Sunday Scripture: Honey

I got schooled in kindness by my eldest daughter the other day.  Our insane dog will let just about anyone into the house in the middle of the night without even twitching; but will bark incessantly at a car door three miles away.  And like clockwork, she went on a barking spree at the mailman who may or may not have even been in our neighborhood.  Right after I put the baby down for his nap.  Grrr.  My instinct is to yell at her, clap my hands, and get mad.  But the other day, as I was carrying on, Jayna took over.  “Mom, I got this,” she said, interrupting my noisy {and futile} attempts to shut the dog up.  And she left the room and went into the dining room where the dog was, out of sight.  And sure enough, the dog immediately got quiet.

So as Jayna walked back in the room, I asked her how she got Maggie to stop barking.  And Jayna simply said, “I killed her with kindness.”  I had taught this metaphor to her the week before when she was dealing with an annoying kid on the bus, never dreaming that she would apply it to the dog.

She went on to tell me that she just started petting Maggie and telling her that it was OK, it was just the mailman, and thanking her for “letting us know.”  And after she acknowledged and affirmed the dog, Maggie felt like she could stop barking.

So when I came across this beautiful print of Proverbs 16:24 from French Press Mornings, I just knew I had to use this as a Sunday Scripture for this week.Sunday Scripture: Like Honey #faith #killemwithkindness #SundayScriptureI am a sensitive soul.  I don’t respond well to criticism in general, but I find that my attitude towards it is greatly affected by how it is delivered.  And a sincere compliment goes a long way with me.  I had an older woman compliment how I handled some behavior in Publix the other day, and I ran on that high all week!  It made me feel like a rockstar, and encouraged me to respond with the same attitude and patience the next time a kid was pushing my buttons.  Hopefully I can remember these words this week when I feel like I need to kill somebody else with a little kindness!

Have a blessed week!

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DIY {Almost} FAIL: Sidewalk Chalk Popsicles

I am the first to tell anyone that I am not a very creative person, but I’m an excellent copycat.  So today’s post on Sidewalk Chalk Popsicles totally has to send props to Grey House Harbor on Project Nursery for her original instructions that I found on Pinterest.  I was looking for simple DIY projects to do during Camp Rakuhn, either ‘with’ or ‘for’ the six kids under seven that would reside in my house for a week.  The stuff that would keep them entertained so that Betsy and I could catch up.

DIY Chalk Popsicles #tutorial #CampRakuhn #kidprojects #craftsSo I thought this recipe for Sidewalk Chalk Popsicles would be a simple project for us, and provide at least 10 minutes of independent play for the kiddos.  But it turned out to be WAY more dramatic than that.  And I may be a good copycat, but it turns out, I don’t follow directions very well.

For this project, please use the EXACT materials listed.  And for goodness sake, follow the instructions!DIY Chalk Popsicles #tutorial #CampRakuhn #kidprojects #crafts{Affiliate links are provided if you prefer to purchase materials online at no extra cost, while also supporting my blog}

Materials: A deep silicone mold {I used a Wilton brownie pop mold to get the “popsicle” effect.}, Plaster of Paris {at least 2 lbs}, Tempera Paint {the liquid kind, but make sure it says Tempura on the label}, fat tongue depressors cut in half, 8 SOLO {aka throw-away-able} cups, and 8 plastic spoons.  You will also need measuring spoons and a measuring cup, and about 3c cold water {put it in the fridge for a half an hour before you start}.

Note: This is a messy project.  Do it outside or cover your workspace.  Kids can help stir the liquid under supervision, but please make sure they don’t ingest the liquid or solid chalk.  And finally.  DO NOT POUR plaster of paris down your drain.  Just throw away the Solo cups when you are done.

