Down on the Farm

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already met Noodle and Gelato, our foster bunnies.  If you’ve followed me for over a year, you know we had foster chicks last year.  You should really follow me on Instagram…What started out as a couple of curious foster bunnies exploring our playroom, turned into a summer adventure of farm experiences!What started out as a couple of curious foster bunnies exploring our playroom, turned into a summer adventure of farm experiences!Anyway, this year, we opted for baby bunnies, and our friend Mr. Paul happens to have a hobby farm up the road from us.  He helps out with the animals at Bee City, our favorite local petting zoo, and has quite the menagerie of his own.  So when he offered to let us borrow some of the baby bunnies from his farm, we jumped on the chance to visit the rest of the animals too!What started out as a couple of curious foster bunnies exploring our playroom, turned into a summer adventure of farm experiences!And we’ve been back almost weekly ever since!  Another year or so and I’m gonna just start sending the kids to work on the farm for the summer!  Some of the things we’ve learned during our visits:

Don’t wear “cute” clothes.  Or shoes that can’t be hosed off.  There is poop everywhere, so crocs or rain boots are best!What started out as a couple of curious foster bunnies exploring our playroom, turned into a summer adventure of farm experiences!Chickens love to be fed, but do not like to be caught.  Lincoln has no fear and continues to try to pick them up….they’ve learned to run away from him, but just can’t resist him when he’s got the feed tin!What started out as a couple of curious foster bunnies exploring our playroom, turned into a summer adventure of farm experiences!Although they are stinky, chickens can be beautiful!  And there is just nothing like fresh eggs for breakfast.What started out as a couple of curious foster bunnies exploring our playroom, turned into a summer adventure of farm experiences!The chicks and bunnies have helped the kiddos learn responsibility and gentleness.  I loved watching them interact with the animals, both at our house as well as down on the farm.  I’m just amazed at how comfortable they all are around 200 pound pigs and flocks of hungry chickens.  Nothing phases them!  And although we’ve returned the bunnies {who turned out to be escape artists who preferred to live in the dollhouse rather than their crate}, we’ve become regular fixtures on the farm!

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12 Essential Manners that All Kids Need to Know

Is it me, or do kids these days seem socially awkward, discontent and downright rude?  Not all kids, of course, but it seems that on a daily basis I’m out somewhere and completely appalled at what a youngster is getting away with.

12 Essential Manners that every parent needs to make sure their kiddo knowsSo, in case you were wondering what essential manners to teach your children, or to expect from the kiddos in your life…here is my unsolicited opinion.

  • “Please” and “Thank you” are givens for all.  “Yes, ma’am, No sir” is polite {and essential!} in my Southern home.
  • When you receive something {a gift, a snack, a compliment, a ride, etc.}, you look at the person and give a sincere “thank you.”
  • When asked by an adult to do something, do it without grumbles or questioning.  Even if you aren’t asked to do something, if you can, offer to help.
  • Share what you have.  Offer a guest a snack, take turns with toys, buy lunch for someone hungry.
  • When someone is speaking to you, look at them…especially if it is an adult.
  • If you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.  Only comment on the way someone looks if you are giving them a compliment.
  • Don’t interrupt anyone, but especially adults.  If you aren’t bleeding and no one is in danger, it can wait until I finish my sentence.  Then, you may say “Excuse me…”
  • Open doors for others.  In our house, the men open doors for the ladies {we’re even teaching our two year old son!}, but you should always hold the door open for the person coming in behind you, and offer to go ahead of and open doors for people using strollers, wheelchairs, or who just have their hands full.
  • Take what you want, but eat what you take.  Chew with your mouth closed and wait until you are done chewing before speaking.
  • Bodily noises should be avoided if possible, but if not, say “Excuse Me” and remove yourself quickly to the restroom if needed.
  • Inside voices inside buildings and vehicles.  For the safety and sanity of everyone!
  • Speak when someone speaks to you.  Even if it’s just a “Hello.”  or “I’m fine, thank you.”

What would you add to the list of essential manners?  Anything you’d take off because I’m being completely unreasonable?  Leave a comment!

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The Ballet Recital

Silly ballerinas after their ballet recital

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Sunday Scripture: Marriage

Sunday Scripture: Marriage, Ecclesiastes 4:9, 12b

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A Garden Story: Part 2

A Garden Story: Part Two.....okra and tomatoes and cukes, oh my!

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10 Ways to Tell if Your Neighborhood is Really a Village

"It takes a village...." Everyone has good neighbors, but do you consider yours a village?

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Sunday Scripture: Cherish

Sunday Scripture: Cherishing Moments

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Low-Calorie Summer Ale Recipe

Low Calorie Summer Ale: a necessity for hot summer days

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Lime Shaving Cream Playdough

Lime Shaving Cream Play Dough Tutorial: our messy trials and errors!

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Sunday Scripture: Memorial Day

Sunday Scripture: Memorial Day

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