionally, and the flower crowns were perfect for my little flower girls.

The wraparound porch had a bar, some tables and a bluegrass band that played during the ceremony as well as the reception.  And although the girls were disappointed that the band didn’t know “Big Rock Candy Mountain,” the music was fantastic and fun to dance to.

Millie had the official job of throwing the flowers.  And she took it VERY seriously.

Lincoln did great during the ceremony too; he cheesed the entire time, and got in of the family wedding photos after the ceremony! The ceremony itself was gorgeous.  Overlooking the water at sunset, the ceremony was performed by a good friend of the family.  And since there were only immediate family members there, we all got a front row seat!Congratulations Loo and Doc!

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Sunday Scripture: Storm

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Sunday Scripture: Honey

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Camp RaKuhn

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