1. Pour 1/3 cup of cold water {from your fridge} into each cup.DIY Chalk Popsicles #tutorial #CampRakuhn #kidprojects #crafts2. Put 2 Tbsp of each color Tempura Paint in each cup, and stir well with plastic spoon. {Feel free to mix colors to create new ones!}  Yes, the amount matters.  The original post that I found this “recipe” for called for Neon Tempera Paint…which I couldn’t find.  So I bought Neon Liquid Paint that was located next to the Tempera Paint at Walmart.  But, it did not specifically say Tempera Paint.  My first mistake.  I later found some purple Tempera Paint in my craft closet at home, and tried this recipe with that and it worked just fine.  So….Tempera Paint is important.DIY Chalk Popsicles #tutorial #CampRakuhn #kidprojects #crafts3. Stir in 1/3cup of Plaster of Paris into each cup. I’m not sure where we went wrong here, but the original recipe called for 2/3cup…and it ended up being too thick.  But then again, we were also using the wrong {not Tempera} paint.  After doing 2/3c on the first two colors, we halved the amount of Plaster of Paris, and the result was much smoother.  The consistency needs to be similar to thin yogurt or melted ice cream.  Depending on the brand of Tempera Paint, you may need to tweak your amount as well….but start at 1/3cup and add a little more at a time if needed.  You’ll see in the following pictures that we still went ahead and made one chalk popsicle out of this “chunky” mix…can you tell the difference?DIY Chalk Popsicles #tutorial #CampRakuhn #kidprojects #craftsThe above picture {purple} is with 1/3c Plaster of Paris and 2 Tbsp of purple tempera paint.  I was most pleased with the color and consistency of these pops in the end.  Bright colors on the sidewalk and pretty to look at on the stick too!

The picture below has 1/3c Plaster of Paris and 2 Tbsp of the neon liquid paint.  It had an OK consistency, but took longer to dry and the color was not as vivid.  However, you can really see the consistency that you need in the mold.DIY Chalk Popsicles #tutorial #CampRakuhn #kidprojects #crafts4. Pour each color into the silicon mold.  Tap the sides a little with your finger to remove any bubbles. It should look smooth.

DIY Chalk Popsicles #tutorial #CampRakuhn #kidprojects #crafts

The one with the stick is the one with the 2/3c Plaster of Paris. It was literally like cement…took a long time to dry and wasn’t very good as chalk. The Purple Tempera Paint was the best!

5. Let it harden for about 5 minutes, then add a popsicle stick.  It should stick straight up without any help.  If it doesn’t, let it harden for a few more minutes.  Let it harden completely over night.  You’ll see that the water evaporates and the sides  of the chalk separate from the sides of the mold.  It will be hard for the kiddos to wait, but will be completely dry {not crumbly} when you pop each Sidewalk Chalk Popsicle out of the mold, and be easier to draw with.DIY Chalk Popsicles #tutorial #CampRakuhn #kidprojects #craftsLike I said before, although I only had purple, I really think they turned out the best.  The neon chalk popsicles that had the 1/3c Plaster of Paris were OK, but crumbly when used and did not show up on the sidewalk as vividly.DIY Chalk Popsicles #tutorial #CampRakuhn #kidprojects #craftsDIY Chalk Popsicles #tutorial #CampRakuhn #kidprojects #craftsDIY Chalk Popsicles #tutorial #CampRakuhn #kidprojects #craftsDIY Chalk Popsicles #tutorial #CampRakuhn #kidprojects #craftsAs you can see in the second photo above…it was really difficult to draw with the chalk popsicle that was made with 2/3c Plaster of Paris.  The others were much easier.DIY Chalk Popsicles #tutorial #CampRakuhn #kidprojects #craftsAnd I lucked out making numerous purple chalk popsicles….that seemed to be the favorite color too!DIY Chalk Popsicles #tutorial #CampRakuhn #kidprojects #craftsDIY Chalk Popsicles #tutorial #CampRakuhn #kidprojects #craftsDIY Chalk Popsicles #tutorial #CampRakuhn #kidprojects #crafts

And just like that, I had 4 happy girls and a beautiful driveway!

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